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Remember Fred Corbin, the video that went viral back in August 2021 calling out the Barbados Chief Medical Officer and saying the covid was patented 20 years ago and a vaccine can never work? (If not, I’ve included it at the bottom of this post). Here’s a really interesting recent interview with him.

Rumble | Telegram | Full Video on YouTube

Streamed live on 17 Jan 2022 UIC PRESIDENT, JOSEPH L PATTERSON, talks science, politics and strategy with FRED CORBIN of Barbados concerning the biggest issue facing us in Jamaica and the world today. Fred is a professional engineer who is currently pursuing studies in Aerospace Composites and Supersonic Aerodynamics. His background includes Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Marine Biology. It extends to Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons. Fred is known as a dedicated Social Justice Advocate for the Caribbean People in response to the injustices seen in various government actions over the last two years.

  • Today we are in the middle of a biological weaponization of a medical countermeasure that is being used against innocent populations by governments that have engaged in treason by signing contracts with manufacturers of such weapons.
    • Worldwide psychological warfare operation.
    • This is an insurgency operation in parallel with the psychological operation to completely remove the process of government-right now there is no government anywhere in the world. They ceased to exist, and parliament is only a façade.
  • Document “What is the Global public–private partnership?” (01) (02) (03) (04) (05)
    • The document clearly outlines the removal of the Westphalian national sovereignty (the foundation of which Westminster governmental systems in the eastern Caribbean were founded by our colonial imperial masters of Great Britain.
      • Once Westphalian national sovereignty ceases to exist, you will have a global level of legislation that is being made outside of anything of the Westminster system and become almost global governance.
    • This is an international rules-based system that has been setup by the top tier, with enabling environments being created by governments who are advised or coerced to create those enabling environments by organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the IPCC, the Club of Rome, etc – they’re all working together. (06) (07)
      • This is the insurgency part of the entire operation in order to remove all governance.
        • So there’s no judiciary anymore, hence the silence from the judiciary. The judiciary has been removed because there is no constitutional Westminster system in place, from which to base a challenge to governance. This is why we can’t get any traction with regard to legal challenges, because there’s no government.
  • There’s no government. There’s only a global rules-based system, and the nomination of dictators for certain regions of the world.
    • The future Caribbean region is based upon the World Economic Forum designating the PM of Barbados to be the “Caribbean regional dictator”.

UIC President, Joseph L Patterson: “Voting is merely a way to authenticate your dictators. The “Gods and governors” of the world will dictate through the minions that you elect at your local level. They’re going to carry out what they want regardless. From your perspective, what is it that led to this destruction of our so-called democracy?”

  • Document: International Health Regulations (IHR) (08) (09)
    • We have to return to 2005, where the World Health Organization was actually the driving engine behind the dismantling of democratic systems, based upon the rules and regulations that were put in place in order to prepare for the certain event such as COVID-19; the implementation of medical counter-measure system, and in 2005, the International Health Regulations (IHR) were issued by the World Health Organization, and every single Caribbean government signed on to that document – along with almost every country in the world.
      • That document outlined very clearly on page 17 – outlines in detail all of the current restrictions that are currently affecting everyone.

Following that, in 2019, the World Health Organization published a document called “The World At Risk”. That document outlined very clearly, within the very first paragraph, exactly what would take place: a respiratory virus would be launched and the ability for countries to respond in a necessary fashion and within certain time limits (by September of 2020). The World Health Organization dictated that it had to be done.

How would they achieve this?

  • One of the core competencies of any insurgency, is its ability to influence not only finance of a country, but to be able to utilize an enabling environment that was created, in order to be able to influence the access to, or the use of, “finance as a weapon” against the ability of a country to operate effectively, and that’s precisely what happened.
  • Countries were basically criminally led into acts of treason by signing on to the International Monetary Fund which was used as the enforcer to bring about the policy changes that disabled the government.

And where did they get that from?

  • Well, for that, we go to this document which is the US Army Special Operations Unconventional Warfare and I quote:
    • “Financial instrument of U.S National Power and Unconventional Warfare”

2-45. Like the economic activity, which all nation-states, human groups, and individuals respond to, ARSOF can use financial power as a weapon in times of conflict up to and including large-scale general war.

Like the economic activity that it is related to, most financial power is unmanaged, routine, and peaceful.

However, manipulation of U.S. financial strength can leverage the policies and cooperation of state governments.

Financial incentives and disincentives can build and sustain international coalitions waging or supporting U.S. UW campaigns.

As part of an interagency effort, the U.S. Treasury can recommend changes to U.S. policy that can provide such incentives to state governments and others at the national strategic policy level.

Participation in international financial organizations, such as the World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), offers the U.S. diplomatic-financial venues to accomplish such coalitions.

US Army Special Operations Unconventional Warfare

  • That is, the paragraph and the paradigm upon which the governments of the Caribbean were led to sign onto a further program which enabled the IMF to empower ‘their efforts’ to destabilize the region.

And that happened through this:

In respect of the Initial Period, coverage under the PEF Insurance
Window is provided for high-severity events caused by the following pathogen groups:
(i) Flu (New or novel influenza A virus, or an influenza A virus whose haemagluttinin gene is antigenically distinct, due to an antigenic shift, from other influenza A viruses),
(ii) Coronavirus (virus belonging to the phylogenetic family Coronaviridae)

World Bank PEF Operations Manual
  • So here it is in 2016 outlined in the Pandemic Emergency Finance Facility.
    • Four or five years before anything happened with corona virus.
    • This is the setup. This is the fraud.

