2,500 Researchers are pouring through the Pfizer-FDA docs (Summary with Edward Dowd & Dr Naomi Wolf)

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Former BlackRock exec Edward Dowd can see the tipping point of the ‘Trust the Science’ Pfizer Fraud and Dr Naomi Wolf reveals the evidence that the Pfizer Document WarRoom has found so far.

*** Note: There’s a new search tool called “Abstractor” that has been created to search all the Pfizer documents released so far by keyword without having to download them. ***

Edward Dowd can see the tipping point of the ‘Trust the Science’ Pfizer Fraud – April 21, 2022

DailyClout | Rumble

Edward Dowd – former BlackRock Executive

Edward Dowd

Former BlackRock exec Edward Dowd came forward a few weeks ago making a case that Pfizer was committing fraud which would appease the act that gave them immunity from lawsuits, making the equivalent of Vietnam-level loss of life. (01)

Mass-formation psychosis in dotcom & great financial crisis

Edward Dowd worked at BlackRock for 10 years. In that time, he saw many mass-formation psychosis in the dotcom fraud and in the great financial crisis, housing crisis, etc.

Current Fraud is 'Trust the Science'

The current fraud is “Trust the Science“, and the problem with this fraud is that it’s not just financial, it’s medical and causing immense harm. (02)

Pfizer/FDA attempts to hide data for 75 years is evidence of fraud

The fact that Pfizer was trying to hide the data for 75 years was evidence of fraud – you don’t hide the data for 75 years. (03)

Art to Every Fraud

He said ‘there’s an art to every fraud’, and a lot of people in the investment world will have a thesis for fraud or something bad coming this way in certain investments to be head of the herd, and in his world, you don’t wait for journalists to report because you’ll miss the opportunity. (04)

Pfizer WarRoom is proof of his thesis

He said the work that Daily Clout has done on the Pfizer documents are “proof of his thesis”. (05)

Pfizer CEO back-flipped away from mRNA technology

The CEO of Pfizer had a couple of interviews where he kind of back-flipped away from the mRNA technology which he was really shocked about and said his lawyers told him to say it. (06)

Pfizer CEO says 4th Booster shot 'necessary'

But two or three days later he started pumping the 4th booster. (07) (08)

Why? Because he’s already deep in this, and he wanted to pump the stock up to as high as possible so that when the sales hit, he can get as much money as he can. The sales are already pre-arranged – they know when the sales are going to hit. He’s seen it over and over that the CEO’s try and get as much money as possible before the end.

Why Government and Universities pushing boosters?

“That makes sense for him, but why is the government agencies and universities that are pushing for additional injections hop on a train that’s heading into litigation – I don’t understand that. “ Dr. Naomi Wolfe asks.

Well this is one of the biggest asymmetric information issues I’ve ever seen in my life – we have people, let’s call you and I and all the other people who listen to alternative media, “Smart Money” – that’s what we are, we’re smart money, “we know“. But the tipping point of people hasn’t got to the point where you get enough people that know, they start to ‘effect things’. We’re still on this like inflection point, more and more people are finding out. (09)

UCLA - I'm just listening to the CDC

Steve Kirsch put out a great substack the other day talking about the decision at UCLA – why they decided to go ahead with the jabs – and a doctor there warned the person who made the decision – the Dean of the school – “hey, I don’t think we should do this“, and she’s leaving and not getting the jab, and when asked why – he wouldn’t listen to her and said “I’m just listening to the CDC“. When presented with data – he doesn’t care, he goes “The CDC says…“. (10)

Fraud works when you've corrupted FDA/CDC

So this is the mindset. These frauds could only occur if you’ve corrupted the trusted third-party, which is the FDA on the product-side, and the CDC on the policy-side. (11) (12)

So the Universities are not stupid, they just don’t care because they think everything is hunky-dory, because they’re deferring all common-sense to these regulatory bodies.

Rochelle Walnsky - CDC Director - defendant in Senate-run Grand-Jury case

Rochelle Walensky, the CDC Director is a defendant in a Grand Jury case by two state Senators. (13) (14)

In his humble opinion, “She’s not a very bright individual”.

