WHO Pandemic Treaty Debate [Senator Malcolm Roberts]

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Senator Malcom Roberts begging for a Senate Inquiry into the WHO Pandemic Treaty (Debate) Livestreamed 27th March 2023.

WHO Pandemic Treaty Debate [Senator Malcolm Roberts]

Livestreamed today 27 March 2023 Full Debate on YouTube | Rumble-Clip | Telegram-Clip

I move the motion as amended. As a servant of the many different people who make up our one Queensland community, I want to read out the amended motion because I want the provisions in the Hansard, that the following matter be referred to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee for inquiry and report by the 1st of December, plenty of time for consideration in detail: the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty, also known as the pandemic prevention, preparedness and response accord, with reference to the conceptual jira draft of the pandemic treaty, and any other draft of the pandemic treaty; Australia’s input to the drafting and negotiating process for the pandemic treaty; the principles of the Australian economy in responding to health crises and pandemics; the effect of proposals contained in the pandemic treaty and any other related matters.

I note that when one of the world’s most influential people, someone famous for valuing the liberty and sovereignty of human existence, makes a comment about the risk that United Nations World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty poses, it’s worth listening to.

In response to my video of my Senate speech last week criticizing the proposed increased health powers of the pandemic treaty, Elon Musk said, “Countries should not cede authority to the World Health Organization” – end of quote.

Regardless of what you think of Elon Musk, he’s one of a handful of people invited into the global backrooms of power. He knows better than anyone sitting in this chamber what the world looks like when the press aren’t watching.

So threatened as a result of this comment was the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, that he felt the need to reply to this tweet. Perhaps four million impressions and 1.2 million plays of my speech got his attention. Tedros is a man that no sensible Australian would want anywhere near the health response of this nation, not least because of his prominent role as a terrorist in a violent Marxist political party with a track record of using healthcare as a political weapon.

In his reply to my speech in this chamber three weeks ago, Tedros failed to address the key point that I was making. That key point is that 83 World Health Organization staff were found to have committed rape and sexual exploitation of women in the Congo, some women as young as 13. Who made that finding? The World Health Organization’s own investigators. (01) (02)

Those investigators went on to say that if the UN failed to take any action against their staff, it meant that the World Health Organization was rotten with rapists, quote, “rotten with rapists.” Tedros deliberately ignored that in my speech, so I can only assume those rapists will remain employed in the UN World Health Organization and free to commit further crimes. The World Health Organization really is rotting from the head.

Tedros only replied on the issue of sovereignty, which I briefly mentioned, so now let’s discuss that in detail. Sovereignty. Tedros insists that countries aren’t ceding sovereignty to the World Health Organization, and that the pandemic treaty won’t change the sovereignty of member states. It is, he promises, simply a device to help countries better guard against pandemics. Oh, really? And yet, the United Nations World Health Organization’s advice already achieves that, so why go to all this trouble of a three-year development cycle for a treaty that doesn’t change anything?

Here’s the case that suggests Tedros is deliberately misleading the public about what the World Health Organization is doing. Remember, this is out in the open. All these documents, statements are available on the World Health Organization website.

The zero draft, they had to come up with a new number because the first draft was an embarrassment. The zero draft of the treaty clearly shows this is not an agreement about passive advice. The pandemic treaty, despite Tedros’s lies on Twitter, proposes to hold the same authority as all other United Nations treaties. It is a set of instructions that nations, corporations, and individuals scripted people and organizations who have their own interests at heart, not the health, safety, and welfare of the Australian people. Included in the pandemic treaty are the powers to enforce:

  • mandatory detention
  • compulsory vaccination
  • lockdowns
  • forced medical procedures
  • vaccine passports
  • closed borders
  • and generally all the worst parts of the global gross covid deceit and mismanagement.

Australia could be locked down.. [live-streaming lost connection temporarily]… every country is different. Bespoke solutions are essential. The World Health Organization cannot maintain 195 bespoke solutions. It will take the bureaucrats’ easy way out. One size fits all.

