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Podcasts I Follow I listen to heaps of podcasts… this isn’t the full list below, but it’s the “start” of my list… gotta be in the right mood to complete the list, to be able to describe them, consider this post a preview “work-in-progress” until this message is removed :).

Health Podcasts

Everyday I listen to:

  • Extreme Health Radio21 Mar 2014 – Extreme Health Radio – Your Healthy Living Resource – Love, Love, LOVE this show. Everything you want to know about health that is “outside the norm”, they get someone to interview about it. They are a husband & wife couple who are on their own health journey, looking for answers, and have a curious and ‘normal’ interest in what’s out there. Their podcast show introduces the ‘out there’ health practices (that are not at all ‘out there for me or anyone who reads my site.. but for ‘normal people’ they are ‘out there’). Learn new and old health stuff, while getting the perspective of Justin & Kate when they start implementing the things they learn. I highly recommend this show. I love every single episode. I listen to their show daily, and I listen to every episode over and over and over. 29 Mar 2015 – Still listening to this but have moved more to weekly rather than daily – although still get a lot out of the shows.
  • 29 Mar 2015 – I’ve been listening and really enjoying all the Bulletproof Podcasts lately – everyday. Bio-Hacking – all my kinds of stuff. It’s a health podcast but it’s mindset, brain, energy, focus, performance, all that kind of stuff. Really liking it. First found it on YouTube and that is good too – because you can see the guests.. so when I’m on the computer, I watch the videos and when I’m driving, I listen to the audio mp3 podcast versions. 

Weekly I listen to:

  • Quantum Physiques21 Mar 2014 – Quantum Physiques – Hasn’t been updated since 2012 (they are talking about bringing it back on soon), but I’m going through all the episodes now and Oh my! a breathe of fresh air.. talk about “positivity”.. he “gets it” – that we create this reality and although the show is primarily for those who are wanting to do body building and the like, that’s not why I’m there – this guy is contagious, when I listen to him – I am talking to a ‘better version’ of my self. I wish I knew people like him in ‘real life’ and I would love to be like that.. he radiates he ‘gets’ the quantum physics angle and uses everyday encounters to explain it in a really easy to understand way.  
    Update 29 Mar 2015 – he still hasn’t added anything new since 2012, despite my insistent nagging and reminders of how much I love it every other month – including today :)
  • 21 Mar 2014 – Purchased all the “Philosopher’s Notes” which are like note-form summaries of various books from health to mindset, so pretty much exactly what I do here on this blog, except someone else’s take on it, and audio.. which is something I want to do too. I love them. Update 29 Mar 2015 – Finished these but like to listen to them every now and again to review.
  • 29 Mar 2015 – Downloaded a bunch of van-life related podcasts recently, although I’m not really “getting into them”.. they have been interesting but I find myself leaning more towards the Bulletproof podcasts (at least the last couple of weeks anyway). I wish there were more to choose from – most of them are RV-dwellers, and I like the “van life”.. similar and useful.. but quite different. So instead, I generally head to Youtube to get my Van-Life fix.

Once in a While I listen to:

Lets Talk Nutrition The Possible Human Revolution Health Radio  The Raw Food Health Podcast David Wolfe's Official Podcast

Lifestyle / Business Podcasts

Every Now and Then (used to be daily)

They are the most awesome podcast shows for entrepreneurs, but this is not my main focus of interest right now:

 Tropical MBA - Entrepreneurship, Travel, and Lifestyle By Dan Andrews Empire Flippers Podcast - Niche Websites The Smart Passive Income Podcast  Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas Business tips for startups by proven entrepreneurs - Mixergy

Not for a While, because my Focus has changed, but these are also great podcasts:

The Foolish Adventure Show with Tim Conley Podcasting: Podcast Like A Radio DJ Podcast Answer Man  Startups For the Rest of Us  Small Business Big Marketing The Suitcase Entrepreneur  The Bright Ideas Podcast Entrepreneurs Journey Podcast By Yaro Starak

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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