She got on a show and said “We got our information from CNN”. (15) (16)

Criminals keep pushing boosters

Criminals keep pushing boosters because they’ve got to pretend that ‘everything’s fine’ and hope for the best that some other distraction comes along where this just kind of fades from the news cycle. (17)

Hive-Mind, Virtue-Signalling, Walking-back stupid things said about unvaccinated

There’s a lot of people that think everyone in Congress got the saline-solution. He doesn’t think so – he thinks they actually got the jabs and they’re going through the stages of grief right now – he thinks they’re still in denial, and anger will come.

“There’s a hive-mind aspect to this right now”. There’s a lot of virtue-signalling and a lot of people said a lot of stupid things about the unvaccinated, so it’s hard to “walk that back”. (18)

Dr. Naomi Wolf – Pfizer WarRoom Document Analysis

Dr Naomi Wolf

Pfizer WarRoom Document Analysis. 2,500 highly-credentialed research volunteers from many different backgrounds – doctors, statisticians, people who specialize in medical fraud & medical malpractice, as well as 250 lawyers from different expertise sectors. (19)

Attorney confirms fraud in Pfizer docs

Stevan Looney, one of the attorneys and one of the volunteers going through the documents, wrote an essay confirming that he saw fraud. (20)

Greatest Crime of our Era

This is not only the greatest crime of our era, but it’s a crime of which so many of hundreds of government insiders were also complicit.

Pfizer Docs - 3 different doses - 3mcg 10mcg, and 30mcg

In one of the reports, early on, is that there were 3 different doses of the Pfizer – 3 micrograms, 10 micrograms, and 30 micrograms. (21)

Dosage on age not weight - teens dropping dead causality?

  • Those were pegged to age.
  • What is truly disturbing is that an 11 year old would got 10 micrograms, but a 12 year old would get triple the dose.
  • Same size, same weight.
  • You could be a 90 pound girl, who is 12, or a 200 pound 70 year old man would get the same 30 microgram dose.

I’ve been looking at the many teenagers dropping dead and wondering is there a correlation of high doses to tiny-teens? (22) (23)

The ingredients that were doubled or tripled were the following:

  1. Lipid nanoparticles
  2. mRNA
  3. Spike Protein

Tech more excited about lipid nanoparticles than medical journals

So the lipid nanoparticles themselves are raising huge red flags, this is a technology for drug delivery and other kinds of delivery that I personally didn’t take because I’m in the tech-space, and the tech space was so excited about it, I recognized that ‘gold rush’ moment where ‘everyone has to get on board’ because it gives you a great valuation or great exit or whatever it is. And I’m like I’m not going to use my body to experiment with that. Tech was more excited about lipid nanoparticles than medical journals were, so I ruled that out for me. (24)

Propylene Glycol

The lipid nanoparticles have horrible things in them that shouldn’t be in the body, like Propylene Glycol, which is used in topical preparations like white strips but it has not been used in injections. They’re also finding that possibly the lipid nanoparticles were made in China. They’re investigating that. (25)

Pfizer docs - they knew the injection spread in bloodstream & organs

Pfizer, Moderna, CDC, FDA, claimed that the injection stays in the injection site. The internal documents prove that is not the case. They knew that within 48 hours, the material – lipid nanoparticles, mRNA, spike protein – goes right into your bloodstream and ends up in your liver, spleen, adrenals, and ovaries. They knew and didn’t tell anyone. (26) (27)

Moderna's micrograms more than triple Pfizer's

Moderna’s micrograms were more than triple the amount of Pfizer’s. They gave 100 micrograms in the first Moderna dose. The internal documents show that that was so toxic and there were so many adverse events, that internally Pfizer dropped the 100micrograms from their internal trials, but every single person who got the first Moderna dose, got the 100 micrograms and has not been told about it. They dropped it for “Reactogenicity”. (28)

Pfizer told FDA they were hiring 2,400 employees to process flood of adverse events

