Covid Songs (Rallies & Protests)

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This post is dedicated to the many Covid songs written and performed at rallies & protests.

My Covid Songs post has grown – lol, keep finding more – too many for one page, so I’ll break them into multiple posts and tag them with CovidSongs so we can find them all.

Stick your Vaccine Mandates, Passports, Lockdowns, Dodgy-Science, New World Order… (We are the 99%)

Sung by English-Speaking rallies worldwide to tune of “Coming around the Mountain”


You can shove your Vaccine Mandate
You can stick your Masking Mandate
You can stick your Poison Vaccines
You can stick your Vaccine Passport
You can stick your New World Order
You can stick your Dodgy Science
You can stick your Great Reset
You can stick your Corporation
You can stick your Mainstream Media

Brussels, Belgium, Jan 2022

I’d rather be a human than a slave
You can stick your Corporation
– we’re a Freedom Sovereign Nation

Singing we are the 99 percent
We are the 99 percent
We are the ninety
Together we are mighty
We are the 99 percent

(99% Humans against 1% Globalist Tyrants)

London, Dowling St, Jan 22, 2021 “New World Order” Rumble | Telegram

UK, DazBand “We are the 99%” Website | Telegram

Sydney “Shove your Vaccine Mandates & New World Order” Rumble

Melbourne, Chadstone Shopping Centre Telegram

W.A. “Stick your Vaccine Passports”, Megaphone Bunnings Rumble

Melbourne, “Shove your Vaccine Mandates & Covid Bullshit up your arse” Rumble

New Zealand at Jacinda Ardern’s Press Conference Rumble

New Zealand #freedomsNZ March Rumble

Edinburgh, UK, in the snow Twitter

Europe, Shove your vaccine mandates YouTube

New York Rumble

“Rather be a Human than a Slave”, NWO, Great Reset Twitter

Sounds like Chipmunks Rumble


Love Over Fear, Truth over Lies, Unity over Division.


Melbourne, Australia (WOW!!!) Brazil (HOLY CRAP!!!!!)

Romania, Japan, Netherlands, Milan, Trieste, Belgium, Morocco, Jamaica, Greece, Switzerland, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Western Australia, Ireland, Turkey, Perth, NSW/QLD Border, Queensland, Las Vegas, USA, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Amsterdam, Israel, London, Holland, Italy,

Police, Nurses, Doctors, Firefighters, Paramedics, Teachers, Workers, Parents.

Together we stand united – no to segregation, discrimination, Violation, and the Attempts to Divide us!

#MedicalFreedom – Seriously, why do we have to fight for this?

Netherlands COVID Tyranny Protest

Red signs say “stay 1.5 mtrs apart”

Rumble | Telegram

New Zealand – Sacred Haka to Parliament House

New Zealand, natives Maori perform the sacred Haka dance to Parliament House in Wellington to end vaccine mandates.

Rumble | Telegram

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