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Great overview video from David A. Hughes: Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Lincoln in the UK, comparing the vial contents from 26 labs.

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What is in the so-called COVID-19 “Vaccines”? Part 1: Evidence of a Global Crime Against Humanity (Sept 3, 2022) International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research (01)

Between July 2021 and August 2022, evidence of undisclosed ingredients in the COVID-19 “vaccines” was published by at least 26 researchers/research teams in 16 different countries across five continents using spectroscopic and microscopic analysis. Despite operating largely independently of one another, their findings are remarkably similar and highlight the clear and present danger that the world’s population has been lied to regarding the contents of the COVID-19 “vaccines.” This raises grave questions about the true purpose of the dangerous experimental injections that have so far been shot into 5.33 billion people (over two thirds of the human race), including children, apparently without their informed consent regarding the contents. Surprise findings include sharp-edged geometric structures, fibrous or tube-like structures, crystalline formations, “microbubbles,” and possible self-assembling nanotechnology. The blood of people who have received one or more COVID-19 “vaccines” appears, in case after case, to contain foreign bodies and to be seriously degraded, with red blood cells typically in Rouleaux formation. Taken together, these 26 studies make a powerful case for the full force of scientific investigation to be brought to bear on the COVID-19 “vaccine” contents. If the findings of these 26 studies are confirmed, then the political implications are nothing short of revolutionary: a global crime against humanity has been committed, in which every government, every regulator, every establishment media organization, and all the professions have been complicit.

Overview, screenshots, & note-taking from video presentation above:

1 Ribbons, Fibres, Tubes

1.) Ribbons, Fibres, Tubes appear in study after study in all corners of the globe—US, UK, Austria, US, South Korea, UK, Australia, Germany, and Argentina—both in the vials and the bloodwork of both the injected and unjabbed. In their professional experience, none of them has ever come across this before.

2 Healthy blood vs 'Vaccinated' blood

2.) Healthy blood (left) vs “Vaccinated” blood (right), all showing a Rouleaux effect. You can see at a glance very clearly the difference, the healthy blood is free floating, compared to the stacked/clumped effect on the right. The images are of the same patient before and after taking the jab, so there was a causal impact of the vaccine, and they remain like this for months. If the public knew this before they were offered the jab, do you think they would’ve held out their arms? This needs to be taken seriously.

3 Neutrophils unable to deal with structures and red blood cells coming apart

3.) The two images on the left, the neutrophils (white blood cells) head up to a structure that has appeared in the blood, but the distressing thing is that when the neutrophils get to the structure, they’re not able to deal with it, and they burst upon contact with the structure, according to the Australian scientists.

On the right there are two images from New Zealand, and these are red blood cells that have come apart in the most extraordinary manner. Wakefield showed these images to haematologists, and they said they’d never seen anything like it.

4-5 Synthetic biology?

4.) Synthetic biology? Images from five separate studies from different countries—what are we looking at here? He speculates in the article that perhaps they are injectable nanorobots. These images were taken with a single drop of blood, so if this is in a single drop of blood, how many of these things are there in the whole body? Well-manned research from universities would be ideal, however if the universities are actually profiting from the vaccines or pharmaceutical companies, it may be impossible to get funding for such studies.

5.) The second image is from Dr. Yanowitz, who left Moderna on the slide, and between 20-30 minutes, these “pods” seem to “hatch” and proliferate. Within 30 minutes, there were strange structures all over the slide.

6 Spectroscopic analysis

6.) Spectroscopic analysis, which tries to identify the elements, is so far inconclusive.

Dr. Daniel Nagase, of Canada, said none of the structures contain nitrogen or phosphorus, which are 2 of the 6 “building blocks of life,” i.e., they cannot be biological. If true, that’s an important claim. These need to be independently verified.

Dr. Robert Young, from the US, found some traces of nitrogen, but not phosphorus. He also found carbon, oxygen, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, chloride, calcium, bismuth, titanium, vanadium, iron, and copper.