Pfizer had told the FDA proudly they were hiring 2,400 employees to process the flood of adverse events that they had already received by April of 2021. And also that they expected to receive in the following 4 months. Proudly – just to process the paperwork of all of the adverse events they knew would come. (29)

FDA & Pfizer knew mRNA was causing Myocarditis in teens in May 2021

As a parent, this one distresses me the most, Dr Chris Flowers – highly credentialed professor of Radiology who also does peer-review himself, pointed out that in May of 2021, the FDA and Pfizer would’ve known that the mRNA in these vaccines was causing Myocarditis in teenagers, because there was a peer-reviewed article about it in a medical journal and the peer-review had already gone on for several months. They found that 35 teens had had heart damage within a week of receiving the vaccine. (30)

FDA issued EUA for Teens in June 2021

The FDA issued the Emergency-Use Authorization for teens in June of 2021. Hundreds of thousands of teens probably were injected between June of 2021 and August of 2021, when the FDA finally issued a Press Release saying there were signs that it caused Myocarditis in teens. (31)

Pfizer internal trials showed vaccine failure

Team one of our researchers, found that Pfizer’s internal trials showed vaccine failure and lack of efficacy. In other words they knew by December 2020 that it waned or that it didn’t work. One of the side effects of being injected was “COVID”. (32)

Pfizer knew it didn't work and went ahead anyway

Pfizer knew that it waned, that it was not durable, that it didn’t work, and went ahead anyway. They didn’t tell us until after the Israeli studies came out in Spring of 2021 that there was waning efficacy and it was “time for a booster”, but they knew for five months. (33)

Falsified Clinical Trial Data

Edward Dowd “Initially I talked to Brook Jackson and so the Clinical Trial data in my humble opinion was fraud.” (34)

Continued rollout even after damage was known

Let’s pretend that initially they didn’t know that it didn’t work – but they found out pretty quickly that it didn’t work – so they can try and pretend that they didn’t know what was going on and blame it on scientists, but pretty quickly it sounds like they knew this thing didn’t work. And was causing Myocarditis and they continued. So we now have evidence of Clinical Trial Data Fraud from the get-go, and now they knew the product didn’t work and that it was hurting people, and yet they continued. (35)

Art of the Fraud - No Excuse they didn't know - they knew early

This is the Art of the Fraud. The excuse that they didn’t know – that’s gone. They knew early on.

First Phase of Pandemic was Older People - who didn't need to die

Let’s talk about the phases of the Pandemic. The first phase it was a lot of older people. A lot of those people unfortunately died because of the abolishment of early treatment – they didn’t need to die but they did. (36)

That’s why the insurance companies at the beginning of 2021 didn’t have any real losses because if you die at 80 instead of 82, it doesn’t mean anything to the bottom line.

Fast-Forward to 2021 - Young People & Cardiovascular Issues, Sudden Deaths, Cancer

Now let’s fast-forward to 2021. There’s been a mixture of young people and cardiovascular issues that we’re all hearing about now. Myocarditis, strange sudden deaths, all sorts of other cancer issues. Young people are dying at an alarming rate, and that’s why the insurance companies are coming out and saying “What’s going on?”. (37) (38)

The doctors tried to save lives and noone listened

So that is for me, I’m just an evidence-guy, a data-guy, and so I look at the data, and unfortunately my arrival on the scene comes too late – the doctors tried to save lives and noone listened to them. The bodies suggest the vaccines are doing this. (39) (40)

Moderna - SM-102 Ingredient is Toxic

Moderna only – not Pfizer – has something called SM-102. (41)

There are two forms of SM-102. One is pure and is not especially dangerous, the other is research-grade and it’s classified by OSHA as a carcinogen – it’s a hazard. (42)

You can’t put it in waterways (so what’s going to happen when it gets into our waterways?), you can’t get it on your skin, you have to handle it as if it’s highly toxic. (43)

We don’t know as yet which kind of SM-102 it is, but I’m mindful of so many Oncologists talking about growths, and cancers that have been in remission that are raging back. What happens to the body when a carcinogen is injected into the bloodstream? (44)

If you put all this together as a lay person, the toxicity of injecting lipid nanoparticles – which are tiny but hard – that’s why tech is so excited about them.

