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Become Self-Reliant

To me, being self-reliant is ‘true freedom’:

1.) I believe we need to become self-sufficient in the sense of lowering our costs of living, getting away from our materialistic viewpoints & basically simplifying our lives to focus more on what ‘really’ matters.

2.) Self-sufficient in growing our own food, providing our own energy and self-sustainable living environments for both ourselves and the world we live in, and

3.) Self-reliant in the sense of not being caught-up in the illusion of the rat race, becoming free from what society expects us to do .. to become self-sufficient by investing in our own uniqueness – discovering how our unique abilities or perspectives can serve others in the world, creating a vision around our particular interests & talents, and then harnessing that vision with everything we have – by investing our time, heart, money & soul into it… helping others with our own unique individuality.

History: This blog started out as an internet marketing blog in my ‘past way of thinking’…I’ve left a lot of the older blog posts still here as they are still relevant to all who have discovered their voice and want to use internet marketing as a tool for their purpose, but I am planning to further expand this area to be more in align to my new beliefs; incorporating more deeper ways of self-sufficiency other than just wealth, business, and marketing.

I think we get so caught up in the shallow modern world, that we’re not able to live that freedom that we all seek & desire – the freedom to be “ourselves”, to become who we are and embrace what makes us unique, to live a life of purpose (what makes us the most happiest), where we feel the most “at home”, when our souls ‘sing’ because we are doing what we feel we are ‘meant’ to do. Discovering that value, that uniqueness that is within all of us, and then stepping into the world of feeling free to be yourself, not worrying about what other people think, just adding value to the world for being exactly who you are by living your truth.

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