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Damn, I was about to do a post on Dr Yanowitz’s video looking at his own unjabbed blood under the microscope and when I went to research more about who he is, I stumbled upon another video which I ended up spending the last few hours on instead :) (I’ll do the other post tomorrow)

It’s an interesting interview between himself and Dr Tom Cowan about the covid narrative, how it compares to the 1918 Spanish flu, and connecting the dots between 1984, nanorobotics, 5G, CRISPR/Cas 9, DARPA, 9/11, GMO’s, Pesticides, the Human Genome Project, Internet of Things, Internet of Bodies, Elon Musk, Starlink, Pfizer, Moderna, Rockefellers, Fauci, mainstream media, Big Oil, the Financial Collapse, NWO, the need for a reduction in population, and more.

April 08, 2021 | Bitchute | Audio Podcast | (I’ll upload mirrors to Rumble/Telegram tomorrow)

Dr. Shimon (Simon) Yanowitz is based in Israel but has lived and worked around the world. He has a background in electrical engineering and physics and is an avid nanorobotics researcher. He has worked in high-tech and founded his own company based on a technology patent for improving semiconductor conduction.

He read the book 1984 when he was 16, which to him seemed more like a guidebook than a novel because he had already started noticing the world becoming more Orwellian.

In 1995, Windows put out Windows 95, which included a built-in web browser, and from there, he started getting interested in researching. Travelling around the world and talking to other scientists and engineers opened his eyes even more, and after a series of events and wars, he really started to get the feeling that we are approaching some kind of end-game.

The Rockefeller Serum Flu-Bioweapon

One of the paths he went down was the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, and so in 2020, after noticing COVID-19 resembling his previous research, he decided to release his own videos (on the 1918 flu) because he felt that people needed to be made aware.

“If we don’t know history, we are doomed to repeat it”.

(You can download a 15 min presentation he did about he 1918 Flu Pandemic on archive.org where he goes through the evidence that he didn’t cover in this interview) *I might upload this to Rumble/Telegram tomorrow as well.

In 1910, we already had The Flexner Report, and some very powerful people got involved in hijacking the profession of medicine. In 1918, we had World War I raging in Europe, and the first six million troops were hastily enlisted by the US, for a war that was nearing its end.

Something remarkably horrible happened. John D. Rockefeller, a very powerful person who had already started his Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, took advantage of this new pool of expendable human guinea pigs to conduct vaccine experiments. (01) (02)

After injecting approximately 2 million soldiers with vaccines (called serums back then), they moved on to civilians, continuing to vaccinate “the entire population,” and people began to die—the results were dreadful—between 50 million and 100 million people died worldwide. Doses were shipped all over the world. Wherever they were shipped, there was an ‘outbreak’ of the “Spanish flu.” Prior to the serum, nothing like the Spanish flu existed. (03) (04) (05)

No one knew what a virus was back then. The serum they were injecting was “anti-meningitis,” made from the pus of horses. Certainly, it was not an anti-viral “vaccine”—nobody knew what viruses were. At that time, the word “influenza” was used to describe someone who was feeling unwell for a while and then it went away; there was no such thing as a Spanish influenza. (06)

It was a huge disaster, and the ‘virus’ narrative ever since has been hijacked by the same powerful people with the repetitive, profitable, propaganda: “Look at how a virus can do all this—we should be forever careful to prevent this from happening in the future.”

Nobody was talking about the serums.

“Spanish flu” wasn’t contagious at all; you either got the vaccine and maybe you died or maybe you didn’t — if you didn’t get the serum, nothing happened to you. Nothing was contagious – it was the shot (3 doses at that time).

Then they started blaming people for spreading the disease, and they forced them to wear face masks—just like today. Then they ordered public places closed, just like today. All schools, churches, lodge meetings, theatres, moving picture halls, pool rooms, and other places of amusement were closed, and any public gatherings consisting of ten or more were prohibited.

People were injected with a toxic cocktail of bacteria.
The Spanish Flu pandemic stopped when they stopped using this serum.

Between 1918 and 2007, they invented more viruses, the electron microscope, and the world became more toxic—a lot happened. There were so-called pandemics and epidemics, but nothing of that magnitude.

