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Former Senior Constable Chris Burson resigned from Victoria Police in April to run for the Victorian senate in the upcoming federal election.


Senior Constable Chris Burson

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“This is not what I signed up for. That’s why I’ve left Victoria Police. You’re getting more and more cops leaving. For example, in my Gazette that just went out, you had 28 cops leaving and only 13 in. So you’ve had a loss of 15, and that’s just in one fortnight, and that’s happening every fortnight.”

Chris Burson says he decided to run for the Victorian Senate with the Australian Values Party because he felt the federal government were missing in action through Covid.

“Every time I go somewhere, it’s because of a law written by some politician. If someone writes a law, they need to understand that at the end of that is some bloke who has to potentially risk his life to defend this paper you’ve just written”.

The now Victorian Senate Candidate says the Australian Values Party will approach all legislation through the scope of the seven values new citizens commit to when becoming an Australian.

On the website, it talks about his background in the army and special ops, and other teams. A couple of statements that caught my eye is:

“He witnessed first hand the agenda’s carried out by the media. Who rush out any story regardless of context or truth. Reading and hearing the media portray something that he was directly involved with and the initial shock he experienced at how different media portrayed things, from how they actually happened.”

“Finally the COVID response has made Chris and many other police members lose faith in where we are headed and what we stand for. Police, Ambulance and Politicians have lost their support from the public and now have the arduous task trying to bringing that back. Chris believes that this has stemmed from the media as well as the lack of direction from leaders, and with no one willing to take responsibility for decisions.”

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