The World Health Organization did not offer the best solution to COVID-19, arguably that was Sweden and with their business as usual approach. Several Indian states went their own way, which is what is now offering rich data around vaccination and herd immunity. If we had an all-powerful Tedros pandemic treaty in place at that time, Sweden and India would have had to comply, and the world would not be able to have that information we now have about what worked and what did not work.

Perhaps that’s the point. If the World Health Organization can require the whole world to follow this same response, how will we know whether the response was the wrong one? We won’t know.

The United Nations World Health Organization loves to hide the truth.

The World Health Organization has a proven record of hiding truth.

As it stands, the only reason that a mob of unelected health bureaucrats based in Geneva is not governing Australia is thanks to a collection of African nations who voted down the first version of the pandemic treaty presented as regulation changes last December. (03) (04) (05) (06) (07)

This will not happen again. The 42-member African nations block has been offered money, technology, bribes, and resources in exchange for their support. Western nations, including Australia, are actually being sent the bill for this bribing of African nations to the tune of billions of dollars.

Australian taxpayers are paying bribes. We won’t have it. This is how much Western money Africa has been offered to support the pandemic treaty. How many understand that this treaty is not just about pandemic management? It’s a permanent system of health care aid to the third world.

The pandemic treaty proposes allowing health stakeholders such as vaccine companies to sit as voting members to the World Health Organization committee that would run a pandemic response with the United Nations World Health Organization declaring potential pandemics, they don’t even have to declare a pandemic, just a potential pandemic.

Vaccine companies will have the power to order the use of their vaccines around the world under World Health Organization orders. These would include companies like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who are the UN World Health Organization’s second-largest donor. In return, the World Health Organization promotes vaccines from pharmaceutical companies that Bill and Melinda Gates owned and own. The Gates Foundation returns a profit from vaccine purchases to an organization that promotes vaccine use.

It’s a nice circle. Welcome to cronyism and corruption, World Health Organization-style, Gates-style, big pharma-style.

In the detail, the World Health Organization has decreed this policy instrument makes the WHO the directing and coordinating authority on global health, and the leader of multilateral cooperation in global health governance. It further insists that it will have powers to control the health response from a global to a regional, national, and community level, meaning the World Health Organization, the crooked, corrupt, incompetent, dishonest organization, will have powers inside every Australian town, every suburb, every GP surgery, every state, and every federal health bureaucrat’s desk.

That would leave little room to doubt the intention of this document is to invade the domestic health processes of each country, right down to the local community health center. Who will really exercise these powers?

I’ll tell you: the document clearly states that national sovereignty ends where the impact on other countries begins, at which point the United Nations World Health Organization takes over.

Who determines that what impacts another country? The World Health Organization, apparently.

Setting themselves up as judge, jury, and executioner, with the only right of appeal being the World Health Organization itself.

We should ask ourselves if the World Health Organization declared Sweden to be causing harm during the last pandemic to perhaps neighbouring countries, what action would Tedros and the World Health Organization have taken against them? No one has given an answer to this.

Indeed, no one is even curious about these extreme hypothetical powers and what they would look like in even the most basic real-world scenario.

The use of the Swift system to process international financial transactions was used to enforce sanctions against Russia. This is the most likely method of delivering World Health Organization sanctions, and it has been mooted.

The treaty will create a monstrous health bureaucracy that binds Australia to funding the health systems of developing nations, even though we can’t seem to find the money to build hospitals in our own country. Only today, reports in the media of mothers-to-be in Gladstone, Queensland, having to travel hours to get to a maternity centre. Gladstone is a city of 35,000 people; it’s not a village and has a maternity unit that is effectively closed in new deliveries. This is a first-world country. It was. Perhaps, if the treaty comes in, Premier Palaszczuk can apply to the World Health Organization to pay for a new birthing unit. That’s sarcasm, by the way. I’d never want them to build any damn thing.