And every single Caribbean government signed on to it – they were paid to sign it. They bought bonds into it.

  • And now we understand why the vaccineinjection” mandates because, if we go to page 8, we see the entire form outlined right here:
    1. When you get to 250 deaths, 29%-that’s like $56.25 million dollars.
    2. When you get to 750 deaths, you get $112 million dollars.
    3. When you get to 2500 deaths, you get $195 million dollars.
      • Trinidad got 2500 deaths the other day, and they received almost 200 million…
  • It’s all about money.

Joseph L Patterson:
So let’s break this down for everyone that’s listening:
The government is incentivized to report deaths.
So the global powers designed a system that would incentivize our government to look for and report deaths at whatever cost-they’ll try their best to make sure there’s these numbers. Which will, of course, help to feed the fear, and this fear will help to increase compliance, right? And we have a feedback loop system that works.

Now, worse than that, as you pointed out earlier, prior to all of this, because this is not today, this is not a year ago, this is not two years ago – this is not five years ago… all of this is a planned scheme, which we’re moving towards a particular outcome, and that is why for example they weaponized finance.

So you no longer just have a financial system in your country which is there to provide a supply of money to balance trade between citizens and external parties who want to trade with the country – they moved finance from its purpose after serving society as a medium of exchange, to being a weapon that will be used by globalist powers, to manage our country – strangle a country if it needs to, and ensure that at the end of the day, they bring these countries under a system of control, where if they don’t do as they’re told, they will manipulate the monetary system and cause them to suffer significantly and by extension push them out of power, and bring in their friends – you know whoever is favourable to them will be elected.

Now in Jamaica, we’re on a mission to stop all of this. Now this is a very dangerous mission, obviously, and they’re not going to sit down and allow us to just do this like that. But we can’t afford to be fearful. Because if we stop fighting for our rights, then we might as well just walk in and tell them, “Here, take us, we’re slaves again.”

Let’s talk about something very important. What is this global private public partnership? What does it mean for the people of the Caribbean? Break it down for Jamaicans and for others who might be watching from other countries. What does it mean this global private public partnership? They make these nice sounding things like “private public partnership” and they feed that to us in so many ways to make us feel comfortable. Tell us what it is, how does it work?

Well, the concept of the global public private partnership is that as as we have in this document right here – this chart.

  • Technically speaking, you have the policy makers, right? Or at the very top now, these are the global financial controllers.
    • They’re the ones like the World Bank, the Vanguard Group, BlackRock, etc.
    • You have Bill Gates sitting at the top, Jeff Bezos, the guy from Facebook, and so on.
      • They are part of an overarching control system that has been in place for centuries.
        • Remember, this has not just been dreamt up overnight. This comes from biblical times. We’re dealing with not only the presence in our time of an extremely powerful force that has been coming through the ages, coming through the centuries, that has been spiritually led to control everything that is good in the world, and corrupted with evil.
  • In today’s world, it comes down to the point where the global public partnership is… comes right down to a very small number of people at the very top.
    • The Committee of 300 families, and within that, several different small groups that control most of the finances of the world, the policy distributors such as the World Economic Forum, you have the World Bank, the IMF, the IPCC (which is the international partnership for climate change), you have the World Health Organization, you have the global corporations such as Amazon, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the University of–I can’t remember the name of it, anyway it’s this university-all the big universities are in there, okay?
      • These are the policy distributors that take the policy suggestions from the people at the top, which are the big organizations like WHO, and they’re the ones that write all of the peer-reviewed documentation, which is completely false but is in line with the policy makers’ decisions. Then the policy enforcers are national governments.
  • National governments are then given these policy distributions, such as the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility that we just looked at.
    • So the policy of distributors will bring two governments of the Caribbean the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility policy, and say “Hey, we got a gift for you…Here‘s what we have… This is what we think you should do… We would encourage you to get involved, and we will pay you a million dollars per ministry to adopt this, and you know, we offer bonds, and you know, we live in a dangerous world”…. and so on and so forth, and it is nothing more than a deception with control and totalitarian rule as the end result.

Weaponized Media

The policy propagandists which are the “weaponized media” which is really what we’re fighting.

  • We’re fighting weaponized media.
    • We have all of the leading Top 10 media houses who are owned by the policy distributors, and who are then controlled by the policy enforcers, and then report to the people making the policy decisions at the very top, and then the policy subjects, such as the “John Public” on the street, the small business owner, are then subjected to what the policy propagandists put forward as a “socially-conditioned consensus”, and everybody believes that this is the way we should go, and the Caribbean region has been socially conditioned for the last 60 years directly along this path.

That’s the Global Public Private Partnership and that’s how it works, and we find ourselves today as slaves to a socially conditioned environment from which we now find it almost impossible to extricate ourselves.

  • So, in other words, the global public partnership is nothing more than the actualization of the World Economic Forum – that’s nothing more than World Communism – a few, very wealthy rich persons as the ones who get to dictate the terms; when we should wake up, when we should go to bed, what we should eat, what we should wear, where we’re allowed to work, etc. because Communism is about government controlling everything about the citizen – it’s taking over your entire life.
    • Those at the top get to enjoy the privilege of not being treated like people, but the people have to live under these rules.