In Germany, the “Vaccines Education Working Group” found caesium, potassium, calcium, barium, cobalt, iron, chromium, titanium, cerium, gadolinium, aluminium, silicon, sulphur, and even antimony, a highly toxic substance (in Moderna).

7-8 Other organisms? and Tubes, worms, or wires with flayed ends

7.) Other organisms? This could be poor-quality control or inadequate quality of inspection or analysis, but these are images that have been produced that appear to show parasite-like entities (Young, Lee), parasites (Jeon), and Octopus/hydra-like entities (Quinta Columna: Spain, Zalewski: Poland, Madej: US). (Note: Of the octopus-like one, Dr. Cole says these are botanical found frequently in plant leaves).

Dr. Carrie Madej thinks it may be a “Hydra vulgaris,” an “apparently immortal organism coveted in transhumanist circles and currently the subject of study in human genomics” (Broudy and Kyrie, 2021, p. 163). In the Johnson & Johnson vials, Madej found fatty substances resembling hydrogel (implying, in her view, that J&J is lying about its “vaccine” not containing nano-lipid particles), as well as synthetic structures shaped like spherical rings. (see p.21 of David’s paper for image)

8.) Tubes, worms, or wires, often with flayed ends, are often found in the microscopic images, which some claim are carbon nanotubes.

See also:

9 Microbubbles

9.) Microbubbles were found in 3 (Botha, Campra, and Young), which may have an innocent explanation, or inadequate control in the manufacturing process, or are they air bubbles? Less concerning compared to some of the other things.

10-11 Geometric Structures and Unexplained Weird Stuff

10.) If authentic, lots of geometric structures are being seen. The top-left image is from “Life of the Blood” in New Zealand, and the top-right image (that looks like a submarine) is from the Austrian researchers. The submarine structure moves across the slide.

Not pictured but mentioned in his presentation, are the Australian scientists who put mobile phones next to the geometric structures, and they seem to light up.

In the bottom images are possible self-assembling nanotech, but we still don’t know what they are.

11.) Unexplained weird stuff.

12-17 The Salt Crystals Hypothesis

12.) Salt Crystals. On the left are images from La Quinta Columna, and on the right is an image of salt crystals. There are similarities, and it could very well be salt crystals.

13.) But when you move in closer, they’re incredibly detailed. The second image is a comparison of Ecuador (Matt Taylor) and Spain (La Quinta). When Taylor showed the images to a nanotech engineer, he asked him what kind of circuit it was; it was immediately interpreted as circuitry by a nanotech engineer. Dr. Shimon Yanowitz is an electrical engineer, and he says from an electrical engineer’s perspective, there’s no other way to interpret it as anything other than circuitry.

14.) In the first image, a retired microbiologist says it is in fact salt and says it’s “consistent with a preparation drying ever more rapidly, with the large crystals forming slowly and smaller crystals forming rapidly.”

15.) In the second image, the Argentinian researchers also showed that it was consistent with salt when comparing the Chinese C19 jab.

16.) and 17.) But when you compare the close-ups to the salt crystal images, they don’t really look alike at all.

At around timestamp: 26 min, Dr. Ana brings up that these structures are sensitive to the wi-fi router and deconstruct and reconstruct, and then when you put a faraday cage on top of it, it doesn’t occur. She’s never heard of salt doing that.

18-20 Disassembling and Reassembling around Wi-Fi

Since September when he published the paper, he’s since learned of more coming out:

18.) & 19.) & 20.)

Matt Taylor in Ecuador showed a video where he placed the vial structure close to a 4G wi-fi router, and when the signal was removed, it gradually shrank away and disappeared. When he switches it back on, it reassembles completely within 17 seconds.

Dr. Ana @ 29min mark “You can’t say a cholesterol crystal disassembles and reassembles around wi-fi routers

@31 min mark, he is talking about the Disassembly that Dr. David Nixon reported. See separate post: [Australia] What’s In The Pfizer Vials?

