The Soul of Money – Lynne Twist (I love this book!)

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The Soul of Money

82. Everything Ultimately was about collaborating, partnering, and ensuring that everyone had a chance.

Seeing life from the lens of fulfilment and gratitude rather than fear & survival.

89. The experience of fulfilment and sufficiency becomes accessible when they take the resources they have and choose to make a difference with them.

93. Socially responsible businesses are everywhere now, breaking new ground, demonstrating new practices that earn money honourably and don’t deplete the world’s resources irrevocably.

The Power of money is really derived from the intention we give it and the integrity with which we direct it into the world. It can carry blessed energy, possibility and intention or it can carry control, domination, and guilt.

To be known for what you allocate, not what you accumulate.

We become attached to our possessions and start to think that what we have is who we are.

An unhealthy relationship with the way you acquire money is something that can suppress your life.

116. In philanthropic interactions, we can return to the soul of money: money as a carrier of our intentions, money as energy, and money as a currency for love, commitment and service; money as an opportunity to nourish those things we care most about “blessed money”.

Shared vision
Unlimited commitment to develop the human and natural resources of their own region.

Agribusiness venture designed to bring the whole region out of poverty into self-reliance and ultimately into prosperity.

Put your full attention and appreciation on what’s there, you experience sufficiency.

Identifying true assets: talents, skills, hopes, dreams and resources.
“The man he yearned to be”

How would his life look if he were living it true to a deeper vision?

Integrity. What kind of difference did he want to make in the world.

Collaboration and reciprocity are natural.

We are one people, reconnect, share knowledge, wisdom, and save each other. Fly together in the same sky.

Change the dream. We have dreamed and therefore it is. Everything we think and feel is merely perception. Our lives are moulded around our perception. If we want to change, we must alter our perception. Create a new dream.

We think we live in a world. But we don’t. We live in our conversation about the world. When we’re in a conversation about fear and terror, revenge, anger, retribution, jealousy, envy and comparison, then that’s the world we inhabit.

If we’re in a conversation about possibility, gratitude, appreciation for the things in front of us, that’s the world we inhabit.

Centre ourselves in integrity, possibility, and resourcefulness.

233. Our legacy is the intentions we make real in the world through our actions, communications, conversations, relationships and in the many ways we express our love.

Allow people in by appreciation and acknowledging your gratitude.

Moments of connection, when we act from our heart.

What you share you strengthen and that which you share lasts forever as your true legacy.

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