Seeking to help with the Global Awakening & Unite with Truth Organizations that need Verifiable Evidence

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I’m looking to partner or work with organizations who are helping people in the Great Awakening A.S.A.P.

These kinds of roles would suit me best:

  • court & legal documents researching
  • investigative journalist researching
  • background investigative research
  • verifying & correcting/updating statistics/references on existing articles
  • helping with collating documentation for workshops explaining c19 truth and beyond

I have so much verifiable evidence already that just needs to be collated and organized in a way where other people can understand how they connect – I only care for the actual truth and always gaining more understanding – I will not work with anyone that is deliberately misusing facts like the corrupt media & corrupt fact-checkers are doing.

I’m an over-sharer. Always digging deeper and deeper. Uncovering and revealing all the lies and corruption with each passing hour of my life.

Research I’m putting together includes everything I’ve already shared to the cloud via Mega:
And here: Verifiable References For Aussies | Download Research
(But there’s thousands more that I haven’t got public links to)

These are the Australian organizations & websites that I think are in alignment to the same truth that I have evidence for that I think could use my research and knowledge:

Ethical Health Professionals:

Members or Ex-Members of Parliament:

  • Senator Gerard Rennick | Senator Malcolm Roberts | Senator Pauline Hanson
  • Craig Kelly | George Christensen | Clive Palmer

I sent evidence to various lawyers working on cases, but didn’t get a response and noticed they didn’t use any of it in their documents or cases so clearly I’m not able to explain how urgent and important the research is to those that need it, but they need to know what they are really dealing with and have the full information before they go into court and they are not doing that – whether they are still in denial themselves about what is going on i.e. still “programmed”, they may of underestimated how important the documents were, or they were inundated and just never got around to looking at it.

I have always been an information-addict/truth-seeker: “weaponized autism”, and my background is in internet marketing, wordpress, IT, medical encryption, etc. but I stopped everything when I realized how corrupt the world was and kind of lost hope for humanity along the way.

I cannot afford rent, I may not be able to keep this website going if I am unable to source an income and the information I have is too important for humanity to risk losing. I need to unite with others in this cause to help get the truth to the people, both the insane psychopathic plan of the globalists and the solutions for our eventual win.

Many are advising me to just “get a job somewhere” – but anyone on this path knows that you would not be able to focus on a normal everyday job when it’s time-critical to get truth out to the world- this is the hill I stand on. It’s too important.

I’ve already had to delete 100 websites because I could not afford to keep them going. I ‘gave up’ a few years ago, I thought I must be crazy as I couldn’t find others who could ‘see’ and I honestly stopped believing that any of this might happen in my lifetime (and I didn’t see how “big it was” back then). I was open-minded but still perfectly programmed to avoid the New World Order narratives and so I was missing critical pieces of information that fit the pieces together to understanding we are the prey/slaves/experiment(s), and that it IS crazy-sounding when you realize how big it is – it really is hard to process.

They are very intelligent, have unlimited income, and those behind them have had us enslaved forever, but the truth of who they are sounds completely “nuts” and as we figure out their plans and what is really going on, it sounds incredibly insane to those of us who have been programmed to think life is completely different than what it actually is.

Now there are millions of us who have all figured it out at the same time and filled in the blanks to make sense of how it all fits together, we need to unite and get all our projects we’ve all been working on in the great awakening re-fired up and out there urgently. It’s time to get to work on what we came here to do and actually accept that this is really happening.

Having this barrier right now – this threat to housing & survival, and this threat to Victoria and those who are speaking the truth looming, it’s really hard to just focus on what my mission is and get this information out to the world.

If any of you know the above organizations or other similar organizations, journalistic organizations, politicians, or law firms that could use my research, please help me get in contact with them because every time I’ve reached out, I’ve not received a response, and I’m not sure if it’s being ignored or if it’s not even reaching them.

We are really living in the head of the snake down here in Victoria, and we need to unite with others for truth.

Please help me get my research in front of these places that can share the research with the world.

You know we’re up against those with unlimited funds, and unlimited reach, and it’s so hard to get truth through these seemingly impossible barriers – where they can literally “wipe your reputation and history” with a key-stroke. It’s rigged in their favour right now because evil has the megaphone, and they isolated everyone so they couldn’t share the truth in person and had complete control over the information that people received – but even owning the media hasn’t stopped billions awakening to the truth – many for the first time, and millions being able to get the truth out to each other, and we need to keep helping people find the truth.

If you can help donate funds to keep this website going and to help me pay rent, thank you so much. or

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