Cops for Covid Truth

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Cops for Covid Truth
Aussie Police Officers

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We stand for freedom of choice, assembly, association, movement, speech and for bodily and spiritual autonomy.

We do not support the enforcement of oppressive, unjust and draconian directives and regulations on the men, women and children of our communities.

We oppose censorship of information and speech, especially that which comes from professionals within the medical, legal and scientific fields in relation to covid.

We encourage and expect all Police Officers to uphold independent and ethical LAW enforcement, to uphold the oath they took to protect and serve the people free of any managerial or government dictation or agenda.

We aim to be a safe and supportive platform for all police, currently serving or former, who seek information or a place to speak out.

Every Cop that stands for these principles is a Cop of Covid Truth.

Cops for Covid Truth

Letter from Cops for Covid Truth from Australian Citizens to Current Officers
(Link | Download docx)



We appeal to you, our serving officers of the police, to take a moment of your time to listen to the community you have dedicated yourselves to serve.

The government directives to make vaccination a requirement in certain settings, and enforced by business, are driving this country into unrest. As police, you know all too well that discrimination, bullying, harassment, coercion and duress are counter to a well-functioning society. And that a society that operates on these principals is rife with criminality and danger.

Almost two years after being told the initial lockdowns to flatten the curve would be short-lived, we now find ourselves confronted with being asked to break long-standing laws relating to discrimination, work health and safety, industrial relations, privacy, human rights and informed consent.

We have been placed in a moral and legal predicament: we are are being told these directions are laws, yet these laws themselves are demanding that we break the law. When in history have the police ever been used to force the public to commit crimes?

Furthermore, because Worksafe and the government have not taken measures to exempt us from legal liability if something goes wrong, we stand to lose everything. This is a losing situation every way you look at it.

We have complied with the government by implementing QR coding, masking, social distancing, reduced business patronage causing loss of income, testing and deep cleaning premises throughout the state of emergency, yet when we wrote to the Premier and the Chief Health Officer outlining all these valid questions of law and our exposure to liability, and seeking answers, we got no response.

When covid-19 arrived on our shores, all we knew about it was what the modelling predicted, which was catastrophic. We now have two years of real-world data. Modelling is no substitute for this, and the statistics do not lie: the government and media are simply choosing to focus on the unpleasant outcomes only and not the big picture.

When you look at the same statistics the government and media are using to justify the ongoing state of emergency powers and measures, but focus on the survival rate instead of deaths, it offers a sense of relief instead of fear and panic.

These are some statistics taken from official government figures, with a focus on the big picture.​

  • Prevalence of covid-19 in Australia using serology test results as at 19/12/21 : 250,728 positive cases from 51,658,255 tests = 0.4% disease prevalence 
  • Prevalence of covid-19 mortality in Australia: 2146 deaths with a covid-19 positive test from 51,658,255 tests = 0.004% mortality prevalence  
  • Survival rate in Australia all ages = 99.11% survival rate 

​Countries like Sweden that chose not to lock down its people also have comparable outcomes to nations that did lock down. Norway, which withdrew its restrictions early November 2021, saw their 7-day rolling average covid deaths reach its lowest levels. So, it cannot be concluded that these impressive statistics are due to lockdowns and other restrictions, but instead indicate this virus lacks the lethality that might warrant such tough measures.

We were told that vaccination rates would significantly reduce deaths and hospitalisations. Australia has reached 90.8% fully dosed and 94% single dose, meaning we are on the verge of 95% fully vaccinated. Before the vaccines arrived, we were told herd immunity would be reached at 60%. Then it became 70% with vaccines, then 80%, now we’re nearing 95% and still being forced to mask.

With international and state borders only open to those fully vaccinated, it is clear that the vaccines do not work at stopping transmission, so why are they being mandated?

The goal posts keep shifting, and with the state of emergency continuously extended, it appears that there is no end in sight.

You are being manipulated to comply with government measures which erode human rights, create segregation, and compromise community trust, for a virus that has a 0.4% prevalence, 0.004% prevalence of covid-19 mortality, and has mild effects in most people, with a 99.11% recovery rate.

Considering all of the above, and the fact that viruses always mutate into weaker versions of themselves, which Omicron is demonstrating, we ask you to consider the proportionality and reasonableness of these measures.

In spite of this, healthy people are being denied basic rights, including the right to earn a living to survive. Considering the real-world data we now have, what is the factual basis for these directions and extending the state of emergency?

We understand that you have been put between a rock and hard place, because this is your community too. No doubt your family and friends are being negatively impacted either directly or indirectly, which will continue into the future because the segregation these measures are creating, as well as a rise in financial hardship, unemployment and mental health issues, will only promote crime.

Alex Cooney was the first police officer to go public with these concerns and he had this to say to his fellow officers when he resigned in protest –

“Know this, by enforcing these rules upon the population, you are removing your own freedoms. Without police enforcement these agendas are crippled. Now is the time to act and be on the right side of history.”

We call on you to use your discretionary powers during this time, not to enforce these measures upon the community and yourselves. Crime is already high, and the collateral damage these government measures are inflicting upon us is only going to see it rise.

We implore you to focus on what is important, and that is protecting the community from crime. Leave health matters to be dealt with as they have always been, separately, and in private, between doctor and patient, because as evidenced by the real-world data, the government is failing spectacularly in this regard.

The community will happily support you in return. THIS is definitely something we are all in together.

Yours sincerely

Concerned Citizens of Australia

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