Agenda 21

  • What is expected from countries who sign on to the United Nations multi-culture country Sustainable Development framework?
    • They use these nice terms to trick us, and they teach it in our schools, in our social study lessons, and we just repeat it; “Sustainable development, Sustainable development”.
      • Not realizing that we’re being programmed-we’re being channeled-we just take it: hook, line, and sinker, whatever they come up with.
  • Before you speak, Fred, I’d like to tell you a story about how you catch a bird.
    1. Go outside, sprinkle some free corn on the ground. He will come down and start to eat the corn, but he’ll be very careful. He won’t just come right away; he will come to the edge and he will check out and see what’s going on.
    2. As you spread the free corn, and then when he realizes it’s happening every day, he takes it for granted.
    3. Then you start to line up the corn to lead it to a little trap over here. You keep inching the corn closer and closer to the trap and he gets very comfortable and he keeps getting closer and closer.
    4. Then one day, you put the corn onto the trap and you have a nice little piece of card on the trapdoor and you stand back far and watch him. He goes there completely oblivious to the trap. He walks right onto the box and you just watch him eat the free corn and then you pull it.
  • Now our people in the Caribbean love freedom, so they love it when our political leaders go away and tell them that they have gotten a free ambulance from France. They’ve gotten a free hospital from China. They’ve gotten a free this from here and they’ve gotten some free money-a grant from here, a grant from there…
    • I remember as a child, I asked my mom because, you know, one of our leaders came back and said they went to America and they had some nice meetings and they came back and they had how many millions of dollars of loans and everybody was cheering. I was a little boy, and I said to my mom, “Mom, why is everybody cheering for a loan? Don’t you have to pay it back?”, and my mom snapped at me because she couldn’t understand why I wasn’t just cheering along with them.
  • So Fred, tell us, what is this United Nations multi-country Sustainable Development framework?

Documents: Long-term Vision for 2050 and Agenda 21 (18) (19) (20) (21) (22)

  • Well, that is actually a document that has been produced by the World Economic Forum as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development, and this document here—Long-term Vision for 2050. That outlines everything in there for how it’s supposed to operate and then in Agenda 21.
    • Let’s go back in history a short distance:

Multilateral institutions actively engaged in strengthened international debt strategy, to continue to support debt reduction packages related to commercial bank debt with a view to ensuring that the magnitude of such financing is consonant with the evolving debt strategy

Agenda 21 Chapter 2 International Cooperation To Accelerate Sustainable Development In Developing Countries And Related Domestic Policies
  • That is where they nailed the Caribbean region.
    • They nailed the Caribbean region with that one paragraph.
  • One of the most important things that is completely missed by Caribbean governments, such as the Prime Minister’s solution, who on Friday signed the UN multilateral sustainable development contract for five years with the United Nations, not realizing that part of the United Nations strategy is now an advancement of that 1992 document which promotes what’s known as natural asset corporations.

Natural Asset Corporations

  • Natural asset corporations are outlined in this document.
    • Wall street taking over the natural assets of the world, which falls under the global commons governance, or global governance of the global commons.
      • Global commons are the oceans, the beaches, and the coral reefs. All air, all water, every natural resource.
        • All animals are now a natural asset corporation set up under sustainable development.
      • Allows the United Nations to dictate policy to country such those who are already in debt that cannot service IMF debt because of treasonous acts carried out during the implementation of the Pandemic Emergency Facility, and they can walk into any Caribbean country and demand we need x amount of acres of your land. We want this particular area, or we want your whole island, and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.
        • That is the underlying danger of the United Nations multi-country sustainable development program.
        • So they will come to you and say “We will do X, we will provide fresh water, we will put in the infrastructure, and so on… but you have to give us this, you have to have a digital class for all of your citizens to be able to buy food, you have to have a school-based system that is on virtual reality so that they can brainwash our children, and all of your children must be injected with a biological weapon.”

Absolutely, you could not have said it any better. Fred, you can’t say this any better, you can’t say it any clearer, and I hope that all of our viewers here this afternoon are paying close attention and seeing what’s happening.

Many of you may have trusted the UN.
You have misplaced your trust. The UN is a very dangerous organization.
Take it from me—the entire global infrastructure that has been set up is set up against the people of the world. It’s not for us.
Every step towards globalization is a step towards totalitarianism. Every single step.
It’s not about creating a globally safe society where we all have our freedoms and we can all trade with each other freely; it’s about giving a few “complete dominance and control over our lives.”
It’s about giving a few the right to dictate what we can and cannot do. It is about giving a few the right to own us outright—the way you own slaves.
This is slavery on a different level.
The old slaves that you’re used to, the ones that we all agree are horrible, where you chain up people with chains and you whip them over their backs with a cord or whatever, that’s not slavery anymore.
Now you chain them up with technology, you chain them up with laws, you chain them up with regulations, you whip them over their backs with government sanctions, they whip them over their backs with the weaponization of the financial system, and of course, they use even biological weapons.

Biological Weapons

Let’s get into the talk now about biological weapons and vaccine mandates. Why was that so rigorously enforced by our governments? Why was it used as a form of weapon?

