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One of the best interviews I’ve seen with Dr Mike Yeadon, former Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer of Allergy & Respiratory at Pfizer Global R&D. Maybe I resonate with it a lot because it feels like he’s read my blog out to the world since a lot of what he mentions has been my findings as well.

Rumble | Telegram | Gettr (Full Version)

26th July 2022 | This is an Edited down version from Gettr Live Stream.

Interviewer: Matt Le Tissier

  • Intro & Background.
    • Recently retired biopharmaceutical R&D scientist of over 30 years.
    • Biochemistry & Toxicology. Pharmacology. Respiratory.
    • Vice President of Pfizer in the UK responsible for Worldwide search and early development for allergy and respiratory drugs.
    • Left Pfizer 2011.
    • Of the 4 companies producing COVID vaccines, he knows 3 of the CEOs personally.
  • Debunking the Smear Campaigns against him
  • Government has been lying to us for over 2 years and they know it, and he knows them personally.
  • BBC Documentary “The Unvaccinated”


Is it possible to produce that many doses of a new vaccine in the time period after it was given approval at the start of a new rollout or do you think millions of doses of vaccines were produced prior to approval?

  • No, it’s not possible, but it’s worse than that, because just producing the number of filled glass vials – they have a robot. It’s not possible to fill and pack all those doses in the time available.
    • You can’t just go from approval to manufacturing. You need to Manufacturing R&D for on-scale so that they are reproducibly the same stuff and it’s got to be really tight.
    • Dr Hedley Rees, (01) 35 years in manufacturing R&D “The whole thing is so laughable—it would’ve taken 1-2 years just for the steps required to start manufacturing,” and that’s before testing. No idea what’s in the bottles, but it’s not what they told you. It cannot be. Not enough time.

At what point did you go “Hang on a minute, these covid injections are wrong”?

  • About May or June 2020.
    • If you look up flu vaccines, the meta analysis show that flu vaccines make no meaningful difference to hospitalization and death rates from respiratory illnesses.
    • The reason the elderly are vulnerable are because their immune systems don’t respond well to new threats and they don’t respond to vaccines.
    • The pharmaceutical companies of course know this.
    • From the day Professor Bill Gates our health expert, said “Don’t worry, we’re going to make a vaccine”, I knew we were in really serious trouble, because it could never have worked. Even if they’d made something that was safe, it still would not of saved most of the elderly people who died. It’s that bad. That’s one reason.
    • Next, I looked at the design of the vaccine. Now normally I didn’t work in vaccinology or in virology – I’ve been involved in life science R&D for 33 years and I worked in new drug design.
      • So I looked at the structure of the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines and they contained a piece of genetic code all wrapped up in lipid nanoparticles, and I looked at what they put in the code.
      • Now, we’re told the SARS-CoV-2 virus consists of several different proteins, one of which is the sticking out bit that they call Spike Protein, but there are 6 or 6 other proteins according to the people who’ve sequenced them, and I can tell you that there’s one thing you definitely don’t want to do, and that’s inject into people something that’s intrinsically toxic, and the only thing about this alleged virus that’s intrinsically toxic, is the Spike Protein.
        • And, they knew that. If they didn’t know it at the start, they certainly knew it before we got to launch, and then the funny thing is all 4 companies alighted on the same thing – AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna. They all decided to pick the only part of this alleged virus that was intrinsically dangerous, and so I knew that we were going to get blood clots and bleeding because, at the very least, that’s what these spike proteins do.
    • Dr Wolfgang Wodarg & Mike Yeadon wrote an open letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on the 1st of December 2020, so it’s before any of them had a regulatory opinion.
      • And we said, more or less, “For goodness sake, for these reasons….” And we laid out our concerns… “don’t approve these things for humans.”
      • We outlined a number of things about the design of these products, that we felt were likely to result in toxicities.
        • One was acute anaphylaxis, or acute allergic response. That happened on day one.
        • Agonized over including concerns about fertilization and pregnancy, but the science looked risky enough that, on a precautionary principle, he would not have given these to women of child bearing age, and now the evidence is coming out in recent months that that’s a problem. Just based on the design, he knew they’d be toxic.
    • The theoretical use was inappropriate.
      • The thing you should do is what people like Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Zev Zelenko, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Paul Marik, were doing – early treatment with a range of things until you find something that is at least of some help like HCQ & Ivermectin. There are about 20 things that are at least of some help.
      • The vaccines could never of worked and were not needed. About 1 in 30 are seriously affected and about 1 in 1000 die.
      • If they were being used honourably, public health capacity, you would not chase people who have had the disease and recovered – you would never of given them the vaccine, why? Their immune system would be armed and dangerous against the thing, and if you gave them a vaccine, you put them at greater risk of making them ill. And we’re seeing that everywhere. They didn’t recognize natural immunity. There’s two other groups you’d definitely never vaccinate, and that’s children – because they don’t catch it.
      • If you test someone who is ill with a bad test, some of them will be positive to this bad test, go on and die and we’ll say that it’s a covid death.
      • You would never jab pregnant women with a novel medical intervention. Never. Even when people say “they need protecting”. That’s not the point. We’ve had a golden rule for 60 years since Thormidahyde because a baby is particularly sensitive. The last thing you do is rush around and lie to women like the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists saying it’s perfectly safe “Don’t believe antivaxxers, Hurry up and get your jabs”.
        • He wishes that person will Burn in hell.

