[UK] What’s in the ‘Unjabbed’ Blood? (Dr. Philippe)

IN C19 Vials

Graphene is in everything right now, not just those who got injected with it. We need everyone to actively work towards helping those who are under the media-spell to at least realize the danger of Graphene and we need to actively work together to eradicate this shit from us . I have started a couple of posts to try and figure it out but we need all eyes on this – because we need to figure out how to rapidly remove it (and often/constantly), because it’s impossible to avoid, and the longer it’s in the body, the more it joins-together with it’s friends and starts to bloody self-assemble & grow.

The following images are of the blood of vaccine-free children with very severe illnesses and paralysis right now due to this graphene and whatever the heck it’s doing (self-organizing and growing in the blood). The doctor who took these images of their bloodwork believes it is shedding from the vaccinated (not sure if he realizes that in addition to that, graphene is literally in the air, water, jet fuel, clothes, masks, bandages, food, packaging, and buildings) – it’s being put in everything right now. Coupled with wifi, it could be doing major damage to all of us.

One of the weird things he noted, was that all this extra stuff only started happening a couple of weeks ago. Without repeating myself, I’ll send you to my first post of his blood work which also includes the video that belongs with the below images. I just wanted to create a new post with just the “vaccine-free” images.

Vaccine-Free Children with Graphene in their blood work

(First image is a 3 year old vaccine-free child) (7 images)

(Not sure if he meant that this was the child’s sister, or if the child’s sister was vaccinated):

In an unvaccinated 8 year-old child (can’t lift right arm and right-thigh is not functioning / paralyzed) – whole pile of blobs of Graphene self-organizing.

(7 images – click to open/scroll in lightbox):

See the main post for Dr. Philippe Van Welbergen for his videos and 56 more images.

What’s in the Vials?

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