In 2007, a paper emerged from Dr. Anthony Fauci about the Spanish Flu, claiming the entire genome of the virus had been sequenced and calling it the “1918–1919 H1N1 influenza pandemic” that supposedly caused the 1918 Spanish Flu. It was a fraudulent paper, and there was quite an uproar about it; it should’ve been retracted. (07)

A year later, Fauci published another paper, (perhaps instigated from the blow-back he received from the scientific community on the first paper) saying bacterial pneumonia played a predominant role in the deaths of all these people; that it was likely the result of a secondary infection after people becoming ill from the virus, i.e.. they ‘got weak‘, and then bacteria attacked them. (08)

It wasn’t secondary at all, it was primary, there was no virus; it was bacteria being injected into millions of people. This paper is just another tool trying to hijack the truth.

  • The Spanish flu wasn’t Spanish.
  • It killed up to 100 million people worldwide
  • It was caused by the injection of a cocktail of bacteria, that caused severe pneumonia–only in those who were injected with it.

Anthony Fauci and his fake pseudoscience, has been involved in all sorts of diseases throughout the past few decades.

5G and electromagnetic radiation

So by 2020 and 2021, Dr. Yanowitz was starting to see a pattern with Covid-19, and he also noticed 5G was being installed everywhere—all over the planet. He was among those who were campaigning against it because he believes it can be exploited and can be dangerous.

5G is not the first attempt at using electromagnetic radio waves. It’s a very complicated elaboration of existing technology and other radio frequencies in general. 5G has some very nasty capabilities that were not introduced before, but basically, electromagnetic radiation is something man-made that can be used for means of communication, but even if not intentional, it generates electromagnetic radiation noise.

They are different than the electromagnetic radiation from the sun or found in nature; as biological creatures, we are equipped to deal with sunlight and natural sources of radiation. Visible light is considered to have a very high frequency that doesn’t penetrate the body.

X-Rays are also an unhealthy electromagnetic radiation people should be aware of to limit their exposure.

Versus the sunlight, the interaction between man-made electromagnetic waves, is not straight-forward or linear: Some electromagnetic radiation penetrates through the body and interacts with tissues which is problematic. The higher the wavelength, the less it penetrates the body. Most communication electromagnetic radiation uses much smaller frequencies which do penetrate the body.

5G is mostly not intended for use by people; whereas 4G is supposed to make our cellular towers work for communicating between people, 5G is mostly ‘not’ about communicating between people. Only a small part of it is used to replace the 4g telephony communications, but the other 2 parts of it, is called The Internet of Things—which is connecting machines and apparatus—and the Ultra Reliable Latency Communication—which is supposed to allow communication with robots; not humans.

When people hear 5G , they think it’s an extension of 4G, which will make everything faster, but no, this is a tiny aspect of the story. 5G augments anything 4G in it—it just takes the spectrum of frequencies used and extends it by a lot. But 5G will happily work with the same frequencies as 4G. The difference is that it has a technology called Active Phase Array Antenna, whereas 3G and 4G were omitted blobs of some sort of directional beam but not very well pinpointed. 5G is capable of generating very narrow beams, like a laser weapon, in general.

One of Elon Musk‘s companies is Space-X, which spins off into another company called Starlink. He got authorization from the FDA to launch 42,000 satellites into low-Earth orbit, and each satellite is equipped with four 5G transmitters, which use frequencies even higher than what we’re accustomed to in 4G.

4G uses around 2.45 GHz (around the same frequency as your microwave or home wi-fi router). 5G continues to use those but it adds the millimetre wave – starting from about 20 something Ghz.

30Ghz = 10mm, and 300Ghz = exactly 1 millimetre.

So anything 20Ghtz and above is using millimetre waves.

The satellites are very sophisticated, they’re synchronized with each other by laser beams, and there is no line-of-sight between all of them, but a few hundred of them can be well coordinated to work together. By using hundreds of satellites simultaneously to create what is known as “Coordinated Multipoint Transmission/Reception” (CoMP) – you can have, extremely razor-sharp beam-forming, so you have beams that can be made very, very precise. When you have beams that are so precise, you can use them for good (to send a packet of information to a specific telephone), or you can use them for different purposes that are not so friendly.