Well, what we have to remember is that the vaccine mandates are all linked to the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility, so it’s all about money, and one of the key drivers of that is that governments were incentivized by the International Monetary Fund to use vaccine mandates to enforce compliance and to create the data that is needed to be able to tell the manufacturers of biological weapons precisely what is happening with respect to different races and different genetic structures.

The entire fraudulent PCR test was nothing to do about detection of disease. It was about taking genetic material that could map very clearly and create a database that could be used from the Caribbean region to see the changes and to see the specific characterizations of DNA material in order to be able to formulate biological weapons in injection form to act either more rapidly or with defensively. You’re talking race-specific genetically modified therapy.

Pause for a second Mr Corbin. This is critical and you know, they know that the vast majority of the people in the Caribbean, and I can speak specifically for Jamaica.
The vast majority of our citizens are not highly educated. Many of us can’t even read and write properly, many of us can’t do anything more than basically count money when it comes to mathematics, few of us really understand science to any degree, give us a bunch of chemicals and we’ll burn ourselves up because we don’t understand how they mix or anything like that.
Much more, to get into biological science at the level that we’re talking about, people need to understand that mankind is very advanced technologically. Not all of us, but a few of us are highly skilled – highly trained.
We can manipulate biological matter in ways that are unimaginable for the ordinary untrained mind, and so to think that somebody could mess with a virus and use that as a carrier to then mess with our DNA structure to be very selective in how it impacts different ones of us based on our age, based on our gender, based on our ethnicity, it’s amazing, but it’s true, and it’s about time we wake up and recognize that we can’t just take things at face value anymore.
We have to be prepared to learn difficult things. We have to grow up fast.
Our leaders have led us astray with a poor education system.
A system that has designed us to be mere workers.
We’re just designed to be workers: to get up and spend the rest of our lives working for money, not even understanding how money works, how the monetary system works, how we’re being taken for a ride, how they’re stealing the value of our money through dilution, and so on.
They know that the majority of us don’t know this, so they rely on sweet-mode politicians and sweet-talkers to lull the people into a sense of security or a sense of trust while they are systematically selling them out to these powers, but guess what? The politicians themselves may be very, very ignorant.
I’m sure most of the people we have in our parliament are not highly skilled and competent in understanding bio weaponry. They don’t understand this stuff.
They don’t even understand money. Many of those that are passing laws don’t understand the monetary system, don’t understand economics, don’t understand finance, so they’re not making decisions from an informed position.
In fact, most of the laws they passed were previously written by powers outside of Jamaica, outside of Barbados, outside of the Caribbean, outside of Africa, and then given to these so-called leaders, we call misleaders, and they simply go to parliament and say yes or nay, and it’s passed and now becomes law, and then they’re given talking points, and they come before a television screen and they read out the talking points as best as they can to sound as intelligent as they can on the subject matter, and then the people are left to suffer the consequences.

Right. So basically, what we have to understand is, number one, as I mentioned previously, the acts of treason that Caribbean’s were forced or led into in order to be able to create the enabling environment for the psychological warfare doctrine as well as the insurgency to take place, and as I said, it’s all about money.

  • It’s all about money; that’s the only thing that drives the bottom line of the entire thing.
    • As I explained in the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility, governments are given an incentive to buy bonds, and they’re given an incentive to push about seeing the mandate or their push to use deadly medication for hospitalizations and so on in order to drive up the numbers, and the more the numbers go up, the more the fear goes up and the more testing gets done and the more positive cases, and it’s just a circulatory system.
      • It goes from fear to testing positive to deaths, back to fear, back to positive-testing, and so on and so forth. Round and round—there’s no end in sight, and it’s all driven by money.
  • One of the reasons that we know this so clearly, very very clearly, is that a veterinarian, this is a vet that looks after cats and animals and dogs, okay? Dr Peter Dazsak, who is the Eco Health Alliance manager in chief of Anthony Fauci’s China funding program for the gain of function. (24)
    • On February 12th of 2016, there was a meeting at the National Academy of Sciences, and remember that the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility policy was actually initiated in that same year (2016), so earlier, in February 2016, was this meeting, and the World Bank representatives were there, and Dr Daszak said this:

To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process” – Peter Daszak; President of EcoHealth Alliance who partnered with the Wuhan Virology lab for gain-of-function research on coronaviruses (25)

That is the criminal indicting himself, and laying the foundation for the criminal indictment of the entire pandemic.

  • The World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund—every single one of the policy enforcers and the policy decision makers were present at that meeting, and one person indicted every single one of those organizations for lock, stock, and barrow with that statement because what it did was enable an environment for organizations to coerce big pharma, bring people who are eugenicists such as Bill Gates and various people from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (and other organizations, and the vaccine manufacturers), into the Event 201 just before COVID-19 happened. (26)
  • The manufacture of biological weapons to empower this entire debacle that we are now faced with globally, began in that same year, 2016. It’s one of the most pivotal years in the entire history of what we’re dealing with.
    • So we have this guy making a statement early in 2016, we have the implementation or the setting up of the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility, and we have the manufacturing of biological weapons beginning in 2016, and all of the gain of function that is – you know – so all over the news with Dr Fauci and everything having already been completed.
      • This was no leak from a lab or from a bat in a wet market somewhere in China; this was a deliberate decision to empower the necessary forces to engage in biological terrorism against the world population.
        • This is a global depopulation agenda on an industrial scale.

