Pain has a Purpose: Hardship is the catalyst for changing the world.

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Pain has a Purpose

Download the audio recording of Markus Rothkranz speech here:

I listened to this audio this morning and I was so happy to hear this message from a kindred-spirit that I spent the next few hours transcribing this audio and really soaking it in. Love it. Love everything that Markus puts out actually. Definitely aspire to do a similar service to humankind that he is doing (got something in the works already that I’m really enjoying working on).

Today, I took some time-out from working on my own thing to appreciate and celebrate the speech that Markus gave in Washington at a Raw-Food expo and to really soak in the message, to relish that there are others that think similar to me and truly do live from their hearts, speak their truth, and truly live to help people. And to share his message to whoever is out there aspiring to also change the world.

Read or listen to the transcript from Markus Rothkranz as he speaks from his heart about health and self-empowerment. Learn how hardship makes us better people, how pain makes us stronger and allow him to inspire you to be the real you.

Transcript begins here:

There’s a lot of talk about being blissed-out all the time and having the greatest time ever and everything.

How many of you are having a real sucky year? So much stuff is happening. We are like going through hell and the world out there is going through hell.

And I think its important that we recognize that energy and that we know why its happening and that we allow it to happen, and that we don’t freak out about it.

There is no correlation between being spiritually evolved and going through pain. There is nothing that has to connect enlightenment with going through hard times. Some of the most spiritually advanced people on the planet …let’s pick up on a good one here.. let’s take um.. that guy that they nailed to the cross…ok? He was about the most enlightened guy they had, and he went through pain. Look at Gandhi. He watched his wife die and then they shot him. Look at John Lennon. Look at Joan of Arc. Look at anybody throughout history. No matter how enlightened they were, they had really, really hard times. They went through pain.

And you and I, and everybody out here, no matter who we are, anybody who says that they are not going through pain is probably.. I mean in my opinion.. are not telling you the whole picture. They don’t want you to know they’re going through pain.

And I want you to know that whatever it is you are going through, in your relationships, in your lives, in your money situation, it’s ok. It’s normal. Everybody’s going through it, and to not let it get you down.

First of all, you’re not the only one that’s going through it. And luckily because I’m raw-food, the health part didn’t effect me at all. It helps you get through it. Now you’re all gonna go through relationship issues, if you’re not already. You’re all gonna go through money issues at some point in your life and usually it’s right-now when it hits hard in the economy. It’s gonna affect everybody in some way. 

Health, real health. Is a lot more than just what you put in your mouth.

It’s what you put in your head and your heart and your soul and your relationships and your spirit.

I mean otherwise, how could George Burns live to be 100 years old and some raw-foodists are falling dead at 70 or 80. There’s something that has to be considered more than just food.

And that is how you feel about yourselves. About your lives. What you’re doing with it.

You’re relationship. How happy are you really with your relationship? Are you getting what you want out of it? Because if you are holding something in, if you’re repressing something, it’s gonna manifest itself in some way, and it’s not gonna be a great way the longer you hold onto it.

So my message to you is cleaning-out is more important than anything.

And I don’t just mean your body, cos if you read my book that’s kinda what it talks about, I really don’t focus as much on what you put in – it’s more what you put out.

House-cleaning is more important than the paint you put on the walls. You gotta clean out. You gotta clean out your body, your soul, your spirit, everything.

And that starts with you inside, and if you start cleaning out yourself inside, then everything outside yourself starts cleaning out too.

Hardship is the catalyst for changing the world:

Has anybody ever seen Christina Aguiliera in concert? She’s amazing. Ok, she’s incredibly amazing. She’s got amazing passion, she’s full of life, she’s got the maturity level of someone 3 x her age.

Christina Aguiliera Concert

Ok, now who’s seen Britney Spears? And there’s a lotta people moaning inside. Oh yeah right. Nobody takes her seriously. Now what’s the difference between these 2 people? Same age, same business.

Ok Britney was brought up coddled, she was spoiled, she got everything she ever needed. Christina watched her dad beat up her mother. And she went through it over and over. She went through stuff that you and I probably have never felt. Every concert that she has now, she actually stops and gives thanks to the hardships she went through because she says without it, she would not be where she is today. She would not be the person she is today. She wouldn’t be as mature, she wouldn’t have the passion in her life that she has today.

