If I had unlimited resources… [Exercise in Abundance-Mindset]

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If I had unlimited resources... [Exercise in Abundance-Mindset]

If you had unlimited income, resources, support, where would you spend or invest?

An exercise in abundance-consciousness.

  • Instant “home-grown” gardens (1mx1m for everyone)
  • Free Food Forests in Communities
  • Balcony gardens, backyard gardens, frontyard gardens, care-instructions, medical gardens, herb gardens, food/grocery gardens, recipes


  • Solar or Free Energy for All
  • Free electricity
  • Solar charges, solar lighting
  • Or some other technology that is better than solar


  • End Corruption
  • Support people with ideas to change status-quo in local councils and communities
  • Design a system where everyone can exchange ideas they have to serve communities


  • Help everyone know their true purpose, value to the world, contribution
  • How? Turn off their tvs and replace with positive “be the change” programmes.
  • Show people a new normal, a new world, possibilities, opportunities, love, rather than fear, scarcity and consumerism.
  • See people sharing their unique authentic selves with the world


  • Ubuntu communities
  • Invest in Ubuntu communities
  • Interview/Document – create blueprints for others to follow


  • Bio-Fuel or No-fuel vehicles
  • Or investing and releasing nature/earth friendly transportation


  • Promote less consumerism
  • Downsize Possessions
  • Outfit kits – multiple looks from less clothes
  • Bedding – winter/summer
  • Convertible jewellery (necklace > bracelet – one chain, multiple looks)


  • Natural Healing / Raising vibes / consciousness retreats
  • Create conferences, villages, communities, and retreats to gather and share with like-minds


  • Free housing and food forests


  • Free Heating
  • Free sources of heat
  • Free sources of cooking
  • Free sources of cooling


  • Schools like Steiner
  • Invest and create Schools that harness children’s natural gifts, talents and interests
  • Invest in schools that includes education on hands-on skills 
  • Invest in schools that includes education on green-living
  • Invest in schools that harness relationship-building and skills, community-focused and service-orientated
  • Invest in schools that promote higher-conscious living


  • Invest in Kiva
  • Invest in projects like Kiva.org and similar, that are helping people become self-sufficient, raise vibes, care for community and self-sustainability


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