Yep, you’re so right this is this is very big and those were those who are indicting themselves may feel comfortable doing so because they know they control all of the levels of power, they control all of the judicial systems, they’ll be able to buy their way out of anything, I mean if you control trillions and trillions of dollars through the different monetary frameworks, you control the governments you control the judiciary, you don’t need to fear, unless something breaks down along the way and then you know you get caught.

Political Solutions

Let’s talk solutions now. Let’s talk about what we can do from a Jamaican standpoint. I am leading a political movement in the political party UIC-United Independence Congress, and we’re very focused on something which for years the Jamaican people didn’t take seriously because we started this movement with the foundations we’re now talking more about, which is protection of an individual’s right to life, liberty, and property, recognizing that each of us is sovereign and should be treated as sovereign, and that government must not violate the sovereignty of any individual, much more the sovereignty of the collective, and so we have understood this for years.
Jamaicans are now waking up to something that we have been working on for a while, but apart from what I am doing and what those who are working with me are doing, which is to win an election, which by itself is difficult given that we don’t control the media (the media is controlled by them), we don’t control the private sector organizations that provide the money for communicating with people, so the odds are great against us and we’re working through that, but in any event, what do you propose as solutions? Go ahead, let me know what your thoughts are.

Well, first of all, let me say this: I’m not a politician. I never will be. I’m a positively empowered, solutions-oriented individual. If you want a politician, you can vote for someone else, but don’t vote for me. I will have nothing to do with politics, because politics is a result of exactly what we’ve just described, and in my honest opinion, the reason that we are in this predicament is because of political influence and the misuse of political influence in ways that have not benefited any of our people.

You do understand that once you have two or more people in a situation, politics becomes a part of it. You have to find a way now to negotiate how to exist.
If you have a little island out in the ocean and you have one person, then you do not need to have politics, because that one person makes all the decisions for themselves.
The moment you have two, three, four, or five people, we have to agree on how we share this island; which side of the road we’re going to drive on, if we’re going to have any road. Will it be left or right? How we defend our borders from possible neighbouring tribes.
So my view of politics is that it is a critical part of society and one that everybody should be involved in and not in the way that we have now come to know of politicians, because politicians are ugly, horrible creatures as far as we have learned and seen, but it’s very important that we understand that just as economics is critical, you know, economics is how we’re going to interact with each other to trade. Politics is critical in terms of how we’re going to coexist with each other, and when politics goes wrong, we have exactly what you have just described.
Good people, like yourself and others, have to be involved in designing good politics. I call it good governance.
It means, how do we structure our society so that those we elect as politicians have a defined role which does not involve them being able to usurp our individual sovereignty?
So they’re providing for us, for example, a police service that makes sure that I can’t kill you or I can’t enslave you or I can’t steal your property and get away with it and we have a justice system to adjudicate differences between us and to make sure that we enforce contracts that we agree to which is fine now when politics goes beyond that and you give politicians powers that they should never have, which bothers on the things we’re used to in socialism and communism where we’re now asking them to be gods for us. They’re going to now take care of us. They must take care of our health. They must take care of our education. Once you start to go into the areas that politicians should really not be involved in, then you get the kind of outcomes we have today because now you’ve given them massive powers which you yourself have lost control of and they now buy into a system, a global system in this particular instance, where some who have amassed great wealth are able to know through their world control the politics globally and nationally and, by extension, get to control your life, making you a slave of the system rather than someone who is being served by the system.

I completely agree with that, and the most important thing is that-and this is my opinion and my opinion alone-good governance has to stem from an understanding, a crystal clear understanding of the scriptural principles upon which society was first founded.

