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Daily Habits for Automatic Health Cheatsheet
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You might already know that I’m into “automating my life”, and that doesn’t just mean automating my business or marketing – I want to make everything in my life more efficient and optimal. And I’m always trying to find ways to make everything on “auto-pilot”.

I decided to create a quick cheat sheet on “Daily Habits for Automatic Health, Wellbeing, and Success” because I’ve recently reviewed summaries of books on values and goal-creating, law of attraction type books as well as just today l listened to an audiobook course (Dan Robey’s Power of Positive Habits). So while my hand-written notes are fresh in hand and all these great tips are still clear in my mind, I have combined all the strategies/tips/notes from them all into a single-page cheat sheet summary so that I can print it out and remember to start applying these  “Daily Habits”.

If you are interested in this type of research, then you are free to download it as well by clicking here:

Daily Habits for “Automatic” Health, Well-being, and Success Cheat Sheet

Daily Habits Automate your Health

Daily Habits for Automatic Health and Wellbeing  [http://www.cheatography.com/happyches/cheat-sheets/daily-habits-automatic-health-wellbeing/]

The cheat sheet contains:

  1. Success Habits
    (such as daily gratitude’s, journal, meditation, visualization, affirmations, values, goal setting)
  2. Health Habits
    (such as flossing teeth, oil pulling, exercise, deep breathing, dry skin brushing)
  3. Diet Habits
    (such as Apple-a-day, Green Tea, Water, Oatmeal, Fatty fish, Flaxseed, Soy, Nuts, food with vibrant colours, Garlic)
  4. Supplements
    (such as Vitamin E, Multi-Vitamin Tablets, Coenzyme Q10, Pro-biotics, Selenium, Lecithin, Apple-cider vinegar  Grape Seed extract)

I’ve basically collected all the tips from my summaries in cheat-sheet format but used my new way of looking at goals from one of the podcasts I listened to today (sorry, my MP3 player doesn’t tell me the name of the podcast and they didn’t put it in their show), but basically the new way is to: Set the goals and then list the “REASONS WHY” next to each goal (we are more motivated by the reasons we want to achieve the goal rather than just stating the goal). So when I created the cheatsheet, I listed each “habit” then “The reason why you should make this a habit”.


UPDATE: I’ve just found that Dan Robey is offering the Power of Positive Habits free ebook on his website, so even if you can’t listen to the audio program that inspired 70% of the above cheatsheet, you can grab the accompanying book from here: The Power of Positive Habits

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical practitioner and to my knowledge, neither are any of the people I got these diet tips/strategies from. The health tips were researched by university studies collated by Dan Robey but I haven’t personally reviewed any of the research he mentioned, so as with any health advice you read online, do your own due diligence and check with your health practitioner or nutritionist before adding any of the supplements to your diet.

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