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Grab this [tweetable alt=””]Free Template to Plan a Productive Day[/tweetable].

STEP 1 Print out the following Daily Schedule & Spend 5 minutes Planning your Day
What can you realistically accomplish that will further your goals & make this day highly successful? Schedule them into time slots – place the most important items first & complete them before checking email/phone or other distractions.”

STEP 2 Refocus Every Hour.
Setup your phone alarm to go off every hour. Then look at your list and ask yourself if you spent the last hour productively. Deliberately recommit to how you are going to use the next hour of your life.Boost Productivity

This template includes:

  1. 3 x Highest Priority Tasks (Due Today, No Matter What)
    Put your must-do’s in this section and keep it to 3 tasks.
    Get these done first, before you check emails, facebook, or any other distractions.
  2. 3 x Other Projects/Goals that you’d like to do today
    Room for 3 other important tasks that need to be completed after the first 3 are done.
  3. Actionable Steps to Move my Projects Forward
    12 x Actionable Steps that you can take, that will move your projects/goals forward. Put in small, specific tasks in here – single actions that will allow you to gain momentum as you “check off” your done items.
  4. People I need to Reach Out to Today
    5 x People that you need to get in contact with today to move your projects forward (or clients/loved ones, etc)
  5. Today’s Affirmation
    A section to write in your affirmation of the day. Spend 5 minutes “being” that affirmation. Having it in your todo list ensures that you don’t forget about it.
  6. Today’s Tasks
    A section broken-down into 30min blocks where you can plan your tasks, your breaks, and your email-checking & fun times.The time in this checklist starts at 7:00am and goes til 10:30pm.
  7. Productivity & Health checklist
    Next is a small list of things to check off to bring your awareness to things you want to ensure you do for your health everyday for maximum productivity, longevity, and mental alertness. You can change these if you have the spreadsheet version, but the pdf version has the following suggestions:a.) At least 15 minutes of Daily Movement
    b.) Daily Sunlight/Oxygen  (important for most internet marketers in their dark rooms!)
    c.) 8 x Water &/or Fresh Juices (with 8 checkboxes)
    d.) Healthy Breakfast
    e.) Healthy Lunch
    f.) Healthy Dinner
    g.) Spend 5 minutes on affirmation
    h.) 15 minutes Visualization/Meditation/ or Quiet Reflection
    i.) Room for 4 more of your own
  8. Notes Section
    A Notes section just bigger than a post-it note for you to note down phone numbers while on a call, or reminders, or anything else you need during the day.


As you can see I’ve worked really hard to pack a lot of information into a “one-page” very-workable printout. I really hope you enjoy it and that it helps you get more ‘of the important’ things done to achieve your goals.

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[tweetable alt=””]Free Template to Maximize Your Productive Day[/tweetable]


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