  • If you lose sight of those scriptural principles which are governed by the Ten Commandments and which are clearly laid out in the world’s best operational manual, which is the holy scriptures, there’s nothing in this book that does not directly address any political issue or any political misunderstanding.
    • Now, if you want to take politics and circumvent the principles of scripture, that’s fine, no problem, but understand one thing very clearly, you will pay the price with the fact that people will be able to see straight through it because the scriptures are universally understood as the operations manual for proper living in our societies, and I will say this, if scripture did not have the influence that it did in our political system, to this date, we would not have had the kind of laws that we did have that controlled us and allowed most of us to be able to access a judicial system because the judicial system was based upon certain scriptural rights and principles.
      • Now, if you take a brand new government that is coming into power for the very first time, and you base your operations on the scriptural principles as laid out in this book, putting the political system in place that does the rest of the work for the people of that country becomes a much easier job because people understand righteousness, people understand wisdom, people understand truth, people understand the fairness of Godly principles.
        • What has completely usurped all of that is when the power of money has been brought into the political arena by colonial imperial influence from long ago, and has completely corrupted this Westminster system under which the Caribbean region has been governed for so long. It is a classic example of how money corrupts politics from top to bottom, and that is our problem.
  • So Fred, I take a little different twist on it and I come from a religious background, having grown up in a Christian home and being a member of a Christian church.
    • I think when dealing with matters of governance and economics, one has to be careful in terms of the religious connection. I’ll tell you why:
      • If you go to a country where their development is based on the Muslim principle, they will have a very strong position, but theirs is not based on the Bible, it’s based on their religious belief of being a Muslim.
      • If you go to a country where it’s heavily into the same thing with the same passion and the same gusto that you have, they will have that similar view as well.
  • So when it comes to politics and economics, I am committed from the first principle that all men and women are born to be free. That’s the first principle. We’re all born to be free individuals.
    • We’re endowed by our creator, whoever we may think he or she is or it is, you know, whether it is Hindu, Muslim, you know, whatever that group is, we all know that our creator has given us the right to our life.
    • By giving us life, many of us have a debate about the meaning of life and where life comes from.
  • Regardless of that question, we know that we have it.
    • We have a life and we didn’t buy it. None of us bought our lives.
    • So we’ve been given our lives and our freedom, and then we also have the ability as human beings to use that life and that freedom-that brain power, that intellect, that we can develop.
  • We can now affect the natural world around us.
    • We can build a cell phone, we can build a car, we can build a boat, we can build a house from nature, so that becomes our property, and anyone that is able to convert nature into something meaningful, that’s property, so you have the right to own property.
  • Three things:
    1. You have the right to your life.
    2. You have the right to your freedom.
    3. You have the right to your property.
  • So I am committed from that perspective.
    • And then, now the role of the government is to protect that right, knowing that some of us may want to use force or fraud to take somebody’s life because we have a disagreement with them or we just don’t like them, so we might want to take their lives.
      • We want the government and laws and the police force to say “no, you’re not allowed to take somebody’s life.”
      • Others around us don’t want to work for themselves; they’ll want to enslave people, so we have laws to say “No, you can’t take away somebody’s freedom.”
      • Others like to see other people create things and then take what they’ve created and steal it. We say, “No, we have laws. You can’t steal.
    • So a person’s life and their freedom and their property are off limits, but you are free otherwise to engage and trade with other people, so long as you don’t use force to get what you want, and you don’t use fraud to get what you want, and you know, misrepresent what you’re selling, and so on and so forth.
  • Now that, in and of itself, creates a free and fair society.

Now you mentioned two things: religion and money. These are two very important things that can either aid us or bring us in the wrong direction.

  • So, for example, religion.
  • If you allow a religion to become the basis of making laws and governing your country, you will have immediate conflicts because I may not like your religion.
  • I may not want to believe in Jehovah or Joshua or Yeshua or Muhammad or Krishna or Buddha.
  • We may not want to believe in any of that, so if you make that the basis of law creation, we’re going to have conflicts.
  • But, if you say to me, you are free to worship as you choose-that’s yours.
  • So in a society, you can be a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, or a Hindu.
  • That’s your personal and private decision, and you’re free to encourage others to join you.
  • You’re just not free to force them or coerce them or, you know, enslave them to be a part of your system.
  • But you’re free.
  • So what you’ve done now is you’ve made religion something which can develop, but it doesn’t get any form of support or objection from the state, because it’s not a part of the state operators.
    • It is a personal, individual choice that you make.
  • Now comes money.
    • Money is supposed to be a simple tool that solves a basic problem.
    • Without money for us to trade, we have to bottle so you have to want what I have to sell and I have to be selling what you want to buy in order for us to trade, so we’d have to have a double coincident of want where each time you’re trying to trade.
    • Both traders have to want and be selling exactly what the other person wants, which becomes very inefficient and very difficult.
    • So in comes an intermediary called money which all of us in society will now accept this this representation of value for us to trade freely with anybody inside and outside of our community very freely.
    • The problem now comes when you give an authoritarian power the ability to manipulate that money.
    • For example allowing one member of society to counterfeit that money and get the power of spending money they did not earn, and therefore stealing some of the value of other people’s money through this counterfeit process, or being able to even lend out that money at interest and be further wealthy by the process.
    • So I would rather focus now on what is wrong with the monetary system and now fix that which is to ensure that you don’t have anybody with the authority to increase the money supply at will, that benefits anybody more than anybody else, or manipulate the interest rate which is denying people the right to make their own risk adjustment decisions, or being able to sanction certain items that they think should or should not be traded or giving special treatment to certain industries which give people in those industries advantages over other, so we deal with those issues getting rid of those problems.
    • Which, by the way, is my specialty. I’ve studied carefully the monetary problems and how to fix them, and just imagine if we allow experts like yourself, experts like myself and others, we come together now and focus on a good governance putting money in its right place religion in its right place and allowing a society with a mosaic of ideas a mosaic of approaches to solving problems, but nobody having the power to use force or fraud to infringe on the life the liberty or the property rights of anybody else.
    • What do you think?

I completely agree with what you just said.

  • One of the most important things that we have to remember is that religion has no part to play in good governance. The two words are “religion and principles.”
    • The principles of scripture are not religion.
      • If you have the principles of scripture as the basis of your foundation to achieve what you just outlined, then we have a winning combination.
        • The minute that religion becomes a governing part of that, we’re back to square one. Yes, the dark ages. We’re back to being burned at the stake.
    • Let us look holistically at what we want to achieve with regard to our people in the region.
      • Every single country has the exact same goal and outlook in mind, which is peace, prosperity, freedom, and so on.
  • We must understand that we are facing an existential threat to our very existence. This global corporation, this World Economic Forum run by a fascist neo-nazi, is intent on one thing only, and that is getting rid of the human population and converting the world into a dystopian atmosphere of transhumanist robots.
    • We cannot allow that to happen, and we actually are in one of the best positions as a region to empower all forces against that.
      • Number one, because we have the history of coming from adversity in slavery, we know exactly where this is going.
        • I don’t think there’s any region of the world that is so enlightened with regard to the horrors of where we have come from, with regard to slavery, and I made mention of this in my voice note that I made in reference to the Barbados Labor Party manifesto and its relation to slavery in 1661..
          • What we have to remember is that in 1661, Barbados was the country, the country and the parliament where the slave code that was enacted across the entire region of the Caribbean was written.
            • It was written right here in Barbados in 1661.
          • The right to life was denied to our people.
            • The rights to property and to freedom were not given.
              • We have come from a history of adversity.
              • We have won the day. We have come through this before.
            • This is different in that it uses a biological weapon to take away our right to life.