Matt “I watched a Ted Talk years ago and this kind of stuck in my mind, it was Bill Gates talking about vaccines. There’s 7 billion on the planet … heading up towards 9 billion … if we do a really good job with vaccines, we can reduce that by 10 or 15 percent“… do you think that’s got anything to do with what’s going on now?”

  • “Until these last few years, I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist. I believed all of the main events that were reported, I was a laughably normie person. I listened to BBC radio every day for 41 years. Just to give you some idea of how middle of the road I was. It was a massive leap for a career scientist to tell you that in my opinion and I’m absolutely certain of this, there is an elite group probably consisting of some of the well-known names of very rich foundations, Rockefellers, Ford, Gates, World Economic Forum, WHO, whatever – senior figures are literally running this scam and I think the end point of that is to impose mandatory digital ID on every human being on the planet.
  • If it was only that, I would still be pretty cross.
  • But I don’t think it’s only that.
  • A large number of the people that I just alluded to, and they’ve outed themselves really by aligning themselves with Klaus Schwab and the like. Many of these people, sometimes multi generationally, have been very interested in should we say “optimizing the population of humans on the planet”.
  • So Boris Johnson’s father was an avid population control person. (02)
  • Certainly Bill Gate’s father was head of the American Planned Parenthood which was American Eugenics Society. A movement that kicked off around the early twentieth century. These types wanted to optimize the human race and it doesn’t involve people like you and me.
  • Why do they do that, I don’t know but as I’ve gone through my searching, I’ve been forced to rethink and look very closely at a number of things. One of which is Global Warming. The Global Warming theory is definitely wrong. I’m afraid it’s all lies.
  • It started around the same time as the so called Club of Rome – a group were funded to model the future of society and they found that no matter what they did with pollution and energy and food production – everything always fell to bits by 2040. I’d forgotten about that book. It’s called “Limits to Growth” and I think that group was sponsored by the group that’s now attacking us. Those people have funded Green Politics for decades, and I think they’ve made people believe the world is overpopulated.
  • A lot of people have sussed out what’s going on, who really don’t like Totalitarian control with a flavour of Eugenics and depopulation. There’s no evidence whatsoever that we’re going to destroy the world. Someone showed me a very interesting graph yesterday, How much living carbon is on the planet? Gigatonnes. Millions of tonnes. The vast majority of it is plants. A tiny amount is bacteria. Then fish. Then all animals. And then humans is like a tiny fraction of 1%. You only need a few minutes research before you realize it’s garbage.
  • Another thing. Yes C02 has risen about a third since the 60’s but it’s been much higher, in fact we’re at a historically record low. If we go much lower, all the plants on the planet would slow to a crawl. For those that are skeptical. Go and find out what they do with C02 in commercial green houses. That’s a bit of homework for you.

Q. Many people woke up after the initial injections, but what can they do to detox their bodies if they took the first two AstraZeneca shots?

  • “I don’t know, but I know there are medics who are working on this. I’m not a medic. I’m a tox person so I work with people who are developing… basically what I would say is “Look at the side effects that you get” and work with a sympathetic medic to try and address those.
  • While we’re on the topic, someone wrote ‘that Mike Yeadon said everyone who got the jab would die in 3 years’ and I never said that. I don’t know what will happen to those who got injected in a few years – Noone could possible know that – apart from possibly the people who’ve designed whatever’s in them. If it turned out that people got ill later, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be terribly surprised, and if nothing happened, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised either. “

Q. Do you think Asymptomatic spreading is the greatest lie ever told?

  • One of them, yes.
  • The idea that people who are fit and well who have no symptoms, we were told are like a monster threat to other people. You can be spreading it without knowing it – that’s never happened before. So if it happened this time, it would be a one off. It has been studied, so I would say, large numbers of people who had symptoms and were positive in this PCR test that I’m very skeptical about by the way, I’m not saying it could never work but it’s not a suitable test, and they compared people who were nearby to these people with another group who are positive to the PCR test but were fit and well. So they compared people with symptoms and people without symptoms and they looked at what happened to their contacts, and there was a massive difference. Something like 17% of the people who had symptoms went onto infect like a household member and it was like 0.7% I think of people without symptoms. These PCR tests have a false positive rate, so I don’t think there’s any meaningful risk.

Q.) Do you think a blood test would show you if you’ve had the vaccine rather than a “placebo for a photo op”? (He’s probably referring to some of these leaders that we’ve seen live on television having their jabs).

  • Yes, because some of the material hangs around at low levels but measurable levels for days to weeks and after a placebo, you would never find any of it. And you’d probably find some toxicity. There’s a D-Dimer test which tests a protein in your blood for coagulation or clotting. Dr Charles Hoffe tested his patients and found 70-80% had elevated markers of their clotting system being activated even if they didn’t become ill.
  • They don’t work folks, please don’t allow yourself to be brow beaten. They definitely don’t work. I don’t even mean they work a bit badly, they don’t protect people, they’re definitely not safe and you’ve got better approaches than them anyway.

Can I ask you your views on Sir Patrick Vallance, and have they changed since October 2020?

  • Tremendous disappointment. At the very least he has aided and abated the worst crime against humanity.

Rough-Transcribed up to the 37min mark… but now I need to sleep.. :)

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