Marketed Side-Effects don't match Pfizer Docs Side-Effects

There are many side-effects and this is something that Stevan the attorney said was one of the many markers of the fraud that he sees: That the side-effects that were disclosed, headache, dizziness, you might feel a little nausea – you know, very minor side-effects. On the CDC website, for pregnant women – all very minor. (45)

But these side-effects don’t match the side-effects that are being recorded in the Pfizer Internal Documents, and those come under very big categories initially. (46)

Myalgia and Joint Pain - Chronic Debilitating and loss of quality of life

One of these is Myalgia – which is muscle pain – a lot of people I know who have been injured have chronic, debilitating – not just ‘comes and goes’ – they’ve lost all quality of life. That’s one of the biggest categories internally. (47)

Another category is Joint Pain, and I know people who are really hurting with joint pain that doesn’t go away. So Pfizer knew about that and Stevan’s point is that “to not disclose the real side-effects, coerces people to take an action they wouldn’t of taken otherwise“, and “that is the definition of fraud“. (48)

Why would FDA approve these harmful products?

Why would the FDA approve such damaging, harmful, murderous products? (Even if there is money involved?) (49)

Big Pharma owns FDA

Edward: Well, the FDA was corrupted over years and years. 50% of their budget comes from the Pharmaceutical industries – so half their budget comes from the people they’re supposed to regulate. That’s number one. (50) (51)

And over time, people within the organizations, see how to succeed, and you succeed by letting things slide to the drug-companies and you end up getting a revolving-door job out of the FDA to one of these companies. So it kind of became an accepted, cultural thing: “I’ll put in my five years and then I’ll go”. (52) (53) (54)

FDA and Pharma Revolving Door

And then of course there’s a revolving door for the heads of the FDA – we’ve seen one of the board members of Pfizer was the Head of the FDA – we just see this revolving-door policy. (55)

Operation Warp Speed pressure

I think coupled with the Operation Warp Speed, and the pressure that Trump himself said he put on them. Operation Warp Speed was a disaster from the get-go, and Trump said he put pressure on these people, so you had this insidious momentum, “well, this seems to be what the powers that be want, let’s go along with it and I’m going to parachute out on the other side and make millions once I get this pushed”. I can’t prove that’s what’s going on through their head, but that’s how these things work. (56) (57)

FDA - no oversight, no conscience

FDA in a normal drug approval, all the documents go to the FDA and noone ever really checks – noone ever goes and asks for the data, and I think they naively thought this data would be buried in a warehouse somewhere or an electronic warehouse whatever you want to call it. I just don’t think they thought that people would ask for the data and when the data was being requested by frontline doctors, that’s when they said “75 years” and that was beginning of the end for them.

Maybe they wished and hoped that it would work “good enough”, that maybe there was some adverse events – I just think they didn’t morally look at themselves and ask “What am I doing?” They were thinking about themselves.

No evidence it works - hypnosis is mind-boggling

Dr Wolf: One thing I haven’t seen is any evidence that it works.

Edward: It doesn’t work, and there’s enough evidence to know that there are serious adverse events including death, and people yet still go get the boosters because the CDC/FDA – the hypnosis boggles my mind – it’s been proven over and over again that these things do not work – it just doesn’t work.

Antidotally, I have lots of friends here that got the jab, and they are all getting COVID now and those of us that didn’t are not getting COVID. We’re not getting COVID. (58)

Members of Congress demand all internal data from FDA

Dr Wolf: Ten or Twelve members of Congress have written a letter to the head of the FDA demanding all of their internal data, stating that the records belong the public and that the way you verify data is through thousands of researchers being able to look at them, and that the FDA has improperly hoarded these records so everything is going to be released – whether now or after the mid-terms. (59)

News Media is Corrupt

Now I’m going to switch gears a little bit – I guess what I really respect about your form of analysis is that you look at the chess board from the highest possible level – and you have to – that’s how you’re ahead of the news media which is corrupted in various ways and also tends to be belated. (60) (61)