We have to fight that, and one of the strategies that we must employ from today and every single citizen of the Caribbean that hears my voice this afternoon must understand very clearly: DO NOT COMPLY.

  • It has to be mass non-compliance. That is the only solution. The only solution is non-compliance.
    • If we do not comply, there is no enforcement. You cannot enforce something that nobody’s complying with.
    • A mandate is not a law.
    • In the absence of a constitution and then the absence of a recognized government, the only thing that could be done is that they would have to resort to force, where you shoot people if they don’t wear a mask or if they don’t take the injection.
    • Well, do you really think that’s going to get you anywhere in Jamaica, where only 20 percent of the population has actually taken a biological weapon, and the rest have refused it?
  • Mass non-compliance. That is the only solution.
    • The entire population must not play. You do not comply.
      • No to testing, no to vaccination, no to lockdowns and any other protocol as outlined, and yes to freedom, yes to absolute humanity, love of humanity, and the positive spiritual power of humanity that exists within each one of us.
  • We have been created with that positive spiritual power of the love of humanity.
    • Those are the governing principles upon which we base any future for any one of our countries, and hear me and hear me well, we have been created by a heavenly father.
      • Every single one of our lives is precious.
      • Every single one of our souls is precious.
    • We have the right to deny anything that compromises the integrity of the temple that our bodies have been created as our bodies are a temple of the holy spirit, and that holy spirit comes directly from our heavenly father, and the positive spiritual power of soul-love from our heavenly father exists within each one of us, and anyone who challenges the sanctity of that is in violation of our heavenly father’s principles, and that will never stand.
    • We have to stand in non-compliance in order to be able to enforce that we have a future for our region.
      • We have come from slavery. We have come from slavery.
        • All of us, every single member of our society today, have come from slavers, and the blood of our forefathers calls to us from the ground today. Are we giving in?
        • There is no surrender and there will be no surrender simply because today we stand on the threshold and we hold knowledge as our weapon and we hold that positive spiritual power of soul love or humanity as our shield, and we hold that spiritual connection with our heavenly father in the power of being able to speak against evil and to bring it down in all its forms, and that is the principles of good governance for any society going forward from today.

Thank you so much, Fred, for your very passionate plea. We have struck some exceptionally good chords here today. I’m hoping that all of our viewers got the message, and the key message that we take away from this in terms of a solution is do not comply.

  • That is the key message: Do not comply.
    • That is what the UIC teaches. That’s what Fred teaches. That is what all true leaders across the Caribbean and Africa would teach. Do not comply.
      • Any political leader who is telling you to comply with what is being forced upon us is a political leader that is prepared to sell you into slavery all over again, a leader who has committed treason and should be tried and punished accordingly.
  • Jamaican people, you have an opportunity here.
    • So far, eighty percent of Jamaicans have resisted taking this sinful substance into their bodies, if you will, and twenty percent, many of whom have been forced to take it because they did not understand the need to stand their ground.
      • They thought that their job was more important or that their child’s face-to-face learning was more important.
        • They don’t realize that what they’re giving up is actually their lives and their freedom to allow this to happen.
  • So we have to stand firm as a people the remaining 80% of us have to stand up even for the 20% that foolishly gave away their rights and freedom.
    • Let us stand for them. Let us stand for each other.
      • Let us fight to the bitter end and make sure that Jamaica becomes a leader in the Caribbean so we can get the rest of our Caribbean brothers from Barbados to Trinidad to St Lucia, Grenada all the way across to Cuba and Haiti to stand against tyranny and to say enough is enough.
  • We want the freedom our ancestors fought and died for.
    • We want true freedom, not a fake one – not a fake independence like we’ve had so far, not a fake constitution, not a fake republic like what Barbados just went on.
      • We want a real republic that really stands for sovereignty of the individual and government as our servant and not as our master.
  • Mr Corbin thank you so much for being here with me today. I wish you all the best and we shall be in touch, and I look forward to speaking to you again. All the best.

Original Viral Video:

Rumble | Telegram

  • Calls out Barbados Chief Medical Officer: the virus is lab-made, graphene oxide in the vaccines.
  • Professional Race Car Engineer. Background in nuclear & biological chemical-weapons study. Civil Engineering. Airspace Engineering. Marine Biology.
  • Barbados. Education perspective. Understanding what is actually going on.
  • Question to the Chief Medical Officer, please provide evidence for the public education, isolation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus directly taken from a deceased patient, where the sample was not first combined with any other source of genetic material, i.e. monkey kidney cells, etc.
  • A lot of people believe the SARS-CoV-2 is a novel coronavirus. It’s not naturally evolved. It is a Lab-engineered phenomena.

