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I have lots of things bookmarked that I’ll never get through, but back in 2021, I created the “Corrupt Scientific Medical Research” post, featuring videos of former editors and others, and included journal publications showing that Scientific Literature is mostly a Marketing Tool for Industry, and that most Journals themselves were “captured” by Industry (in that big industry pays their bills; they cannot “bite the hand that feeds them”), and that universities get their funding from grants — from the same industry. In other words, academia is captured and the “science” people trust with their lives; that your doctor or government is trusting, needs to be scrutinized as “$cience-fiction”. Head over to that post if you haven’t read it. It really is one of the reasons I woke up by going the “science” route at the start of this mess.

I went through and took screenshots of as many publications as I could, from the years 1992-2021. I even downloaded 41 of the publications and took screenshots, highlighted them all, and uploaded it to Mega and shared it to all my social media channels (hoping to get through to people before they held out their arms).

Anyway, I didn’t post everything that day, but have all these bookmarked saved to go through “one day”. I’m never going to get around to it, so I thought I’d at least post the links I had bookmarked here. You never know if a random post you make, might help someone snap out of the “Trust the $cience” hypnosis and save themselves or their loved ones from future humanity violations—such as climate-hysteria and “flu-scares”.

Some of the publications are editorial comments that propose solutions to the corruption:

  • Council of Science Editors (67)


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