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Become Self-Reliant

To me, being self-reliant is ‘true freedom’:

1.) I believe we need to become self-sufficient in the sense of lowering our costs of living, getting away from our materialistic viewpoints & basically simplifying our lives to focus more on what ‘really’ matters.

2.) Self-sufficient in growing our own food, providing our own energy and self-sustainable living environments for both ourselves and the world we live in, and

3.) Self-reliant in the sense of not being caught-up in the illusion of the rat race, becoming free from what society expects us to do .. to become self-sufficient by investing in our own uniqueness – discovering how our unique abilities or perspectives can serve others in the world, creating a vision around our particular interests & talents, and then harnessing that vision with everything we have – by investing our time, heart, money & soul into it… helping others with our own unique individuality.

History: This blog started out as an internet marketing blog in my ‘past way of thinking’…I’ve left a lot of the older blog posts still here as they are still relevant to all who have discovered their voice and want to use internet marketing as a tool for their purpose, but I am planning to further expand this area to be more in align to my new beliefs; incorporating more deeper ways of self-sufficiency other than just wealth, business, and marketing.

I think we get so caught up in the shallow modern world, that we’re not able to live that freedom that we all seek & desire – the freedom to be “ourselves”, to become who we are and embrace what makes us unique, to live a life of purpose (what makes us the most happiest), where we feel the most “at home”, when our souls ‘sing’ because we are doing what we feel we are ‘meant’ to do. Discovering that value, that uniqueness that is within all of us, and then stepping into the world of feeling free to be yourself, not worrying about what other people think, just adding value to the world for being exactly who you are by living your truth.

Online Business redesign after Spiritual Awakening (Embracing Catalysts)

Discussing analysis paralysis and self-mastery and using life’s challenges as catalysts to levelling-up and redesigning your life for forward-momentum.

How to disable Facebook microphone on your phone (Android/Samsung)

How to stop facebook listening to you

[Jay Shetty] How to Find Your Purpose

Watch as Jay Shetty discusses how to find your purpose and redefine entertainment on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

Lightworkers & Healers Asking for Money

The healer, the wise woman, the shaman, was supported by the tribe in the old days. Now, support comes differently & our tribe is not going to pay our bills for us. So how do we ask to be supported so that we can help more people?

If I had unlimited resources… [Exercise in Abundance-Mindset]

If you had unlimited income, resources, and support, where would you spend/invest?

[QA] Jobs/Careers for People who can’t use their hands much (RSI, Surgery, Loss of One-Arm, etc)

Jobs for people with limited use of their arms or hands

My Ideas for the Lightworkers Project

I just want to have an little area here where I gather my thoughts about my ideas about what I think our Lightworker project could be used for in this time in humanity.

Lifepath – Number Six (6)

You have come to give and be of service to others. You are excellent at mending the physical body through various types of healing, and have the ability to heal the body, emotions, mind and soul. People born with the life path number 6 have a purpose to fulfill and that is to teach others the way of living an ideal and wholesome life.

If you don’t know your purpose, envision your funeral

Discover what is truly important to your life. Your legacy. Your mission.

Service to Others in the Workplace | Definition of Love

Rant about people hiding behind company policies, defining love, and talking about the difference in perceptions in seeing the world and how you are flipping between love-based and fear-based realities.

The Soul of Money – Lynne Twist (I love this book!)

Reading a book that the whole world should read. Vlog & Book notes about The Soul of Money

Pisces Life Purpose

Your higher purpose is mastering your emotions.. and more (notes I found on my computer about the life purpose of a Pisces)

Life Path questions

Questions to ask yourself right now to check your life-path

SoulPreneurs – Creating a Legacy Business

My vision

Morning Routines

New Years Resolutions

Abundance Consciousness – There is no lack

Vibrationally spend 100x what you have. Increase your sense of abundance. Mind game.

Effortless work = Learning & Sharing what you are Passionate about [Video]

When I’m learning new stuff, that’s when I’m the most passionate about it, and when I want to share it. Then after I’ve “got it”… the interest fizzles out and then I get passionate about learning & sharing something “new”. The Journey :)

Online Business in a Van – Intentions

Just want to travel in my van and help people

Free to be Me (Visualizing my Dream Life)

Im truly free when Im with others who allow me to bring my whole self.

[Hangout] Be Yourself, Be Weird, Do your own Thing, Travel

Anti-Conformity, Being Weird, Journey to a Better Life, Do whatever you want, Conscious living, Raising the vibrations of the planet, Internet Marketing, Online Biz, Travel, Help People.

Your Core Identity = Your Perfect Day

Your Core Identity holds your greatest desires, hopes, and dreams. It’s all about the deep, meaningful experiences you really want out of life. It’s who you are meant to be.

YouTube Graphics – How I make my Thumbnails, etc.

This video is NOT a tutorial. Just answering the question that was asked of me – how do I make my custom thumbnails.

