[USA] What’s in the Blood? “Corona Effect” (Dr Robert Young)

IN C19 Vials

I’ve put off doing the Dr Robert Young analysis because it’s so enormous. I’ve decided to tackle it in parts. This is the “Corona Effect”. See his website drrobertyoung.com to view the amount of work he’s done on this, particularly the posts ‘Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene & Parasites in CoV-19 Vaccines‘ and ‘The Effects of ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF) on the Blood and Biological Terrain

the Endogenous Birth of the “Spike Protein” – Micrograph

The Endogenously Created “Corona Effect” and “Spike Protein” ARE Caused by Chemical, Parasitical and Radiation Poisoning from Reduced Graphene Oxide or Graphene Hydroxide and Microwave Radiation (01) (02)

  • YouTube – Feb 2021 – Dr Robert Young
  • Blood of a 55 Year Old Male with Metastatic Brain Cancer – PCR CoVid-19+ (1/4)
    • “The blood of a 55 year old male with diagnosed brain cancer and mets to the lung, gallbladder and blood. He also RTPCR tested positive for CoVid-2 renamed as CoVid-19. Please notice the red blood cell showing the ‘Corona Effect’ on the left of the neutrophil. Neutrophils make up 2/3rds of the total white blood cell count. They are the garbage collectors and purifiers of the blood.”

  • YouTube – Feb 2021 – Dr Robert Young
  • Live Blood Showing the ‘Corona Effect’ of the Red Blood Cells
    • “The Live blood as seen under pHase contrast microscopy at 20,000x plus magnification showing the biological transformation of the red blood cells as they give birth to the spiking and crowning of their cell membranes, I call the ‘Corona Effect’. The ‘Corona Effect’ is caused from oxygen deprivation and chemical and radiation poisoning.”

  • YouTube – Feb 2021 – Dr Robert Young
  • Blood of a 55 Year Old Male with Metastatic Brain Cancer – PCR CoVid-19 + (3/4)
    • “The blood of a 55 year old male with diagnosed brain cancer and mets to the lung, gallbladder and blood. He also RTPCR tested positive for CoVid-2 which has been renamed as CoVid-19.
    • A granulocytic neutrophil or the dominate white blood cell removing cellular waste from the vascular fluids. This is not immunity this is the body trying to clean up the mesh created from an acidic lifestyle for what you eat, what you drink, what you breathe, what you think, what you feel and what you believe.
    • The granulocytic neutrophils DO NOT PROVIDE IMMUNITY but they do provide a janitorial services for cleaning up a toxic internal environment. Remember the germ is nothing and the terrain or internal environment is everything for returning back to love of self and body and extraordinary health, energy and vitality.”
  • YouTube – Feb 2021 – Dr Robert Young
  • Blood of a 55 Year Old Male with Metastatic Brain Cancer – PCR CoVid-19 + (4/4)
    • “In this video you can see the visual evidence of the ‘Corona Effect’ of the red blood cells which is NOT a viral condition but a degenerative condition of the cell membrane due to an acidic pH and oxygen deprived environment.
    • These deteriorating red blood cells are the evidence of cellular aging due to a compromised internal environment triggered by how one lives, what one eats, drinks, breathes, thinks, feels and believes.
    • You are the author and the cause of ALL of your sicknesses or diseases. It is human nature to blame someone else or something else rather than to take personal responsibility for personal choice. You and only you can be the change you want to see. You do not get healthy and fit you do healthy and fit. You do not get sick and tired YOU do sick and tired.
    • The pathway back to the house of health, energy and vitality begins with taking ownership of your lifestyle choices and the knowledge and understanding that you are the captain of your body.”

What’s in the Vials?

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