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The Australian Government will soon ‘regulate’ what is posted and what you read online under the guise of combatting “harmful online misinformation and disinformation”.

There is no such thing as a balance of free speech. Speech is either free or it isn’t. If the government can control what you can hear and say, learn and know, they can no longer make even a slight pretence of being a democracy. (01)

Meryl Dorey


The proposed AMCA legislation should be a major worry to everyone who values free expression in this country. Just the name itself is a red flag: (02)

Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023

As a first step to oppose this bill, have your say here.

Exercise your free speech—while you still have it.

There are millions of us, but 99.99% of the populace won’t do a damn thing. Most Australians will literally hand all their rights over to authoritarianism without flinching. It’s sad, but I think Aussies have been brainwashed over the past few generations to think “being good” is ‘following authorities without checking first to see whether those authorities actually have their best interest at heart’ and will obediently, fearfully, or blindly lead this country into an extended branch of CCP China.

You can also write an email, record a video, or send an audio recording to:


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook/META/CIA… on truth being flagged as misinformation during COVID

Rumble | Telegram

So misinformation, I think, has been a really tricky one because there are things that are obviously false, that are maybe factual, but may not be harmful. Alright, are you going to censor someone for just being wrong? If there’s no harm implication of what they’re doing, I think that there’s a bunch of real kind of issues and challenges there.

But then, I think that there are other places where it is, which takes some of the stuff around COVID earlier on in the pandemic, where there were real health implications, but there hadn’t been time to fully vet a bunch of the scientific assumptions.

And unfortunately, I think a lot of the kind of establishment on that kind of waffled on a bunch of facts and asked for a bunch of things to be censored that in retrospect ended up being more debatable or true.

And that stuff is really tough; it really undermines trust.

Mark Zuckerberg

Dude, you literally censored all the unbiased, honest, and trustworthy “experts” and “genuine” research—and millions of lives were destroyed because of it—but yeah okay, call it “tricky” and “tough” that you censored and banned the truth which caused the complete break-down of civilizations, relationships, businesses, and most importantly lives… because that’s what you were “told to do” (let alone your own conflict$).

Now, imagine if this and similar bills go through? How many more lives will be ruined because of conflict$, biases, and agendas?

“Australian Government tries to Statutorily Enshrine Ministry of Truth”

Human Rights Lawyer talks through the bill

Telegram | Rumble | Australian Government Tries To Statutorily Enshrine Ministry Of Truth

28 June 2023: From Peter Fam, Human Rights Lawyer, Australia:

As a human rights lawyer and as a keen historian, freedom of speech and freedom of expression are important to me. The Albanese Government has proposed new legislation that would grant the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) unprecedented unilateral control over the dissemination of information online; with civil and criminal penalties for dissenters.

This is one of the most Orwellian Bills I have seen in a while, and we should all be aware of it.

In the video, I step through some of the most disturbing aspects of the Bill.

If, like me, you think this Bill is a dangerous and inappropriate abrogation of a fundamental human right, you can let the Ministry of Truth know by making a submission here by August 6, 2023:

You can also write to your representative and let them know this is not okay.”

Peter Fam, Human Rights Lawyer

Stop The Australian Government’s “Ministry of Truth”

26 Jun 2023 YouTube (Rukshan)

ZEROTIME: New Censorship Bill: Most Dangerous Legislation in Australia with Tony Nikolic

28 June 2023 Rumble (Maria Zeee & Tony Nikolic)

Rowan Dean on the new ACMA Aussie censorship bill

Twitter | Rumble | Telegram (Rowan Dean)

“In balancing freedom of expression with the need to address online harm, the code and standard-making powers will not apply to professional news and authorised electoral content, nor will the ACMA have a role in determining what is considered truthful.”

Wait, what? So the mainstream media disinformation propaganda is allowed, but not the independent truth reporters?

We do NOT need, nor want, the government making new laws on every damn thing and taking us further and further down a dark road that will be impossible to untangle. Far out, they are already out of control, the laws—particularly over the past five years—are horrifying enough, and now they want to make it so that the sleeping public never finds any speck of truth?

The problem seems to be, that governments create policies based on corporate-sponsored-$cience (not honest, unbiased science) and those policies are blindly followed by employees feeding their own families. Whoever happens-to-be-in-power-at-the-time, with their own conflict$, agendas, and biases, will have the power to determine what “they” decide is harmful disinformation / misinformation—based on fraudulent $cience, the highest bidder, or their own prejudices. We can’t have this; this is too totalitarian, too “social-credit system”, and no one will ever discover the truth if they can’t find it anywhere… which, I guess, is the whole point….

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