“Staying Sane” in Australian Parliament [Senator Malcolm Roberts]

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Senator Malcolm Roberts responds to the question, “How do you stay sane at Senate Estimates?”

This is something I’ve always wanted to ask as well. I’ve written that same question on many, many posts after reporting on the interactions dealing with the lies, audacity, ignorance and corruption in our parliament.

28 Feb 2023
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Q.) “How do you stay sane in estimates? I find myself screaming at the screen at those morons you have to deal with.”

A.) See, I understand the game, and I’m not making fun of you, but there are so many things in Parliament that, if I wasn’t calm, would really get me angry. But I have a high anger threshold, and I understand it’s their ignorance, their stupidity, and sometimes, quite frankly, Julie, their dishonesty.

So, you can’t feel what we can feel in Canberra. We feel that same dishonesty and hiding that deceit. But you can’t see what we’re doing.

As I said a minute ago, in Senate estimate, sometimes we have got a plan that’s three or four Senate estimates down the track, sometimes three years down the track, to get the last morsel of material out of them.

Sometimes we ask questions in Senate estimates one after the other, leading people down the path, and then we ambush them with another question.

There’s a lot of strategy involved in Senate estimates. It’s not quite what you see.

It’s a bit like watching cricket, you know, or a bit like watching American football. You’ve got to understand the complexities to really appreciate the game.

So, that’s how I stay sane.

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