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“It’s Evil we are dealing with Globally and a mindless society”
~ Dr Graham Lyons, South Australia

Dec 10th 2021

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“This is an experiment on the entire global population.”

“You’ve got to realise we are part of a whole community now, it’s growing by the day, and the cracks on the other side, the cracks in the evil bastards that are pushing this, they’re becoming quite big. We’re going to win this.”

Dr Graham Lyons: https://researchers.adelaide.edu.au/profile/graham.lyons

Source: Powerful Must Watch Interview with Dr. Graham Lyons, Adelaide, on the Agenda

“This is an experiment on the entire global population. I still have to get up each day and pinch myself to think that, is this really happening? I am waking into a nightmare from a decent nights sleep? “

“You’ve got to realise we are part of a whole community now, it’s growing by the day, and the cracks on the other side, the cracks in the evil bastards that are pushing this, they’re becoming quite big. We’re going to win this.”

I’m Dr Graham Lyons, Research Fellow, University of Adelaide, South Australia.

This is pure, Satanic, child abuse. Now they’ve got 5-11 they’re targeting? Next it will be 2-4. Then what about the new-born’s. Let’s go for them.

Or the pregnant women! Doctors are actually advising pregnant women to take this bloody thing.

Can’t they remember (??) and that was just a tablet. Look what it did. This is far worse, on a far greater scale.

Doctors advising pregnant women to take this experimental bloody thing knowing surely, unless they’re utterly ignorant and stupid, but surely to become a doctor you’ve got to have quite a reasonable level of intelligence, particularly to become a specialist – advising pregnant women to take this thing? I heard that some women are using it in the US as a birth-control method if it’s given in the first trimester.

We’re dealing with pure evil here.

I never thought I’d actually be sitting in front of a camera talking in this manner, despite having studied those who are ultimately behind this, I thought it would be just a gradual process, of them trying to takeover the world and institute a world government, by use of a finance system, subverting politicians, subverting constitutions of different countries.

Some people call it the “Totalitarian tip-toe”.

This is a “Totalitarian Triple-Jump” that we’re seeing now.

Someone said the other day that globalists have entered the room, and are now among us, and they’ve closed the door behind themselves, but it gives us an opportunity – we can defeat them here.

There are big cracks appearing in their agenda, and the more that we can wake people up – that’s the key, it’s a numbers game – of while they have a lot of people acquiescing to this, complying with all the idiot dictates, for example here in South Australia everyone of them is unlawful, unhealthy, idiotic, and unscientific.

And I’m talking about so-called Social Distancing, Face-Nappy Wearing – that’s like using the analogy of putting on a wire-mesh fence over your face to keep out something the size of the point of a pin – not even a pin – the sharp end, that’s what we’re dealing with there, and in the meantime they’re making people unhealthy. It greatly increases your risk of other true respiratory diseases which do kill a lot of people per annum.

The mind boggles that we can have a Chief Public Health Officer, decreeing that – for a couple of months early this year – school children would be wearing these things. As far as I know, not one school Principle stood up against this – this wasn’t even a direction from the Police Commissioner – he even baulked at this!

But that’s the level of Evil we’re dealing with.

That and leading into these vaccination clinics – as you’ve described – Satanic Child Abuse.

Let’s not call it by anything less than that.

A Pandemic of People who have Decided Not to Think!

The thing I’ve found most difficult to accept in this era – in this episode we’re going through – and it goes back for most people until about February 2020, we’re now December 2021 – is the number of people who have fallen for the lies of the media and the government and big business – you name it – big tech, they’re all in on it – they’ve fallen for it and they don’t appear to be standing up against it.

What we see here is a pandemic of people who have decided not to think – facts mean nothing to them, and that’s exactly as I would describe it. Others describe it as mass-psychosis – like a suicide of our society via mass-psychosis.

There’s a cabal behind this – it hasn’t just come from overnight. It’s not something which come from our society here, or y’know – our government’s been used as pawns in it.

This thing goes back thousands of years – not just hundreds of years. If you hear people who have really studied the history of this, they can describe it with great clarity – it goes back to Babylon, Suma, this group that emanated from there – they came Satanists at an early stage, they often describe it with different terms – they worship these manifestations of Satan.

Over hundreds of thousands of years, they’ve accumulated vast wealth – they have excerpted the banking system of the world – it didn’t happen overnight – they’ve been working on it for some time.

