Doctors using Ivermectin for COVID-19



Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (01)

Dr. Syed Haider from U.S.A. discusses COVID Management. (02)

Ralph Lorigo Talks NY Court Rulings Over Ivermectin Use In Covid-19 Treatment | Interview (03)


MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists – June 17, 2021 (04)

Dr Patrick Phillips at Derek Sloans press conference – June 17, 2021 (05)


Dr. Darrell DeMello from India. So far, he has treated over 6,000 COVID-19 patients, +24000 family members and provided prophylaxis to another 12,000 people. (06)


Dr. Miguel Antonatos, MD from Mexico. (07)

Around the World

Dr Pierre Kory goes through Ivermectin uses and protocols including Long COVID, as well as must-see papers that he wishes the world would review that shows definitive proof of the eradication of COVID. (08)


Professor Dr. Hector Carvallo From Argentina Discusses COVID Management (09). Says they could’ve saved half a million deaths and that it’s criminal to follow WHO like a blind person.


Slovakia Becomes the First EU Nation to Formally Approve Ivermectin for Both Prophylaxis and Treatment for COVID-19 Patients (10)

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