[Australia] What’s In The ‘Unjabbed’ Blood? (QLD Friend)

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My friend lives in south-east Queensland on the Sunshine Coast, and after hearing from a couple of his “health freak” friends that things are coming up in all of us, vaccinated or not, he went and got a live blood analysis.

He hasn’t taken the fake-vaccine (remind me to ask him if he’s also unswabbed).

Weird, crystallized shapes were found throughout his blood (he took photos of the screen using his mobile phone).

The blood analyst told him that she thinks it’s “graphene oxide” and that she has found it in every single person, including herself, since July 2021 and that she had never seen it prior in all her years of doing live blood work.

She told him that she thinks it must be everywhere – in the water, air, rainwater, etc.

He also took his 85-year-old close relative, and the same structures were found in her.

I’m not sure if I’ve done a separate post on this or not, (probably not), but in Australia, we have the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) that was created in 2001 which is supposed to regulate GMOs, GMs, and Gene technology products being released into the environment, fed to our livestock, or sprayed on, injected into, or tested on the human guinea pigs we call Australians. (01) (02)

They have tested all sorts of things people may not be aware of–environment, livestock, agriculture, herbicides, and humans, including:

Seeds, chickpeas, wheat, ryegrass, safflower, cotton, buffalo grass, barley, potatoes, mustard, adenoviruses, genetically-modified bacteria, GM herpes viruses, GM clover, microalgae, GM insects and insect-specific viruses, GM vaccines for chickens, GM vaccines for humans, GM vaccines for Horses, and that is just on page 1. If you dig deeper, you’ll even find gene-editing toxins.

I’m not dot-connecting here, I’m just making you aware that “publicly available things” are actually being tested on us, sprayed upon us, released into the atmosphere, injected or fed to the animals and plants we eat, etc. None of which is widely-advertised, it seems to be a ‘hidden in plain site’ kind of deal, i.e. “you have to dig for it“, and the doctors you go to for any ‘side effects’ you might be experiencing, will be completely unaware of ANY of it as a possible ’cause’.

The OGTR will stamp things “safe and effective” and report “no harm done” because they conveniently keep the health professionals and media out of the loop (if you don’t even know that it could be a possibility, if you don’t even know people are eating or inhaling or touching poisons that could be messing with our genes and causing all kinds of problems, then you’re not going to test for it or report it). That’s the trickery being done by those with too much money and not enough humanity.

This is separate from the cloud seeding, deliberately blocking out the sun because of the Paris Agreement’s “climate psychosis” agenda, and all the other crap that has become our chemical shitstorm of a dystopian world. (03) (04)

Humans are extremely difficult to kill; we can withstand significant damage before succumbing, but they try in every way they can; the slow-kill is the most profitable, and the fast-kill appears to be the current phase—accelerating pre-existing conditions and replacing our medicines and foods and even the air we breathe with more toxins, poisons, and parasites.

Another post I haven’t done yet is on Dr. Robert Young’s new findings, and if you are reading this post today before I’ve reported on it, I highly recommend you go over to his site and see what he found in relation to 2 new GMO parasites discovered in 95% of all blood tested (jabbed or not); one of which was patented to the Doherty Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

There is not enough time in the day to cover this assault on humanity coming at us every which way.

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