So when you see somebody that is full of passion, who is really full of life, who makes you feel something that resonates that they got something that just gives you chills, chances are they went through something really tough to get to that point. You have to pay for that.

So whatever it is that you guys are going through right now, just know that there’s a reason for it. And there’s something big happening in the world right now and we’re being setup for it and it’s gonna be something really cool, and we are on the cutting edge of that.

Tempering by fire

I dunno if you guys have ever heard the phrase ‘tempered by fire’? It’s an old sword-making term. It’s something – a basic sword when it’s made out of cheap metal, it breaks. It just snaps like a twig. But if you heat it up and you pound it with a hammer, and you heat it up and you pound it, and you heat it up and you pound it, pound it, pound it, that thing becomes so strong that it an withstand any battle.

And that’s what happens in life, and I’m sure a lot of you are feeling right now like life is basically just putting a blow-torch in your face and just melting you like you can’t stand – like it’s pounding away, and you wonder how much longer you can last…

The movie Gladiator, ok? The movie Gladiator was a great movie; it resonated a lot, everybody loved it. Now if you look back, and you think about what the movie was about.. it’s us, ok? At some point in our lives we were generals of armies, right? We feel like we’re on top of the world, everything was going great, and then something happened where it just got pulled away from us, and we were cut down, we were in-dignified down to the level of a slave and almost put to death. Well look what happened in that movie though, he had a strength, he found waves inner core, he fought back for what he felt was right, for what was him, and he toppled the government, and he changed the nation.

When you feel like your entire life is being pulled away, and it looks like there’s nothing left, look what happened to these people. It changed history. The ones that really change history, they came out of nowhere.

Be the change

Look at Gandhi. He wasn’t even an official character. He wasn’t even a government. He just… he fasted, he did what was right. People followed him because they knew he came from his heart, he changed the world. Look at Jesus Christ, I mean, look at these great leaders. Y’know, they had no great title or anything but they stood up for what they believed in, and that’s what changed the world.

Any one of you, that feels like, really insignificant… “What difference am I gonna make in the world?” No matter where you are, no matter what kind of a slum you’re in, or slump you’re in, you can come out of that and ripple out to the universe, and change everything. You gotta stick around and let that happen, it’s so important.

Prize fighters and boxers for example, they let themselves get punched! So they can get used to the pain, so they can go into a battle or a fight. It hardens them, it’s like the sword that gets tempered.

People, we are being trained to be champions. We are being toughened up for a reason. Ok? This is all happening for a reason. That strength that you are getting, the toughness you’re getting, you need that for what’s about to come up, and it’s gonna be some big stuff that’s coming up. It’s more than raw-food guys.

This is body, mind and spirit.

There is gonna be people out there who aren’t gonna continue, who aren’t gonna be able to continue, they’re not gonna be able to handle it. But you guys are on the right path because you’re all about health. And real health is more than just being thin, it’s more than just not having cancer, it’s about having a loving relationship, not just with yourself, not just with your boyfriend and girlfriend, but with the entire world – the entire universe, with every living thing out there. Cos when you start rippling out that kind of energy, you are literally changing everything in time and space. And that’s what it’s all about.

And when you leave this planet, I want you to look back and go “I did everything I could… Every moment of my life“. “I did everything I could with every bit of energy I had” and then you can go.

But, I dunno, how many of you right now.. if you would end your life right now, could go “I did everything that I possibly could?

And how many of you are going.. “ah.. well… I like that comfort food, I really like that thing that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.. I know it’s not really good for me but I’m just gonna sneak that one little thing in there and nobody’s gonna know, y’know

and that relationship…

How much are you compromising? To make that other person happy? And you’re going to bed at night and going, “I really don’t like myself cos of the things that I’m doing, that I’m giving up, that it’s not really me“.

You need strength, you need to hold onto what is YOU. And you know what, that person that you’re afraid of losing? Is probably gonna respect you more because you stood up for what you believed in, that’s the catch-22, it’s all a test.

Life is a video game. It really is. Life is a video game. It’s very testing. Ok, put it this way. Let’s say you went into an arcade, alright? And you put your money in the machine and the thing immediately went “You Win! Game Over.

