Croatian MEP & Former Judge: BigPharma =Dangerous Mafia & Covid Passes =Dumbest idea in History

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Croatian MEP & Former Judge Mislav Kolakušić declares BigPharma to be Dangerous Mafia & Covid Passes the Dumbest idea in History

Croatian MEP & Former Judge Mislav Kolakušić Declares Covid Passes to be one of the Dumbest Ideas in History

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“Covid passes are one of the dumbest ideas in human history… they brought the army to streets of the European Union member states… with long barrels, with automatic weapons. This is the Europe we live in today, and that’s a consequence of that one idiotic idea of COVID passes.”

On his Twitter Account, he added:

“Covid passes around the world were introduced by the stupidest generation of politicians in history. Driven by the desire for unlimited power and herd instinct, they decided to trample on facts, evidence, science and repeat idiotic theses that do not pass even an elementary logical test.”

Croatian MEP & Former Judge Mislav Kolakušić Declares the Pharmaceutical Industry to be the Most Dangerous Mafia of All Time.

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“It is a mafia that uses all kinds of media instead of weapons for a fear campaign to sell billions of its products… Be aware that the fear campaign will not stop because they earn tens of billions every year.”

On his Twitter account, he added:

“Official data from many countries show that the C-19 vaccine does not protect against disease or infection. Due to the insane measures of Italian PM Draghi, a million people in Italy will no longer be able to earn a living. They are not interested in the facts, nor have they ever been.”

Message to #FreedomConvoy2022 in Canada from his Twitter account:

The intention of Canadian PM Trudeau to freeze the bank accounts of citizens who oppose his insane measures without a court order and at his own discretion is deeply frightening and disgusting. Citizens of Canada, oppose these authoritarian measures and withdraw your money from the banks.

How to create a successful “Un-Scientific” Pandemic and Fool the World

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Q.) What is necessary to create a successful pandemic, as you called it recently in one of your addresses in the European Parliament?

A.) “To create a successful pandemic, because the World Health Organization had a few failed attempts, they realized what needed to change. First of all, it was necessary to change the definition of the pandemic itself. After that it was necessary to change the way the illness was determined. Then it was necessary to change the way death from an infectious disease was determined. After that, and maybe the key part, was to pronounce for symptoms of one such dangerous deadly disease, the symptoms of coughing, 37 degree fever, dizziness, headache. Something that a couple of billion people experience every year.

Q.) That is the way it was possible to establish a pandemic?

A.) “Together with the fifth prerequisite, and the 5th prerequisite is to abolish dialog. We could not see in any media, not in Croatia, not in Europe, not even around the world, we could not see a single debate in which experts who speak for and against were brought. And there were thousands of them. In the media, we had complete unanimity.”

On his Twitter account, he added:

“The abolition of scientific dialogue and the introduction of censorship at the global level were key steps in creating a “successful pandemic” and the basis for the unscientific introduction of repressive measures on a massive scale.”

European MP on “Dr Gates & Fake News Media Factories”

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Croatian MEP & Former Judge Mislav Kolakušić on “Dr Gates” being the only voice of authority during a pandemic:

Jan 27, 2022: It is scandalous that thousands of professors, doctors and experts were effectively silenced during the pandemic, and at the same time we hear and read nonsense about the pandemic every day by a person who became famous by assembling computers in his garage.

“Honorable Chairman, Dear Colleagues,

The Pharmaceutical Industry has organized several hundred conferences, symposia, and meetings in the past decades. In the last year, not a single comprehensive conference, on COVID-19, about the vaccine has been organized.
What is this all about, how is that possible?

The greatest authority talking about COVID-19, the pandemic, and the vaccines, has today become the person who assembled computers in his own garage. (Bill Gates)

People are talking – are these some conspiracy theories? What’s this all about? No, this is a well-designed business plan worth several thousand billion Euro’s. Who contributed to that?

The answer is: Media that have turned into fake news factories, quasi-scientists whose profession has nothing to do with immunology, and of course, cheap politicians.

What needs to be done? It is necessary to put an end to it, it is necessary to talk. We, in this House, need to talk about the Vaccine, about ways to treat Disease, and Professional Symposia must be organized. Doctors and Immunologists must give their opinion. We do not know today what most doctors and experts think because most of those who think differently are silenced.

Mislav Kolakusic EU debate “How to vaccinate the whole world”


Jan 25, 2022 Mislav Kolakusic: We recently debated in the European Parliament on “how to vaccinate the whole world”. I explained to the EU Commissioner for Health that such a plan is not feasible, so it is better to abandon it immediately.

“Dear colleagues, dear citizens, today we are discussing here how to vaccinate the whole world. (!)

COVID vaccines have brought us a side effect never seen before in medicine or sociology. A side effect that has not existed with any previous vaccine in history.

It is a side effect called “panic fear”.

A significant number of those vaccinated are afraid that the unvaccinated will infect them with the COVID-19 disease they have been vaccinated against and that is why they want the whole world to be vaccinated.

I have to disappoint them. It is not possible. Because in order to achieve something like that, everyone has to be vaccinated in the same second or at least the same minute.

Otherwise, we would again have people who are fully vaccinated with 13 booster doses and people who are completely unvaccinated because they received “only” 12 booster doses. In that situation, those people who received 13 booster doses would “justifiably” be afraid of those who received “only” 12 doses. Which, again, could infect “completely vaccinated people”.

Mislav Kolakuši: Educate Yourselves & Do Not Force people to get vaccinated

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Jan 24, 2022: For more than two centuries we have been building democracy and scientific principles, just to witness how they are collapsing in less than two years. The campaign of fear and greed they are waging against the citizens will lose in the end.

Mislav Kolakusic to President of EU Commission “End Insane Mandates”

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Jan 23, 2022: Mislav Kolakusic MEP address to Ursula von der Leyen (President of the @EU_Commission) in the @Europarl_EN: “Your report on the human rights situation in the EU is fabricated and untrue, end insane divisions and discrimination against citizens.”

Dear citizens, Honorable Mrs von der Leyen: “Your report on the state of fundamental freedoms and rights of the citizens of the European Union is in stark contrast to the real situation.

In the last 80 years, since Nazism, fundamental human rights have never been so severely violated:

the right to freedom of movement,
the right to work,
the right to health care,
the right to ban medical experiments,
conducted on more than 500 million people in the European Union.

It is the right of every citizen to make decisions about their own health and about their own lives.

We have trampled on several centuries of science and the medical profession.

We are now introducing measures that have no end in sight.

COVID certificates that allow only the vaccinated to move freely, even though they transmit the infection as well as the unvaccinated – are INSANE.

You must stop this division of citizens immediately, because noone knows what will happen if we don’t stop these divisions.”

European MP calls French President a Murderer!

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Jan 21, 2022: Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakuši addressing the French president Emmanuel Macron in the European Parliament:

“Dear Citizens of the European Union, President Macron,

Considering many restrictions of citizens’ rights and freedoms in France during the pandemic, I ask of you only one thing: While presiding over the EU, do everything exactly the opposite of what you were doing in France. On the other hand, today you said that you are proud there is no death penalty in Europe. Tens of thousands of citizens have died due to vaccine side-effects.

Mandatory vaccinations represent death-penalty and its execution for many citizens. That has to remain a choice for every citizen!

Murder is murder! Those of you who don’t know that and haven’t educated yourselves, take a look at the official data of the European health organization (EMA). Thank you.”

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