Dr. Andreas Noack and Dead Graphene Whistleblowers

@36 min mark, he discusses Dr. Andreas Noack but doesn’t provide his images. He brought up the controversy that “days after he produced the video and claims of graphene hydroxide, he died in suspicious circumstances.”

I’d like to add my research into the mix and say he was murdered straight after he did the live video.

Hughes also said that there are some who say we should dismiss Noack’s work, which he disagrees with, but I would also like to add: You need to see his credentials. They needed this guy to disappear, so they must be doing a massive disinformation campaign against his credibility because he was “the guy.” Yes, he was a conspiracy theorist, which is what you call “anyone” these days who you want to smear and discredit, particularly those with his background. Before you believe anyone who tries to discredit him about graphene, I implore you to look into how he would know for sure this was graphene hydroxide over any other scientist in the world.

21 Two Layers

21.) Two layers; a substrate on which nanotechnology forms? It seems like the two layers can be easily dislodged.

22 Fabricated Images?

22.) To the claim that all these images are fabricated:

They are extremely complex, so they are very difficult to fake, and there are far too many of them. Separate studies from all over the world are independently correlating one another.

The researchers are more surprised than anyone else—far from making it up, they’re actually shocked by it.

Some of the scientists have been doing this work for decades, and they’ve never seen anything like it. To suggest that they’re just making this up or are incompetent really doesn’t cut it.

If the images are genuine, they should be replicable.
We need scientists from around the world to do their own experiments and see if they replicate these findings. We need scientists who lay out their methods as well, so that other scientists can follow the same method and see if they get the same results.

My two cents (Penny): Right now, we have scientists and researchers from all over the world reporting their findings, all using different equipment, vials, and methods. Which is great for an overview of what different equipment, vials, countries, and methods are finding—but now we need scientists and labs to see if they can replicate each other’s findings in their own experiments, so we can compare apples with apples. Although the difference in manufacturers’ batches is also going to be a problem, we might be able to identify toxic batches too. Dr. Ryan Cole recently tested over 100 vials, and they were all different. That is deeply concerning. More concerning is that our own TGA, EMA, FDA, etc. are supposed to be checking this stuff, not independent scientists. But they are “for-profit” corporations—they don’t work for the people; they work for pharma.

See also:

23 Nanotech Hesitancy

23.) Nanotech Hesitancy – “Seems to me there’s quite a few nanotech hesitant people out there; i.e.. people who just don’t want to recognize the possibility that nanotech might actually be in the shots”

  1. It sounds preposterous, like sci-fi, too far outside the spectrum of acceptable opinion. This is not scientific inquiry.
  2. Even if they question the “Covid-19” official narrative, their perceptual parameters are the “virus, the spike protein, and other dangers in the “disclosed” ingredients”. An effect of propaganda.
    • Perhaps the propaganda here is to get people to focus on those things that nobody thinks to look elsewhere, and even if they do, it’s so far outside their mindset, that it’s almost impossible to process.
  3. Some commentators know nothing about bio-nanotechnology; they’ve never read anything about nanotechnology, so are not qualified to comment.
    • We’re typically looking at Doctors, virologists, and microbiologists to help us explain what’s going on here, but let’s imagine for a second that there is nanotechnology in the vials, would any of these scientists know what they are looking at; even if they saw it?
    • We need people who work in this area to bring forward their specialist knowledge too.
    • We need a joint-effort multi-disciplinary approach.
  4. Fear of reprisal e.g. hit pieces by the Mainstream media, losing their licence to practice, threats to life, etc. prevents people from publicly expressing certain opinions.
    • We’re living in an age of political fear and intimidation, and you know that if you speak out, the mainstream media will come for you.
    • Doctors are losing their licences to practice.
    • Some people’s lives have been threatened. It’s interesting that out of the 26 cases I look at – Noack is dead and Carrie Madej’s plane went down and she could’ve died as well.