How many of you are gonna feel jibbed? Alright..How many of you are gonna feel ripped-off? Like, wait a minute, I just put money in the machine and it told me I won, game over? It’s like.. “I wanna play! I wanna fight! I wanna have a challenge!“.

I bet you most people out here .. you’re gonna say “I don’t want any hardships, I don’t want to have any pain!“, but yet if you don’t have any, you’re gonna feel ripped off, and yes, we wanna challenge. We’re human beings, we want to feel like ok, give me a challenge so at the end of the day I can feel like I won something. If we’re just given a prize…

Ok, look at the rich people, look at the rich, spoilt kids. I’ve seen a lot of them in Beverly Hills. They get everything they want, and look what it got them, look at the kind of like little bastards they turn out to be, they don’t appreciate anything and look at the ones who are like born in the, y’know, like in really bad situation, and then they go through hell, and they become the coolest people in the world.

Most of my friends are people that have been through hell. So that tells you something: 

Going through hardships makes us Better People.

And the ones who are gonna ultimately run the world are the ones that have been through hell. Not the ones who have been coddled from childhood. So, just know that when you go through hell, or whatever it is you’re going through, it’s happening for a reason.

Don’t confuse getting tougher with not having emotions and being sensitive cos that’s not what it is, it just strengthens you. It makes you more passionate. I’m so much more passionate now than I was 10-20 years ago. Y’know, I’m tougher, but I’m still, I’m actually more open and more passionate.

The greatest movies of all time, the greatest entertainment, the greatest books, the greatest anything. What are they? What are the greatest stories? They’re all about pain. Look at Shakespeare, all the great.. ok, let’s take romantic movies, cos that’s my favourite socio matter. They are usually stories about unrequited love. To be like they can never totally be together, but they love each other and they’re just torn apart and they can’t be together. And we just want them to get together – we just want them to be together. And sometimes these stories don’t even end happy. But y’know we pay money to watch this and feel the pain. Get this, ok. We are paying money to Feel Pain! Why? Why do we pay money to feel pain? Because we feel we need it! We get something out of it, we relate to it, we see something in there that we feel.

We don’t have to be in a messed-up relationship, yet a lot of us are! We know we can walk out of it at any minute, but why do we stay in it? Why? Cos when something inside us says ‘there’s something in here that I need – I dunno what it is, but I gotta stay with it, I gotta work this out.. I gotta feel like I .. I dunno, whatever it is.. either it’s a challenge you gotta overcome, or something you’re gonna learn or, or whatever it is, you’re in it for a reason. And it’s just fascinating to me that people actually spend money to go to movies that are painful, and they wanna feel that stuff, and it’s the same with their relationships.

So you’re going ok, why are you with this person? Well maybe, just maybe, someone like me needs to be with someone like her, and maybe someone like her needs to be with someone like me.

There’s a reason for everything, y’know I listen to my heart, I don’t listen to my mind, your mind will give you a million reasons why you shouldn’t do something. And it gives you a guilt-trip, it messes you up, and it just drives you nuts.

Don’t listen to your mind cos it’s gonna screw you up.

Your mind is only based on things that you have been told – that society has told you. It’s just like a little tape-recorder. “Well so & so said this, therefore blah, blah, blah” “the tv said this, the radio said this, the newspaper said this, society said this, therefore: blah, blah, blah” – that’s your mind. It’s screwed up! Society is screwed up ! Don’t base your thoughts and decisions on what society’s told you since you were born or what your parents told you cos all they ever know is what society told them! And yet, your heart usually says something different, right?

Your mind says one thing and your heart … your mind says “no” and your heart says “yes“. And the heart usually says yes to something that’s never been done before. It’s risky! “Oh, you know, I could lose everything if I follow my heart.”

Yet the people that change history, the ones who are the happiest, they’re not ones that have a lot of money necessarily, they’re ones that follow their heart.

Usually when you follow your heart, in the first instance, it might seem like the scariest thing in the world, when you follow it, I bet you, most of the time, there’s something that’s gonna happen that you never expected to happen, and it’s gonna turn into something magical. And most people that DIDN’T follow their heart, they usually regret it afterwards, not doing it. But you don’t know until you try it.

So my point is, if you’re gonna be happy in life, I mean – what is health? I know people that eat bad stuff, and they’re happy. And I know people that force themselves to eat flax crackers, and they’re the unhappiest people in the world, and they gripe and they bitch, there’s something missing there.

