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IN C19 Vials

Unfortunately it seems the Aussie ones are anonymous (maybe because our health authorities have gone completely ‘mad’!). However, this was submitted as an Annexure to the Atagi/TGA open letter as evidence, so it ‘may’ hold weight as being verifiable/legitimate due to the doctors from the Covid Medical Network being the “good guys” in these crazy times. The annex states:

Blood investigations in Australia:

A group of Australian pathologists who specialise in Live Blood Analysis using dark field and phase microscopy have documented anomalies that have arisen since the vaccine rollout began in 2021. Blood samples now routinely exhibit severe rouleaux formations (stacking and clotting together).

  • Figures 1-3 are at 400x Magnification. They display unexpected foreign objects including
    1. ) long folding crystalline sheets,
    2. ) long tubular structures and
    3. ) black crystals which attract and then destroy neutrophils.
    4. ) Figure 4 is at 1000x magnification and shows a small “spikey aggregate”.

None of these structures have previously been seen or reported in the last 35 years of live blood analysis worldwide. The red blood cells seen in photos 1-3 measure approximately 6 microns in size. This gives an indication of the enormous size of these “contaminants” in the patients’ bloodstream by comparison.

Maria Zeee has been contacted by the scientists and has presented their findings in an exclusive video:

April 3, 2022 Rumble | ZeeeMedia | Mirror

What’s in the Vials?

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