See also:

24 Transhumanism Historical Context

24.) Transhumanism Historical Context

This hasn’t come out of nowhere; you can actually trace this all the way back through the literature to pre-9/11.

  1. The I.T. Bio-Nano Era is “NASA‘s” phrase. Dennis M. Bushnell (Chief Scientist, NASA) used this phrase in a document in June 2001 called “Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare
  2. Very similar to a 2002 document from “US National Science Foundation…” called “Convergent technologies” for envisioning revolutions in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology being converged/brought together.
  3. Klaus Schwab ” a fusion of our physical, our biological, and our digital identities”
  4. RAND Corporation “the Internet of Bodies
  5. Nanotechnology within the body capable of communicating with an external network.
  6. The way this is sold to us is always put in a positive-frame:
    • i.e. improving healthcare
    • nanorobots can explore the body and deliver precision payloads of medicine without the need for invasive surgery
  7. But it can easily be used for Dual-Use and used for evil purposes.
  8. Deep-seated long-standing agendas behind all this.

25 Global Financial System Reset

25.) Global Financial System Reset

  1. 2019, August: there were multiple indicators that the Financial System was entering “crisis” and in August of that year, BlackRock published it’s “Going Direct” plan which has really laid the foundation to introduce Central Bank Digital Currency.
  2. 2019, September: Repo market crisis.
  3. 2019, October: Event 201 (planning for a coronavirus pandemic)
    • The “novel coronavirus” is announced six weeks later and everything unfolds with implausible speed.
  4. 2020, October: The head of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva announced a “new Bretton Woods Moment” which means “the largest overhaul of the international financial architecture since the end of WWII” – (The Bretton Woods Conference took place in 1944, and it was about creating the new international financial architecture that would follow the end of World War II – it was where the IMF and the World Bank originated)
  5. 2021, August: IMF Head, Georgieva “This year, next year, vaccine policy “IS” economic policy, and it is even a higher priority than the traditional tools of fiscal and monetary policy. Why? Because without it, we cannot turn the fate of the world economy around.”
    • “… between now and 2025, we will add 9 trillion dollars to global output if everybody’s vaccinated faster, and the other interesting piece of this is 60% will go to the developing and emerging market economies, 40% of the benefit will go to advanced economies, and that will translate into 1 trillion dollars additional tax-revenues in advanced economies. I cannot think of a better value for money, this and next year, than investing in accelerated vaccinations…”
    • IMF Seminar: Debate on the Global Economy YouTube
      • WHY would the IMF chief say the number one priority is “Vaccine” policy?
        • So straight away that tells you that there is a deep connection here between the “Vaccination Agenda” and what is going on in terms of International Finance.
      • See also posts tagged “IMF(although I never posted on the Bretton Woods thing or this atrocious vaccine-plan; just all their other assaults on us)

26 CBDC and Biometrix Identities, Digital Slavery, and the infamous 666 patent

26.) CBDC and Biometrix Identities

It’s slavery. The idea is that you won’t have cash anymore, you won’t have regular bank accounts anymore, what you’ll have is a digital wallet possibly operated through your smart device, which connects directly to the central bank.

This therefore means that if the central bank doesn’t like what you are saying or how you are acting, it can turn off your money. It can restrict your spending at certain times or places. It essentially takes away sovereignty over your life.

This requires biometric IDs and vaccines as “platforms” for this.

The infamous ‘666’ patent, Microsoft patent WH/2020/060606 (awarded 26 March 2020): for a device that will “award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified” via a “mining process”. Human bodies become part of the financial system.

27 Black, Military Technology

27.) Black, Military Technology

Things could be worse than we know because we don’t know the stuff that is classified or kept secret from the public.

Some famous examples are the U-2 spy plane, SR-71, “Blackbird,” F-117 Nighthawk – we got to know about these later, they were manufactured in Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works.

The point is that people don’t know this technology exists, until much later.

