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The Trusted Digital Identity Bill is a framework for oppression and control. It is a global surveillance system designed by a foreign bureaucracy for the benefit of profit-hungry corporations and power-mad politicians.

First Published: Feb 10, 2022 | Last Updated: Nov 17, 2022

What the Vaccine enables people to go along with more easily is the idea of a health passport or vaccine passport, and that passport becomes a gateway to a Digital ID, that’s connected to your ability to participate in society. So it is the beginning of a Social Credit System. It is the backdoor into a Social Credit System like what we see in China, which is effectively totalitarian. The Vaccine is not going to end the pandemic, because the pandemic is being used to install Social Control.

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Source: Opposing Views: Are Vaccine Passports A Threat? | James Lindsay & Arthur L. Caplan – MP Podcast #128

Social Credit System in Australia is NOT A MYTH


Without cash, there is only a system of ‘government approved purchases’. Even if you don’t use cash, having it banned will mean the government can take complete control of you and access to your money at any time.

The Trusted Digital Identity Bill aims to track every single purchase you make so they can cut you off whenever Government decides, this isn’t possible when you the option to use cash.

In 2020 “Royal Australian Mint CEO Ross MacDiarmid told ABC News that he expects 5 and 10 cent coins to be phased out of circulation in the coming years, adding that the pandemic has likely shortened the natural life of coins.”[17]

Senator Malcolm Roberts


The reason we have a Constitution is to enforce absolute boundaries and to stop politicians taking liberties with our liberties. The behaviour of government during COVID has shown everyone how quick many politicians and bureaucrats were to abuse rights and coerce citizens into undergoing unwanted medical procedures.

By its very existence, the Trusted Digital Identity Bill is a violation of our historic privacy laws and consumer protections.

The final design of the Bill and its accompanying Digital Economy Strategy 2030, involves the complete removal of cash from the Australian economy. This means that every transaction, every purchase, and every sale through the till must pass a Digital Identity check by the government.

Without cash, there is no free capitalist economy – there is only a system of ‘government approved purchases’. The Trusted Digital Identity Bill will give Premiers and the Prime Minister the power to take such action at any time by locking citizens out of the economya threat already issued by the Victorian premier during the pandemic.

Once the public understand how much we’re going to lose under the global reset, it will be too late to unpick the laws that allowed it to happen. Just like emergency pandemic legislation, Australia will be stuck with it.

The Trusted Digital Identity Bill is a framework for oppression and control. It is a global surveillance system designed by a foreign bureaucracy for the benefit of profit-hungry corporations and power-mad politicians.

Senator Malcolm Roberts

Life by subscription – the “Trusted” Digital Identity Bill – FEBRUARY 3, 2022

The Liberals have spent $1 billion on their Digital Economy Strategy. It aims to move everyone to an “access model”, which is really a life by subscription where the World Economic Forum says you will “own nothing and be happy”.

If the World Economic Forum is meant to be a ‘conspiracy theory’ why is the Federal Liberal Party copying its policies? Scott Morrison’s ‘Trusted Digital Identity Bill’ is a copy-paste directly from the World Economic Forum’s Global Digital Identity Project – which is part of the digital transformative initiative.

It is designed to shift the global economy away from private ownership and into what the World Economic Forum calls an ‘access model’ where you own nothing and instead rent goods and services from the world’s billionaire corporations.

In other words, the goal of ‘digital identity’ is a ‘life via subscription’.

Without assets and ownership, Australians will have no power over government or the corporations that want to control their lives. In their eyes, this will help the world ‘live sustainably’, but in reality it is a form of slavery to a closed-loop economy where you have less and the rich have more. The Liberals have already spent a billion of your dollars on their Digital Economy Strategy 2030. All they need to make the global socialist dream a reality is to pass the Trusted Digital Identity Bill.

Here it comes, Australia – FINAL WARNING!!!

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