Another thing he was aware of was that the financial system had been collapsing for quite some time. It was collapsing because oil has been used throughout the 20th century to back up currency. Oil reserves are diminishing, and this is why they started fracking. Very crazy things were going on, and fracking causes earthquakes and all sorts of problems. One could easily see the economy was very sick.

They had also been touting Global Warming, and a few prominent people said we need a lot less people on this planet because we have global warming.

Then came the outrageous use of genetically-modified crops and pesticides. The bees started dying, because of a particular chemical (pesticide) by a prominent company. (09) There was something called Economy-Collapse disorder, that started touting that the bees started dying out because a “virus” did it. (10)

So many crazy things started to happen over the years that he was paying attention to—a lot of fabricated events started to happen. There was the 9/11 thing and the War on Terror, Afghanistan and Iraq, and in Israel there was constant warmongering that was obviously a distraction, and we had some pandemics: Swine-Flu, SARS, etc. So, having frameworks to be able to understand what was going on—pattern recognition on events—he started thinking they were weaving the threads for some kind of fabric for the infrastructure for their end game.

“I didn’t know that there would be this new virus narrative, but I knew something was about to happen, so when Covid started happening, and since I already knew from previous years, many people were dying every winter of something called flu, and I myself got sick with the flu, I was never really worried about the virus because it seemed like it mostly existed in the mainstream media; this was the habitat of the virus, I couldn’t see it in nature. The rhetoric, the propaganda, the hysteria, from the media was so intense. So I immediately realized this was part of a very nefarious end-game. It had all the tell-tale signs; not of a virus but of what we see happening – some dramatic change in world order.

Dr Shimon Yanowitz


Nanorobots are basically artificial creatures that are Nano in size (like the size of the virus is thought to be; 100nm, maybe a little bit larger, so very, very small). They can only be created in laboratories, and are created and designed in such a way that they can do something in the body once injected.

“They can swim”
For example, nanorobotics that have the shape of a corkscrew, let’s suppose that it has an electromagnetic dipole so it interacts with a rotating electromagnetic forcefield, you can easily make it spin, if it has a corkscrew shape, it can swim forward and backward.

“They can deliver a payload”
It can also carry some sort of payload, like a medication, or a toxin if you want to destroy a cancerous cell – you can launch them to attack tissue that is affected by cancer and try to kill the cancerous cell, or you can do other things.

“They can drill & recognize specific tissues”
They can also be programmed to drill, and they can be programmed to work in coordination, and they can also be programmed to recognize a specific tissue. Upon command they can be made to disintegrate and release some kind of payload.

One of the major players in this field is DARPA for medical and military applications. It can be used to cure people and it can be used to do very terrible things to people.

“I knew their agenda for some time and knew their number one greatest need would be a population-reduction, and they already had a proven track-record of sterilization – this isn’t a secret, and I knew there were attempts to re-write the human genome

In meetings with colleagues, we’re trying to investigate these vaccines – we’re not sure that even those from the same manufacturer are the same, because some people are having severe injuries, and some people are fine. But what if these nanorobots are in there? We know for sure that there are nanoparticles in there, why because they told us. Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna vaccines are supposed to include liposomes which are lipid nanoparticles, but these nanoparticles could actually be nanorobots, depending on how they look, and how they were designed. Is there only mRNA? Is there mRNA at all? These companies don’t have a good track record of telling the exact truth about everything. What if there is mRNA plus reverse transcriptase? And what about the CRISPR/Cas 9 technology that won someone a Nobel prize (11) this could be used to edit the genome.

So this is frightening, at least its frightening me, I don’t know about you, but I’m scared like shit because of all of this. Finally, one other thing – that they’re talking about openly – is to wire us to their cloud, that is to build some kind of infrastructure inside our brains and other parts of our bodies, to interact with their cloud through communication, electromagnetic radiation…

Dr Shimon Yanowitz

See also connection between:

  • Pfizer-Monsanto (Pfizer merged with Monsanto over 20 years ago)
  • Pfizer-DARPA (DARPA contracted with Pfizer in 2013)
  • Pfizer-IBM (IBM partnered with Pfizer in 2017 re: the Internet of Things)
  • Pfizer-Wuhan (Pfizer’s Wuhan research & development lab)

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