Here’s a really important quote from the Harvard professor, Peter Galison (2004, 231)

Whether one figures by acquisition rate, by holding size, or by contributors, the classified universe is, as best I can estimate, on the order of five to ten times larger than the open literature that finds its way to our libraries. Our common-sense picture may well be far too sanguine, even inverted. The closed world is not a small strongbox in the corner of our collective house of codified and stored knowledge. It is we in the open world—we who study the world lodged in our libraries, from aardvarks to zymurgy, we who are living in a modest information booth facing outwards, our unseeing backs to a vast and classified empire we barely know.

Dr. Peter Galison 2004

What this means, is that we need to be extremely humble and modest intellectually, and we need to understand that it’s not the case that most scientific research is publicly available, but in fact, “most” of the scientific research is classified.

Black technology is a useful modus operandi for the deep state: most people will deny its existence, even if presented with the evidence, because it contradicts their understanding of what is scientifically possible.

28-29 Charles Lieber

28.) Charles Lieber We don’t need to dwell on black technology and what “might” be the case; we can look at what is already scientifically possible, and an interesting way of doing this is Charles Lieber’s work.

  • 2001: Lieber pioneers self-assembling nano-biosensors–analogous to “a computer, suspended in a flask of liquid, which assembles itself when the liquid is poured onto a desktop” (Shaw 2001)

So let’s get this straight, back in 2001, you could pour out a flask of liquid, and a computer within it, will self-assemble itself? And the detractors are saying this nanotechnology is nonsense? That was 22 years ago!

  • Self-assembling nanotechnology has been around since at least 2001 under the name “liquid computing” … is this tech used in covid vaccines?
    • In its November-December 2001 issue, Harvard Magazine published an exposé called “Liquid Computing” that highlighted a then-new technology in which nanoparticles were able to self-assemble into a computer when exposed to liquid.
    • The technology was developed by none other than Charles Lieber, who in early 2020 at the start of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) scamdemic was charged alongside two Chinese nationals for aiding the People’s Republic of China in developing bioweapons in Wuhan.
    • Lieber was convicted in December 2021 on six felony charges related to his receipt of millions of dollars in research funding from China. In early February 2022, he filed a motion for an acquittal or a new trial that was denied. His sentencing date is scheduled for Jan. 1, 2023.
    • Before all this, though, Harvard praised Lieber for developing something that was new to all of us with the Operation Warp Speed “vaccines,” but that has apparently been around for more than two decades. In short, Lieber’s decades-old technology appears to have finally found a use in covid shots.
  • Nanotechnology.news | Harvard Magazine 2001

  • 2011: Lieber and colleagues use nanowires to create transistors so small that they can “enter and probe cells without disrupting the intracellular machinery,” enabling “two-way comnunication with individual cells” (Shaw 2011).

Arguably the first example of the IT/Bio/Nano convergence in practice.

  • Virus-Sized Transistors
    • IMAGINE BEING ABLE to signal an immune cell to generate antibodies that would fight bacteria or even cancer. That fictional possibility is now a step closer to reality with the development of a bio-compatible transistor the size of a virus. Hyman professor of chemistry Charles Lieber and his colleagues used nanowires to create a transistor so small that it can be used to enter and probe cells without disrupting the intracellular machinery. These nanoscale semiconductor switches could even be used to enable two-way communication with individual cells. 
    • Lieber has worked for the past decade on the design and synthesis of nanoscale parts that will enable him to build tiny electronic devices (see “Liquid Computing,” November-December 2001, page 20). Devising a biological interface, in which a nanoscale device can actually communicate with a living organism, has been an explicit goal from the beginning, but has proven tricky. At its simplest, the problem was inserting a transistor constructed on a flat plane (think of the surface of a computer chip) into a three-dimensional object: a cell perhaps 10 microns in size. Merely piercing the cell was not enough, because transistors need a source wire from which electrons flow and a drain wire through which they are discharged…. 
  • Harvard Magazine, 2011


  • 2019 Lieber and colleagues did experiments on rats. A 1cm squared net comprised of superfine “nanowire FETs (field effect transistors) as general biological nanosensors can be injected by a syringe directly into brain tissue, where it can seamlessly integrate with neural tissue and remain intact for “at least a year” (Hong et al. 2018, 34-5)

Now back in 2019, they were publishing that they could inject biological nanosensors into the brain, but now, these “covid-19 shots”, can cross the blood-brain barrier (the lipid nanoparticle is literally “designed” to do that) – (PEG also has this property) – and we know they’ve been able to program these nano-related franken-stuff since the late 90’s at least (browse “Pubmed” search of Charles Lieber papers!). Is it that hard to believe that this is “too impossible”?

