“Ugly extremists” sing on the steps of Parliament in Melbourne protesting the new Pandemic Bill in Victoria

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“Hallelujah” Parliament Steps


“We Are Australian” Parliament Steps

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“Amazing Grace” Spring Street

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Dan Andrews calling those on Melbourne Steps “Ugly Extremists”

If he’s talking about “The Treason Truck” / gallows – I agree that should not be part of the protests – all it does it add more negative-media-coverage that does nothing to help people understand what is going on, but if he’s talking about those on the steps of parliament right now, and the 100,000+ others protesting this month, absolutely “terrifying”. #KillTheBill

Dan Andrews says it’s a Vaccinated Economy in Victoria that won’t end – “why would you get the system and infrastructure running, the “culture that you’ve changed”, and pull it all down?” We will not be doing that here. Regardless of whatever the other states do, no ‘Freedom Day’ for Victorians intended – it will not be when we reach 90% – it will not be anytime soon. Boosters will be needed for the vaccinated. “Have you had your 3rd?” and “Who knows what variants coming?”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says unvaccinated Victorians will be locked out of pubs, restaurants, major events and other venues “well into 2022”. Andrews said he’s not in a position to announce an unvaccinated ‘Freedom Day’ like NSW, and flagged crowds at next year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix will likely have to be double-dose vaccinated. 10 News

Seriously – can you hear yourself? #CantMakeThisUp

Meanwhile back in 2006…

Views seems to have changed a little…

Learn more about these Aussie “Extremists”:

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