[QA] Jobs/Careers for People who can’t use their hands much (RSI, Surgery, Loss of One-Arm, etc)

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Just saw a post on Facebook asking for suggestions:

Help a friend find a new line of work. She can’t use her dominant hand anymore. She asked me to ask you for ideas.

And it reminded me of people in my own life that needs that same advice, so I got my thinking-cap on. Got any other ideas?

  1. Start your own business. Use outsourcers.
  2. Counsellor
  3. Avon, etc.
  4. Life coach
  5. Team leader of pretty much any job
  6. Anything recording videos or audio-podcasts (has she got a passion?)
  7. Door-greeter at Bunnings or BigW or Kmart or Target
  8. Tutor of Students or of particular passion
  9. Mystery Shopper (probably not good money)…
  10. Area manager of any retail store
  11. Those annoying people that talk into speakers in front of jewellery stores (ugh).
  12. Voice-overs (there are heaps of sites for this, but also high competition)
  13. Call Centre (depending on what it is)… might be better off on the outgoing ones rather than the incoming ones.. it really depends on the company. Sales would probably require a lot of typing/documenting.
  14. Hold Workshops/Seminars etc… (outsource the documentation).
  15. Tour guide
  16. Meditation teacher
  17. Videos helping and bringing together others to come up with solutions to these problems (ie. support groups, research, events)
  18. Video Reviews of other people’s products
  19. Talk Show Host
  20. Video Courses
  21. Sales Assistant
  22. Host/Hostess of Events
  23. MC of Events
  24. Teacher/Trainer/Assistant-Trainer at Workshops
  25. Be the brains behind someone else’s brawn... ie. partner with others .. like creatives that need your unique talent (ie… they are good at creating leadlights, or crafts, or cabinets, or pottery, or “anything that they are good at”, and you are good at “what they need” and together you make a dynamic team that helps both of you. 
    (e.g. A few decades ago, my mum partnered with a guy… he created a magazine, and she distributed the magazine and chased-up accounts)
    (e.g. My dad makes leadlights but lives out of town and works from home. He displays his creations in a ‘co-op’ craft-like shop where each of the ‘crafters’ work at the shop for 2 days a month in exchange for their stock being in the store)
    (e.g.  Someone who loves creating websites but hates dealing with the public, would need a ‘frontman’ to meet & greet potential clients)
    (e.g. A Videographer who is talented in recording/creating/editing videos for businesses and movies, but is not a people-person..)
    (e.g. A person who creates baby-feet concrete memorabilia, or statues could work together with someone good at marketing), etc. 

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Penny (PennyButler.com)

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