Pfizer Docs - Sinister Experiment on the World's Population

The toxicity of the vaccines that is revealed from the Pfizer documents that I’ve seen with my own eyes, it’s clear that this was / is an experiment. Like we knew that, but it’s actually “rolling out” as an experiment, and it’s not just “we’re going to inject everyone and see what happens”, it’s much more sinister than that. (62) (63)

CDC - Internal docs - Six Planned Injections from the start

We’ve also seen internal documents from the CDC showing that they always had a planned six injections – so it’s not over yet – from the beginning they planned six injections.

Multi-national companies can be weaponized

So the reason I brought up this, is that Bourla has always talked about how proud he is to stand with the leaders of China, and Pfizer and Moderna are not American companies – they’re global companies – and there’s really no reason to assume that a company that is operating within the United States is operating for the benefit of Americans. We’re in a time in which Multi-national companies can be weaponized effectively to do ‘bad things’ geopolitically. (64) (65)

Mainstream media isn't covering what we're finding

The Mainstream Media isn’t even covering what we’re finding.

I think the message getting out and going around. (66)

There’s a lot of people who are scared internally at these organizations, but they see the stuff – but they won’t talk about it – so we have these two-tiered… where people who know and people who are still under this hypnosis, it’s the most bizarre thing, but I saw it during the dotcom boom and the financial crisis, where colleagues believe something that they knew was nonsense, and then eventually when it came around to me being right, they didn’t admit they were wrong, they just pretended they were with me the whole time, and we’re going to see a lot of that. You know that the mainstream media is going to pretend they never said the horrible things they said. (67) (68) (69)

We’re bringing out these bombshells week-by-week and we’re getting them out through the alternative channels, but the people who should be – and I keep issuing these open invitations to the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal saying “Come look through our archives” “Come look at our reports” – and it’s crickets. How long is that lag time? (70) (71)

The Tipping Point is soon - Athletes dropping dead

Edward: If I was to compare this to the great financial crisis, we are in November 2007 – which was the peak of the stock market – so I think we’re at the peak of “lack of knowledge”, and we’re about to tip into people learning very quickly – the tipping point is soon.

What’s going to happen – and I don’t know if you saw, but recently on Sky News in Australia, there were some sports casters talking about all the athletes dropping dead and they openly said it’s the vaccine, and he turned to one of his colleagues and said “you had that experience with the vaccine… Guillain-Barre syndrome” (which is droopy-face) and he said “yes I did”. (72) (73) (74) (75) (76) (77)

Adverse Events so big that it's becoming Common Knowledge

The damage is so big, the adverse events are so big that people are starting to chat about it – the anecdotes are becoming ‘not just anecdotes’, they are becoming common knowledge. So I think we’re close.

Insurance - 40% Increase Deaths 18-65yo

I also think financially there’s an industry that’s about to wakeup. I’ve heard that Q-1 insurance results aren’t going to be good, and the new thing we’re hearing about other than excess deaths is long-term disability is spiking considerably. So we have the dead people and the vaccine injured. That’s going to be a huge cost to our country and to every facet of our economy. You have breadwinners leaving children behind – it’s a shortening of their lifespan – years gone and it has economic implications and psychological implications for the family members of the lost individual. The deaths will continue as long as the boosters continue. (78) (79) (80)

Long-term Disability

Now we’re getting into long-term disability where you can’t work – now all of a sudden you’re 45 and you’re in such pain that you can’t work, and if you’re employed you apply for long-term disability and I think that’s more costly than an acute death to the system. (81) (82)

Kelly Brown - Spike in Aug-Oct Mandates - Myocarditis

One last comment, there’s an individual “Kelly Brown” who is a Finance Professional up in Canada, he & I have been chatting since I started going public because he’s done the same work that I’ve done. He took the Canadian data and found a similar spike in the Aug-Oct mandates. The data shows a continued elevated mortalities but hitting new highs into the end of the year. (83) (84)

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