Podcasts I Follow

Podcasts I Listen To

A work in progress, these are the podcasts Im currently listening to

Solutions for Freedom

Brainstorming ideas for freedom solutions – downsizing, minimalism, entrepreneurship, scrutinizing expenses & debts… and more…


Portable Living – Mini House on Wheels

Declutter, Downsize, Simplify… Freedom! I can dream can’t I? I’d love to have an easily-portable “home on wheels”… and now I’m collecting ideas on how to make this dream a reality…

comments evolved

Facebook Comments WordPress Plugin (Works Instantly & Integrates Existing Comments)

No mess. No fuss. No adding complicated code or messing with FB apps, this Wordpress plugin simplifies the process of adding comments from Facebook, Google+, Disqus, Livefyre, as well as keeps your WP comments – all integrated in a tab-styled display. Have Facebook comments up on your website in 2 minutes.

Pain has a Purpose

Pain has a Purpose: Hardship is the catalyst for changing the world.

Society is screwed up ! Don’t base your thoughts and decisions on what society’s told you since you were born or what your parents told you cos all they ever know is what society told them! And yet, your heart usually says something different, right? Click here to read more of the transcript from an awesome speech from Markus Rothkranz as he speaks from his heart about health and self-empowerment. Learn how hardship makes us better people, how pain makes us stronger and allow him to inspire you to be the real you.

Prosperity Secret Notes Markus

The Prosperity Secret by Markus Rothkranz [Book Summary]

The Prosperity Secret by Markus Rothkranz is an interesting read that highlights the most important things in life, and is a recommended read for those who want to make a difference in the world, live clean & with more meaning, and to get paid to start living your mission. A business book? not really. A mindset cleanup book? definitely.

Cookie Search Chrome

Can’t login to WordPress in Chrome? Try Incognito Mode

If you can’t login to Wordpress when you are in Chrome, but it works in another browser, & you are not getting any error messages (the screen just refreshes and asks you to login again), then it could be a cookie problem. Try incognito and if it works, delete the website cookie.

Access Cached Versions of Websites

You can access the cached version for any page that has been saved by Google with this:

2014 Online Marketing Ideas

19 Free Ways to Market your Business Online in 2014

Let me know if a year away from the game has skewed my thinking at all and if you have anything to add/remove :)

Facebook & Pinterest Friendly Blog Post Images

Quick guide to re-marketing old posts: Facebook and Pinterest friendly Blog post images

I never paid particular attention to making my featured images / thumbnails “Facebook or Pinterest” friendly but I definitely noticed the difference in traffic & likes/shares when I did take the time & make the effort.

Daily Planner

[Daily Planner] Free Template to Maximize Your Productive Day

Grab this free Productivity Planner to intentionally create your productive day.

Affirmations via SMS

Affirmations via SMS (using Google Calendar)

If you are trying to use Affirmations to change your life by reconditioning your subconscious mind, it can be difficult […]

Get the Word out

Article Writing & Syndication (Best FREE way to get in front of your Target Market)

Article writing costs you nothing to write and is still one of the best free ways to advertise and get you noticed in your niche. But you have to do it a bit differently than you used to (not for SEO!)

Business Case Study

[2 Hr Challenge] Create a Facebook Business Page

How to create a Facebook Business page very quickly and easily. Very, very easy to do and completely free. The […]

Business Case Study

I will be your Business Case Study for 30 days

I will try your business plan & be your case-study – what have you got for me? Preferably infomarketing, niche […]

Supercharge Reputation

5 Things we put off that we know will Supercharge our Reputation and Business

These very well-known effective methods are things we all know we should be doing to super-charge our online publicity, but for some reason, we put off

Podcast Show Challenge

[Workshop] Create your own Podcast Show

How to setup and publish your own Podcast show in a weekend. Listen to this podcast to learn exactly what steps I took and how you can have your own podcast show in just a few days!


Replyz – Get Active on Twitter easily

Replyz is a free Twitter service that allows you to see what questions are being asked in your niche – How?, Does Anyone Know?, Where can I?, Can someone?, Who Is?, What Are?, etc.

[Weekend Challenge] Setup & Run a Business Blog

Having a blog is one of the easiest, fastest things you can do for your business. The install? Just a few minutes. By the end of a weekend, you’ll have a fully-fledged blog ready to show-off to your friends and family and ready for you to have a platform to start promoting and building your brand.

Create Facebook Page

Create a Facebook Page

Today I’m creating a Facebook page for one of my websites – Here are the steps on how I did it.

Change Your Life in 7 Days – Wealth

Notes from the book ‘Change Your Life in 7 Days’ by Paul McKenna that are specific to “Wealth”

How to Design a Training Course

How to Design a Training Course

Notes about designing a training course

Multiple Streams JPG

Multiple Streams of Income (Global 1)

Yesterday I attended an all-day pitch-fest, I mean “seminar” on Multiple Streams of Income. Because it is free, you know […]

The Power of your Subconscious Mind

SubConscious – Wealth & Success

Notes from the book The Power of your Sub-Conscious Mind by Joseph Murphy PhD in relation to Wealth & Success.

The Richest Man in Babylon

80% of the book can basically be summarized with this one sentence: Save more than you spend.

The Science of Getting Rich

A book that explains how to overcome mental barriers, and how creation, not competition, is the hidden key to wealth attraction.


Adding Google Search to 404 error page

Google has a javascript file that you can add to your 404 page so that your visitors can easily search your entire site for whatever they were expecting.

Getting the Right Work done

Guide to Getting the Right Work Done

My Personal Notes from ‘Guide to Getting the Right Work Done’ – Harvard Business Review