Our states have some of the worst health records in half a century, and yet we cannot wait to rush in as global saviours of international health and throw what little money we have left behind the World Health Organization.

The zero draft of the WHO pandemic treaty accord or instrument, whatever the rebranding is made, must be referred for a detailed review, including the costing. We need to know exactly what the price tag is going to look like.

We need to know exactly how much sovereignty will be ceded to an international body that has proven itself to be politically compromised to China, a nation offering sufficient security concerns that our defence minister decided we need to sign Orcas to provide in part protection against China.

Under the pandemic treaty, the private medical data of citizens becomes the property of global health bureaucrats and their corporate stakeholders. Your private health data becomes their property.

Will it start to be de-identified? Not on the current wording, it won’t. Our citizens, we all in this country, become vulnerable to foreign health rules, procedures, and orders, dictates from bureaucrats that Australia cannot even vote out of power, from whom we cannot even protect ourselves, nor can we hold these bastards accountable.

Unlimited power. Unending unlimited power.

The pandemic treaty will ensure that nations like Australia, who are the least likely to be the cause of a global pandemic, are required to bear an unfair burden of cost for the mistakes of other regimes.

The pandemic treaty is a political document, not a health document, and must be treated as such.

The treaty dictates how much money Australian governments must spend on pandemic prevention (five percent of annual health budgets), cedes sovereignty to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Geneva and New York, and requires Australia to give away a defined percentage of our GDP on international cooperation and assistance on pandemic prevention.

It cedes sovereignty to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Geneva and New York.

Under our Constitution’s External Affairs Powers, the Commonwealth government is empowered to sign away our sovereignty and require the state to make this expenditure.

The External Affairs Powers are being used here in a manner our founding fathers did not envisage.

What about the other U.N. agencies? I imagine they’re all eyeing this one off. What a way to extend their power and their funding, their control.

Since when did Australia’s governments allow the U.N. World Health Organization to make binding demands on public money and the allocation of funds?

One Nation completely opposes the U.N. World Health Organization being issued with a magic credit card with Australian taxpayers paying the bill. And what about reviewing the severe risk of a unified health response on national security? Do we want potentially hostile nations knowing exactly how Australia will respond to a pandemic, given that pandemic might come in the form of a biological weapon? Because that is what the pandemic treaty demands. Signing this is a violation of national security.

We can’t wait until the treaty is completed and the passing through parliament, a fait accompli as every other sovereignty-sapping agreement has done. We can’t wait until then. We have to hit this now. This is far too important. People’s lives are at stake. People’s health is at stake. Our nations’ sovereignty is at stake.

And a negotiating committee permanently based in Zurich needs to receive their instructions from the Australian people, not from the pharmaceutical establishment.

At the very least, the pandemic treaty must be submitted for a rigorous, detailed, and forensic review to determine exactly what we are agreeing to. This must happen now so the negotiating body understands what the public will accept and what it will not accept, after which the public must be allowed to decide if it is prepared to cede control of healthcare, something that has always been proudly under the control of Australia, if it wants to cede that instead to the international bureaucracy.

It’s a question so significant that it’s worthy of a plebiscite. Yet the best we can do is to come into the centre chamber and beg for a Senate inquiry.

This treaty needs an inquiry now to help our negotiators make good decisions, decisions in the national interest, decisions every day Australians struggling with an out-of-control cost of living can afford.

I want to make a point that Senator Alex Antic, Senator Pauline Hanson, and Senator Ralph Babet are co-founders and co-movers of this motion. This started, this work on the United Nations, started in my very first speech in the Senate in 2016. It continued fairly completely continually until now, and it will continue because the United Nations and the World Health Organization are corrupt, dishonest, disgraceful, inhuman entities, and I will not shut up on this until we are exiting from the United Nations. I call on an Oz exit.

After years of Liberal, Labor, Greens gutlessly ceding sovereignty over many aspects of this country, we will chase and hold accountable governments on this, just like we did on the cash ban and one on that. So, thank you very much, Madam Acting Deputy President.

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