//* I think the video is from one of the Barbados COVID-19 Town Hall Meetings but I don’t have time to look through 6 hours of video to find original:
I grabbed it on 19 Aug 2021 from ~ Penny *\\

“My name is Fred Corbin. I’m a professional race car engineer. I have a background in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons studies. And I also have civil engineering, aerospace engineering, and marine biology as core related subjects of study. I came here this afternoon, not only to represent the people of Barbados but to bring a certain educational perspective to what a tremendous amount of people have been asking me with the kind of background that I have in understanding what is actually going on. So I have one question, which I don’t want to respond to. I don’t really need a response to the question. And then I have a series of points I would like to back up that question with. And I’d like to address this question directly to the chief medical officer and my lady over there in the corner. I’d like to ask the chief medical officer please to provide evidence for the public education that describes the isolation of a SARS COV 2 virus directly from a sample taken from a deceased patient, where the patient sample was not first combined with any other source of genetic material, ie monkey kidney cells, aka veero cells, liver cancer cells…

Addressing the situation where a lot of people believe that the SARS COV 2 is a novel coronavirus. SARS COV 2 is a subclade of the beta Coronavirus family. And how do we know this? Simply because we did cross-referencing via the international (unintelligible) reviews, and then correlated those with actual genetic sequences and reviewed them against the patent records that were available, it is apparent that the declaration of a novel Coronavirus is a fallacy.

There are several coronaviruses sequences that have been uploaded, but there was not one single identified novel Coronavirus, none at all.

Furthermore, patents and Coronavirus sequences were sought as early as 1999. Up until 1999 patenting of Coronavirus sequencing was uniquely isolated to Veterinary Science. The first vaccine patent for Coronavirus was sought by Pfizer and more specifically, the patenting of the s spike protein. The same thing we’ve allegedly only just discovered.”

“The first patent application was filed on January 28, 2000. 21 years ago. There is nothing new about this, and in support of that, we have this document. This is the evidence supporting them. This is the evidence that shows there is no, that SARS is no naturally evolved virus. It’s not a naturally evolved virus. No one has ever produced is a safe and effective vaccine against a Coronavirus. It has never been done and it never will be done simply because it’s not possible. Therefore, I go on the co-receptor-dependent facial psychic general method of action for those who don’t understand that. Okay, this is science talk. Okay, I’m following the science now. So bear with me. The general mechanism of action for infectivity and pathogenicity. In other words, this is what makes it so deadly. Okay, SARS COV 2 appears to be specifically related to the cumulative charge resulting from inserts placed on the surface of the spike receptor-binding domain. What does that tell you? This is a lab-engineered phenomenon. And how do we know that? We can back up that simply because we have a document produced and very kindly submitted to us by our friends in the CCP Intelligence Service who gave us this document where it says two mutations were critical for the bat to human transmission of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Coronavirus. This is where Astra Zeneca and some of the other vaccine manufacturers get their vectors from. It’s just that there’s one small problem, which is that it outlines direct collusion between the Communist Chinese Party and those who were building it. We recognize the HKU4 spike, aiming to build its capacity to mediate viral entry into human cells. To this end, we introduce two single mutations. ‘WE’ introduced two single mutations. Not they, we. S76R and S76A into HKU4 spike. The S76R mutation was expected to restore the HPC model.”

“When I challenge you, with regard to your ingredients of the Pfizer vaccine, I had good reason to do so. Because I hold in my hands an internal document from Pfizer laboratories, which was given to us by a very special person who we have contact with, called reverse engineering, the source code of the BioNTech Pfizer, SARS COV 2 vaccine and this is very, very critical, because it outlines the chemical and the biological processes, which were very, very carefully manipulated, in order to be able to produce an mRNA that also contains a very, very dangerous toxin to the human body. Do you know what that toxin is? That toxin is called graphene oxide. And every single one of these vaccines in a 30-milligram shot contains 15 billion nanoparticles or lipid carrier powder particles within the mRNA sequence. 15 billion nanoparticles. And let me tell you how graphene oxide works when it gets into the body because when the spike protein then binds itself to our blood cells and so on. Graphene oxide then starts to build a structure and this is why we have people with blood clots and we have people with heart failure, sudden heart failure and so on because graphene oxide is building structure.

“I just want to make sure that everybody understands that Barbados is actually a signatory to the Convention on the prohibition and development and production in the stockpiling of bacteriological and toxin weapons. And we signed that treaty on the 16th of July 1976. However, the patent databases that we’ve accessed prove that COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines are in fact bioweapons. And how do we support that? Because we have a copy of the mysteriously deleted Wuhan databases that tell us everything. Thank you very much.”

Dear Fred,
(… if you ever read this).

  • Where are the documents you claim to have? Why are they not linked to the interview? Why not bring them up in this interview?
  • Why not show the camera the internal pfizer document? I can only find this document about reverse engineering the pfizer vaccine, which doesn’t have anything about graphene.
    • The only evidence I found about graphene in Pfizer is the internal leaked emails, and the lab reports. (No internal-Pfizer document).
  • I have several posts about graphene and it would be nice to have some hard evidence like that which you mention.
  • If you have all the files mentioned (in the bottom clip), can you please get them out there. Please send them to me or put them in your interviews as a download.


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