So, basically they have enough money to do pretty well whatever they want – to buy off whoever they want – to achieve their ends. They’re paid – fully-owned – by this cabal. And it’s not just one little group of people, it’s quite diverse, it involves some so-called Religious elements, at the heart of some of our more revered institutions.

They’ve been operating for a long time – the City of London, Georgetown Washington D.C. – that’s another centre of them, unfortunately – do you want me to mention the Vatican? I’ll keep that out of it – the Black Pope, the Grey Pope, how deep do you wanna get? I’ll keep that out of it.

to trick
to beguile

You know where the Pharmacy comes from? Pharmakeia? Greek for ‘to trick’, ‘to beguile’. This is what they’ve done.

It might of been Ivan Illic – the brilliant philosopher of medicine – he was also a Catholic Priest I believe, he said decades ago, it was in the 1970’s, “if Big Pharma is allowed to continue on this current trajectory, it will destroy humanity”

People laughed at him at the time, but look what they’re doing now – look what they’re doing.


Ivan Illich describing our Medical Nemesis today (COVID19) nearly 50 years ago – YouTube

Big Pharma, probably the most evil collective organization which has ever infected or infested the surface of the world.

But we’ve been fed a lot of lies – through the mainstream media, the governments, big business – they’ve all rolled over. Big Business is one of the first to bring in these so-called vaccination mandates – what a bloody disgrace! They’re all in on it – the CEO’s have all participated willingly in this atrocity.

The first thing you must realize is that you are not free.

You are in a prison of this “perception” – hyper-reality – you’ve got to realize that first before you can step out of it. Most people do not come to that realization. They think “oh yes, I’m living in the free world here, and what I see is reality, the news media is telling me the truth, the government is telling me the truth“.

It’s not the case.

And what’s going to happen to them? Well they need to be obliterated really.

Don’t get me onto the doctors – they have no excuse to be continuing to jab people with this poison. If they’re still doing it – they’re basically murderers, I’m not afraid to say that. I’m bloody angry about this, and I say to those doctors, when they look in that mirror in the mirror in the morning and the evening – who looks back at them? A healer or a harmer?

More and more people need to stand up, they need to not comply with this – as long as enough people not comply, the globalists will fail. And I think there needs to be a reckoning. I’d like to see a very solid reckoning against them – and those who’ve facilitated their activities – we may think sometimes that we’re up against something so massive that there’s nothing we can do. That’s “little me thinking” as David Icke would say. If you’re thinking that way you will achieve nothing.

You’ve got to realize we’re part of a whole community now that’s growing by the day – and the cracks on the other side – the cracks in the evil bastards who are pushing this – they’ve become quite big. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. So don’t expend all your energy in the short-term thinking that you’re going to drag down people like Dan Andrews or Gunner or what have you. He’ll be around for a while, but they will get their reckoning one day.

Sometimes we think we’re up against something so big and bad that we can’t stop it, but I don’t think that’s the case, so I’m optimistic that we will win this – you’ve got to #HoldTheLine. Don’t get the bloody quaxx (Vax), or if you do, there’s numerous things you can take to counteract it.

If those of you who have had it, don’t get anymore – stop believing the mainstream media, the government and big business – we can beat them. It’s got to come from the people – from real people – real Australians – real people in other countries.

It’s got to come from the ground-up. Connect with your Spirituality – whether it’s God or whatever your Spirituality is. I’ve found some of the best people I’ve come across who are standing up, are real Christians, not “fake Christians” who’ve rolled-over. Look at some of the Churches, they’re telling all their constituents to get vaxxed! That’s not real Christianity.

We may not have quantity on our side, but we’ve got quality.

Look at Robert Kennedy Jr. – Tremendous Role Model. He’s the best of the Kennedy’s yet, and no one in the establishment will phase him, because his knowledge is so good on these matters – he’s mounted so many law suits. Something like 500 he describes – environmental cases – up against Big Business that are polluting and killing people, and now particularly against Big Pharma, going back a long way. His knowledge is encyclopaedic, and he’s not afraid of standing up. He’ll often conclude his talks with “I’ll see you out there on the barricades, I’m gonna die with my boots on!” He’s got a tonne of guts.

We’ve got people like that on our side.

I’m actually optimistic. Life’s gonna be better.

Our society had – we’ve been shown now how corrupt and rotten it had become by the subversion of the people who are pushing this thing. Something needed to happen. Maybe this was the thing that needed to happen. We need to maybe start from the ground up, and it’s going to be better.

Dr Graham Lyons

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