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Did you know we all live our lives with two separate identities?

The first one is your current identity — this is who you are, right now. 

The other is something called your Core Identity.

This identity holds your greatest desires, hopes, and dreams. It’s all about the deep, meaningful experiences you really want out of life. 

It’s who you are meant to be. I learned about this concept from a remarkable speech I saw in 2008 from a speaker called Frank Kern. This exercise really helped the audience create a new vision for what they wanted their lives to look like. It helps you avoid Brules and Means Goals by getting you to think about something really simple…

Your Perfect Day.

Kern suggested that we all ask ourselves the following question:

If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your perfect, average day look like?

Limitations means you don’t have to worry about money, health, geography, nor limiting people.

Consequences means it has to be something safe, not anything that will get you in trouble (or arrested…)

Average means you could do it everyday and not get killed (this means your perfect day would not include climbing Mount Everest, for example.)

So how do you create that new life? 

FIRST mentally create that perfect day. That perfect day will help you understand yourself and find your core identity.


Discovering Your Perfect Day

1 Where would you live? 

2 What would your house look like? 

3 What time would you wake up? 

4 What would you do in the morning? 

5 What would you have for breakfast?

6 What does the mundane stuff look like? (e.g. taking kids to school)

7 What would you do in the first half of your day? 

8 What would you eat for lunch? 

9 Who would you eat with? 

10 What would your friends be like? 

11 What would you do for personal fulfillment? 

12 What purpose would you strive for? 

13 What would your business be? 

14 What would you actually do for work? 

15 What are your clients like? 

16 What are your relationships like? What do you like about each other?

17 What would you do for family time?

18 What is the relationship with your kids like? What do you appreciate about each other?

19 What would you have for dinner? Where would you eat?

20 What would you talk about over dinner? 

21 What would you do at night? 

22 Who would you do it with? 

23 Where would you do it? 

24 What would your thoughts be as you go to sleep? 


These questions are all based on desired experiences, not goals or things. Remember that our experiences help shape our identity.

That is step one. Crafting your perfect day. Your perfect day will help you identify who you really are, and what your core identity is.

Go into as much detail as possible. It’s these experiences that ultimately mould your core identity. 

When you have a clear picture of who you are — this is your core identity.


When you start upgrading your beliefs and habits, that’s when you start moving in the direction of your core identity. You’ll start experiencing massive growth and improvements in many areas of your life.


But it all starts with your beliefs and habits


~ Vishen Lakhiani – MindValley

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