Honest Journalism is DEAD

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The Media (a dying-trade that I now dub ‘MisLedia’) will never be trusted again when people realize what they’ve been doing to them.

After seeing a lot of journalists speaking out about how the ‘news has been hijacked’, and after quitting or losing their jobs, being discredited and viciously attacked by their own former employers, I really wanted to make a post highlighting this over a year ago, but there was always “something else more important” – but I keep forgetting that this is absolutely crucially important to those who have absolutely no idea this is happening. The corporate media cannot be trusted.

Information-control is a form of mind-control. It’s been used for as long as we’ve had Corporate Media – we’ve all been stung by it – we all have to be aware of it. The pandemic brought out the worst of it.

This will be my placeholder for Journalists speaking out. I do not have time to re-upload all the videos that contain all the journalists, but at least if I have this post ready-to-go, I have somewhere to keep them altogether going forward.

If you find yourself being TRIGGERED by ANY OF THE PEOPLE on this post, then you have been PROGRAMMED to be TRIGGERED by them. Those speaking outside a repetitive-narrative should not have that ‘power over you’ to negatively ‘trigger’ you at will whenever you see a name or hear something they’re constantly trying to scare you away from. You don’t have to “trust and believe” everything they say (you still need discernment for everything in life), but if you have an instant-negative-response without ever having listened to what they have to say, that is a fairly good indicator you’ve been sucked into giving your mind over to the gaslighting and fear-tactics used deliberately by the corporate media. If you have a balanced view of the world and a level-head, and you’ve done your research without pre-conceived beliefs, and if you’ve had the curiosity to see all sides – you can use discernment to know who the good guys are vs who the controllers & manipulators are and be able to sort out which information you find useful or not, without having a physical reaction. In other posts, I go into more in-depth about how they do it and why. Read my Rigged-Media category for the tricks they use and the Rigged-Agenda category for why. But one step at a time, maybe this post ‘may’ help some out there at least realize it’s happening.

This post so far has:

  • Anita Krishna – Former MSM Control Room Director
  • Ivory Hecker – Former Fox 26 Presenter
  • Aisling O’Loughlin – Former TV3 News, Ireland
  • April Moss – Former meteorologist and local TV reporter at WWJ CBS Detroit
  • Kari Lake – Former Fox 10 News Anchor
  • Rakshit Singh – ABP Indian Hindi News Journalist
  • Sharyl Attkisson – Former CBS Investigative Correspondent
  • Jemma Cooper – Former BBC Presenter
  • Sue Cook – Former BBC Broadcaster
  • Emerald Robinson – Former Newsmax Reporter (White House Press Political Correspondent)
  • Ariana Pekary – Former MSNBC Producer
  • Natalie Winters – National Pulse Investigative Reporter

Adding next update: (need sleep)

  • Tonia Buxton – Saturday Morning UK Presenter / Celebrity Chef (I featured one of her videos on one of my PCR test posts, she’s also in the “Jemma Cooper” video below)
  • Cory Bernardi – Sky News Australia (clips of Cory are featured in the first video below, under Journalism is Dead)

Journalism is Dead

A short video with clips from each of the following to summarize the fact that journalism is no longer a trusted profession, featuring clips from the following people:

Ivory Hecker – Former Fox 26 Reporter
Jemma Cooper – Former BBC Presenter
Aisling O’Loughlin – Former TV3 News, Ireland
Cory Bernardi – Sky News Australia
Kari Lake – Former Fox 10 News Anchor
Sharyl Attkisson – Former CBS Investigative Correspondent
Dr Joseph Ladapo – Florida Surgeon General – External Link “The Curtain Close on COVID Theatre”

Behind-the-scenes Recordings
Barclay Crawford, Editor for Daily Mail Australia
Susan Schiller, VIP & News Director, Fox 26
Charlie Chester, CNN Technical Director

If you are getting your information about anything from the news, you are literally getting programmed and only getting one-sided misinformation. Corporate-misledia has always been controlled programming, mostly used for consumerism and political mind-control, but it has ramped up so much these past 4-5 years and gone supernova since the pandemic. They’ve even convinced the public they WANT this censorship and information-control where some of you are calling for it! WOW!

Please detox from this programming, (Take 9 weeks off and see your life, mind and health immediately improve! All the hate and fear and negative-programming removed from your life!)

It’s scary how easily manipulated people are becoming from continuing to trust these bought & paid for ‘biased lies’- just completely giving their minds, thoughts, emotions, minute-to-minute decisions, and education over to whatever the tv wants you to think. Some are now behind sending billions over to wars you know nothing about and calling for the death of people/rights/laws they teach you to be triggered by – and being kept completely blind (on purpose) to what is happening in their own countries? They have lost friendships, co-workers, employees, and maybe even family because of MEDIA programming!