Some people are not ready for change…

Those of us that are healthy and we spend a lot of energy trying to help those people that aren’t healthy, like, you know, Uncle Bob who’s eating steak, and drinking beer, and eating pizza. “Bob – you gotta change! Ya gotta change! I swear you’re gonna get better if you do this“. And he gets mad at you, or it could be your wife, it could be your husband. Right? Everybody, every woman’s got that husband that’s gotta stay with the beef, that’s gotta stay with the beer, that’s gotta stay with the pizza. And you start driving them away, you start having relationship problems because you’re pushing them away because you’re forcing your life onto them.

What if they’re not ready? What if they’re time is like a year from now or what if it’s like 3 lifetimes from now? It’s not your job to choose when they change.

You live the example and hopefully you’ll inspire them. But you gotta realize, and this is important, I realize this: two-thirds of the people out there in this world are not gonna change, no matter how hard you try, and the harder you try, the more you’re gonna push them away. So don’t bother forcing.

One-third of the people are ready to change. Those people are gonna listen to you, they’re gonna follow your example and they’ll be waiting for you. So whatever message you put out, it might not be the person that you want it to have change, that’s gonna listen to you, it might be the person next to them.

Just be ready for that because pain is actually when your expectations don’t come true. When you expect this, y’know, you want this to happen, but this over here happened as well. Ya gotta loosen up a little bit and don’t expect, y’know, you’re expectations to be the way it’s gonna happen.

We’re human beings. We only have limited perspective. We can only see this much of reality. God, the universe, can see a lot more. And what he has planned for us, is a little bit more than what you and I think we want or need.

So just let it flow, just kind of flow with it, and let it happen. Trust that whatever you think is pain, and hell, and hardships, just trust that maybe there’s a reason for it, and let it happen, be ok with it.

And if somebody makes you feel bad, don’t fight it, just let them do their thing and get on with your life.

Be you.

I think the most important thing is, to whatever it is you are feeling inside, be YOU please – that’s what the world needs. I don’t want a fake you talking to me, I don’t want you telling me what you think I want to hear, I want you to hear YOU, how YOU feel, talking to me. I want the REAL YOU. And I think everybody out there wants to hear the real you.

So why are you not being real to yourself sometimes? Cos you wanna make the other person happy. You wanna go out of your way, you want to be this like sacrificial martyr. I think the only way you can really be honest and respectful to God and the world, is to be really you.

Stand up for what’s right, do what you feel is the right thing to do.

Stand up for what.. and that’s what’s gonna change the world, and there’s not gonna be a lot of us doing it, so the few of us that have the strength to do it, please, join me. Stand up for what’s right, do what you feel is the right thing to do, and don’t worry about what other people say or criticize or don’t try and force other people to live your way, just be you.

Be an example, that’s the only way we’re gonna change the world, is to be a living, walking, breathing example of what it’s like. Everybody travels at their own speed. Maybe the person you’re with is travelling at the same speed you are, maybe you haven’t found that person yet, maybe they haven’t caught up to you, maybe they’re in a different place. But you’re gonna find what you’re here for at some point. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

And there’s no piece in a puzzle that doesn’t belong, somewhere. And the puzzle’s gonna have a big hole in it, if you’re not part of that giant overall picture. So trust that you’re here for a reason. And please be a little more patient. Sometimes when… trust me I have these moments to, where you just sit there at the end of the day and you go “Why hasn’t it happened yet?”

It is happening. You just .. y’know. it’s just .. like, let’s say somebody left from Florida to meet you in Virginia, y’know it takes a long time to get there, especially if you’re travelling slow. Just know that they’re en-route. Make ready for them so when they arrive, when that thing you’re waiting for, the money, the personal relationship, whatever it is, arrives… be Ready for it. If you build it, it will come, whatever.. it’s all the same stuff.

From someone who has travelled the world, and trust me, I’ve seen a lot of really big “Healers” quote-unquote. The people that people look up to. The “Guru’s”. I’ve seen them all – I’ve met most of them. And you’d be surprised how many of these people, behind the cameras, when the cameras are off, they’re not having the best day ever – they are, bitching, they’re moaning, they’re complaining, they’re miserable, they have human emotions. They’re “real people”! Y’know you gotta understand: They’re no better than you!

