Get Immunized Against ‘Fear’ (Fr. Daniel Nolan)

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Fr. Daniel Nolan’s “Vaccination Series” … or rather “Don’t get Vaccinated” Series.

Fr. Daniel Nolan was home-school educated, and then entered the US Naval Academy. 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Infantry officer stationed in NC, deployed to Okinawa, Cuba, Kuwait, Iraq, and the Republic of Georgia. Assigned to Oklahoma City Military Entrance Processing Station in 2004, and separated from the military in 2006 as a captain and entered the seminary in the fall of 2007. (read more)

Sermons (Newest to oldest):

Transcription/Notes in progress… (I’ll put them in separate posts once complete)

Government Has Lied To Us Before

Jan 31, 2022 | YouTube | Rumble | CourageousClergy

Fr. Daniel Nolan reflects upon the old adage that those who ignorant of the past are bound to repeat it. Fr. Nolan offers a number of historical examples of when government officials conducted unethical scientific experiments on its citizens and then lied about it. Knowing our history enables us to think for ourselves and hopefully avoid repeating similar mistakes in the future.

Church Silent While Unvaxed Persecuted

Jan 10, 2022 | Rumble | CourageousClergy

Fr. Daniel Nolan courageously proclaims he is compelled to speak-out due to the persecution of the unvaccinated. Most priests and bishops have remained silent during this unjust discrimination.

Haven’t watched this one yet.

“Pandemic Madness”

Jan 3, 2022 | YouTube | CourageousClergy

Fr. Daniel Nolan warns what happens when we remove Christ from society. People begin to lose touch with reality and adopt irrational thinking. God gave us a brain – let us use it.

Get Vaccinated against ‘Fear’

Sept 27, 2021 | YouTube | CourageousClergy

Fr. Daniel Nolan discusses the problem of atheistic fear and the need for people to be vaccinated against it. We need to put our trust in God.

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