TGA refuses to release C19 Shot Death Data

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In an interview on April 1, 2022, Senator Malcolm Roberts tells Maria Zeee that the TGA hasn’t provided the process of how they revised 798 deaths that were reported by doctors to be attributed to the vaccine down to 11.

QLD Senator on TGA refusing C19 Vax Death Data

Clip (2 mins)Rumble | Telegram
Full Interview (18 mins)RedVoiceMedia


“We know that in October, there were 546 or 564 – I think 546 deaths reported by doctors that were attributed to these injections – I don’t call them vaccines, they are injections – so, I asked the TGA’s head Professor John Skerrit:

“On what basis were you revising them down from 546 to just 9?”

I asked that as a question on notice, and I said I want to know the process by which you review each of those reports from doctors, and you dismissed them.

I want to know:

  1. Was there an Autopsy done?
  2. Was there a Blood-Analysis done?
  3. Was there tissue cultures done?
  4. What is the process?

And he had 6 weeks to get that to me, and we didn’t get it.

In February, which is what – October, November, December, January, February – Four Months later, we said:

“Where are those results? Where’s the answers to my questions?”

‘Oh we sent them’

“No you didn’t”

And then he implied straight away ‘We’ll send them immediately’.

We still haven’t got them, Maria.

They won’t tell us the process by which they revise the deaths downward.

We’ve now got 798 deaths as of last week, reported by doctors, and we know that’s just a fraction of the total number (because doctors are scared to report or attribute anything to the vaccines).

798 deaths have been revised down to 11.


Maria: “Unbelievable, and we know that they are hiding things, and they’re also not conducting autopsies with all of these people that are dying either, to confirm whether or not it was actually the vaccine that caused this.”

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