30 HUGE amounts of money invested in Neuroscience

30.) HUGE amounts of money invested in Neuroscience since 2013

So important to emphasize just how much money has been thrown into this kind of research.

Human Brain Project, The Brain Initiative, Graphene Flagship, Quantum Flagship…

31 Weaponizing Neurotechnology

31.) Weaponizing Neurotechnology

James Giordano is neuroscience professor who advise the Pentagon, and in 2018 he told the cadets at West Point: “The brain is, and will be, the twenty-first century battlescape”

Weaponized neurotechnology an be used to:

  1. Assess, predict and control particular cognitions, emotions, and behaviours.
  2. mitigate aggression and foster cognitions, emotions and/or behaviours of affiliation or passivity
  3. incur burdens of morbidity, disability or suffering and in this way ‘neutralize’ potential opponent’s
  4. induce mortality (Giordano 2017)

The way it works is to “put minimal sized electrodes in a network within a brain through only minimal intervention to be able to read and write into the brain function, in real time, remotely” (Giordano 2018).

32 The Evil Potential of Weaponizing Neurotechnology

32.) The Evil Potential of Weaponizing Neurotechnology

Once we understand that this technology actually exists, and that the military is trying to weaponize it, where does that lead us? What then must we start considering?

Aside from the health implications because graphene is toxic in the body:

  • Human beings could be surveilled “from the inside out” down to the level of bodily functions and thoughts (through neural nets)
  • Two-way communication means that the technology could also, in principle, be programmed/manipulated “from the outside in” i.e. remote-control human beings, dating back to MKULTRA Subproject 119 in the early 1960s
  • Potential to disable crowds/individuals through frequency applications/EMF
  • A potential “Kill switch” (the perfect murder weapon)

Given the empirical and circumstantial evidence presented above, these possibilities need to be taken seriously, and everyone needs to stand up and put an end to this.

See also:

Within the space of 13 months (July 2021–August 2022), material evidence of undisclosed ingredients in the COVID-19 “vaccines” was made public by independent researchers in:

  1. Spain
  2. the United States
  3. South Africa, Zandré Botha, video and article here
  4. Poland, Franc Zalewski, video here
  5. Austria, Pathology Conference, video here
  6. Australia, anonymous scientists, doctors, and researchers, video here
  7. Israel, Dr. Shimon Yanowitz, video here
  8. New Zealand
  9. Germany
    • Holger Reissner, video here
    • Vaccines Education Working Group, report here
  10. Argentina, Dr. Martin Monteverde and colleagues, report here
  11. Chile, Submitted to a community radio, report here
  12. United Kingdom
  13. Canada, Dr. Daniel Nagase, video here
  14. France, english translation of video here
  15. South Korea
    • Ki-Yeob Jeon, report here
    • Young Mi Lee, Sunyoung Park, & Ki-Yeob Jeon, report here
  16. Italy, Riccardo Benzi Cipelli, Franco Giovannini, & Giampaolo Pisano, report here

This is more than enough evidence, from at least 26 separate researchers/research teams in 16 different countries across five continents, to highlight the clear and present danger that the world’s population has been lied to regarding the contents of the COVID-19 “Vaccines”. What is the true purpose of the dangerous experimental injections that have been shot into 70% of the human race including children and infants?

  • See the ones I’ve reported on, as well as some that he didn’t include on the page “What’s in the Vials?


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