Maybe some are even too programmed to even consider turning it off to see if they can get their own minds back in time to see what is actually transpiring before our very eyes?? Too programmed by the word “conspiracy theorist” and other deliberate trigger-words? Can they really not see it for what it is?

Anita Krishna

Former MSM Control Room Director

Ivory Hecker

Former Fox 26 Presenter

Ivory Hecker Talks COVID, Media Bias, Censorship, and More

Aisling O’Loughlin

Former TV3 News, Ireland

Aisling “We will never trust the media or medical profession again after this”: AustraliaOne Party – The Irish Inquiry Interviews Riccardo Bosi – December 24, 2021

22 OCT 2021

What we should be talking about if mainstream media was doing their job (My blog post with transcript and references to what she’s talking about)

20 APR 2021

Aisling O’loughlin Xpose Irish Journalist Speaks Out – The Game Is Up (Collection of her Instagram clips before her account was permanently deleted by Facebook)

April Moss

Former meteorologist and TV reporter at WWJ CBS Detroit

Kari Lake

Former Fox 10 News Anchor

10 FEB 2022

Kari Lake vs 60 Mins Propagandist Liam Bartlett – See my blog post about this interview

Rakshit Singh

ABP Indian Hindi News Journalist

Not Allowed To Show Truth, I Quit“: ABP News Reporter Resigns At Farmers Protest Site

28 Feb 2021 • An ABP News reporter, Rakshit Singh, quit his job at the farmers’ mahapanchayat in Meerut as he was not being allowed to “report the truth on the farmers’ protest”. The video of Rakshit Singh announcing his resignation at the site has gone viral.

“I don’t want this job. I wanted to work because I wanted to speak the truth. And I wasn’t allowed to do it,” said Rakshit Singh, who covered banking and finance for the channel. After Rakshit’s public resignation, he tweeted three videos.

“My parents gave me an education with the money earned through their sweat and blood. I chose this profession. Why did I choose this profession?” he said, adding that he wanted to show the truth, but he is not being allowed. Rakshit also said that it has come to a point where journalists from many media organisations have to take off their IDs to report. “I couldn’t tolerate it, so I quit,” he said.

Rakshit was a journalist for 15 years and worked with Dainik Bhaskar newspaper before joining ABP News.

Soon after resigning, he tweeted two videos describing the scenario in various media houses. “There was a sense of respect for news channels in the past when they went out to cover stories, and that was the main reason for me to pursue this profession. But today, that respect is lost.

Sharyl Attkisson

Former CBS Investigative Correspondent

Sharyl Attkisson – Former CBS Investigative Correspondent

Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism

New York Times bestselling author Sharyl Attkisson takes on the media’s misreporting on Black Lives Matter, coronavirus, Joe Biden, Silicon Valley censorship, and more.

When the facts don’t fit their Narrative, the media abandons the facts, not the Narrative. Virtually every piece of information you get through the media has been massaged, shaped, curated, and manipulated before it reaches you. Some of it is censored entirely. The news can no longer be counted on to reflect all the facts. Instead of telling us what happened yesterday, they tell us what’s new in the prepackaged soap opera they’ve been calling the news.

Jemma Cooper

Former BBC presenter

Mainstream media – lies and censorship | Ickonic | 25 Aug 2021: Featuring Alex Jones, former BBC presenters Jemma Cooper and Sue Cook plus celebrity chef Tonia Buxton and comedian Sean Collins.

  • Richie is joined by Jemma Cooper.[Podcast] June 21, 2021
    • For more than 20 years, Jemma Cooper was a respected BBC broadcaster. That all changed when she was spotted at an anti-lockdown rally. As a journalist Jemma was interested in the the speakers at the rally, some of whom were doctors and academics. The fallout from her attendance led to her leaving the BBC. As a result, the national press hounded Jemma and printed a lot of nonsense about her, which she struggled to deal with at the time.
      But she came out the other side of the tunnel and joined Richie to chat about her experience and why she has no regrets today. Jemma also discusses how having a conscious awakening ten years ago, played a part in the events of the last twelve months.
  • Gareth Icke Speaks to former BBC Presenter Jemma Cooper About Why She Left The BBC [Video] June 26, 2021

Sue Cook

Former BBC Broadcaster

(See above video under Jemma Cooper)

Emerald Robinson

Former Newsmax Reporter (White House Press Political Correspondent)

Ariana Pekary

Former MSNBC Producer

Natalie Winters

National Pulse Investigative Reporter

CPAC 2021: Natalie Winters on How Journalists & Politicians Are Willing to Sell Out America to China

Why was Pfizer partnering with the Chinese Communist Party’s platform for vaccine passports & social credit scores the year before the COVID-19 pandemic started?

Sure, I’ll settle the science for you… $$$

Media – Bought to you by Pfizer

Media – Who Controls the Narrative?

“It’s a Big Club and we ain’t in it.” – George Carlin

Operation Mockingbird.

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