Morning Routines

IN Life Purpose & Income

1.) New Years Resolutions
2.) I’m going to create 60-day Morning routines
3.) Accidental Rant about Pharmaceutical Industries, Education System, Government, Corruption, Vaccines, Wars
4.) Certainty, Having a Meaningful Life
5.) Toxic Lifestyle
6.) Pharmaceutical “Side-Effects”
7.) We are the Terrorists
8.) Conformity
9.) Conspiracy Theorists can’t be trusted either
10.) Want to be like everyone else and just go on with my life, just accept it is what it is… but… :/
11.) Auto-pilot Robot Life
12.) Use sub-conscious for good, automatic habits that work towards increasing abundance, to end my own slavery, get healthier & more vibrant, more energy, deliberately adding more joy. Automatic habits to improve every area of life.
13.) Standing Naked in front of the mirror – am I really that healthy?
14.) Drinking water upon waking, Daily stretching, 17 mins day working on my website, 1hr day working towards my future, abundance, breakfast smoothie/salad, daily exercise, daily fun, etc.

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Penny (
Penny (

Who are we? What are we doing here? What is the meaning of life? Penny is a truth-seeker, ever-questioning, ever-learning, ever-researching, ever delving further and deeper down the rabbit hole. This site is a legacy of sorts, a place to collect thoughts, notes, book summaries, whilst providing a searchable archive to easily lookup and reference.