Don’t feel like.. I mean.. I trust .. I feel this a lot sometimes when I used to .. where I felt like I was in detention, and everyone else was outside having a party, having a good time. And I know a lot of you feel like that. Everybody else is having a greater time than me. They’re not. Ok, they might have a little bit more money, or whatever, but it’s gonna catch up. Everybody has their price to pay.

Everybody has things that they have to deal with. So please don’t feel bad for what you’re going through, and if I can make you feel better in any way, let me know, just email me, my website is . The book that I have out at talks about how to heal yourself basically from anything, and it’s body, mind and spirit, it’s not just raw food. That’s a piece of it, but if you really wanna heal ANYTHING, you gotta take all the things into consideration. And it’s basically living the way that nature intended you to. I wanna help you guys, I wanna help the world, I wanna do the best that I can.

BE YOU. People love out there. That’s what I’m doing. Ripple it out there and it’s gonna be leaving it’s mark. You might not feel it right now, but it’s leaving it’s mark. Every smile, every hug, every nice thing that you say to somebody you don’t like, you’re leaving a mark, and you’re changing it. You’re changin’ the universe. Little by little. Cell by cell. Thought by thought.

Y’know and that’s so.. and that’s why relationships are so important. Whoever you’re with in a relationship, that’s a test. However you’re doing in your relationship is a mirror of how you’re doing with yourself and your life. They’re just testing you, it’s all they’re doing.

If you wanna know how you’re doing, just look at the person you’re with.

Y’know – it’s never gonna end, it’s a video game. Like I said. Let’s say you pass, let’s say you pass level 5 on the video game, y’know you’re always at the very edge of what you can handle, in the video game right? And then you pass that level, what does the video game do? Bumps you up to the next level! The bad guys are 10x worse, coming at you twice as strong. Because you’re ready for that at that point. You’re always gonna be tested the very level of what you’re capable of handling.

So even if you’re with somebody for 20 years or a lifetime. They, and everything else, is gonna be testing you. That’s their job. They’re mirroring you. Make them proud – be you. They wanna know that you’re strong enough to be you. And if you are you, they’re gonna respect you for it. And guess what, they’re probably gonna be with you longer. They’re bluffing. It’s a card game. They’re being poker-faced. Ok? They’re seeing how tough you are. Trust me, every time you call that bluff, and you say the hard sentence where you feel like if you answer it, the way you really wanna answer it, you might lose that person, a lot of the time, when you say what you – the hard thing, whatever it is, the difficult thing, the outcome might not be what you expect. They actually might respect you 100 x more and be with you 100 x more, because you had the strength to be you. And I think that’s ultimately what people want to see in you – is that you’re strong.

Trust me, I don’t care how strong a person looks next to you, they’re looking to you for strength too. Everybody needs strength through somebody else. So get back to what I was saying originally. Be you. Just – that’s it.

Let’s say you lose what you’ve got! Let’s say you lose your boyfriend or girlfriend, your house, your car, or your money. Guess what? Something better might come along – the next day – the next week – the next .. a better job, a better house, I mean, it’s happened to me!

Donald Trump lost everything he had 5 x over. He’s still on top of the world. So don’t worry about it. Y’know. Or maybe you’ll still have the same relationship but the person will be better or changed because of what you did.

Truth is the only thing that will ever last.

If you feel like your life is really complicated, you need to do some cleaning, you need to get rid of some of the.. y’need to like simplify your life, cos you’ll have less stress and you’ll be healthier. Big part of being unhealthy is you’re stressed-out, you’ve got too many things pressing on you.

I’m actually glad what’s happening. I’m glad the economy is happening the way it is. I’m glad things are falling apart. Because it’s forcing people to wake up and see how we’re supposed to live. To stop depending on the government for money, stop depending on doctors for your health.

You walk outside and you.. I go to a gym and they sell wheatgrass for $3/oz. What is this stuff right here? Tell me what this is – this is grass! Juice it. Drink it. Jeez. This is not rocket science folks, I mean it’s like.. I see everywhere.. I mean.. look around you right now, see all this green stuff? How many of you know how much of this you can eat? I’ll bet most people here have no clue. That’s what the video is about. I need to remind people that are like, ok, we’re in the most sophisticated country in the most evolved point in human history, you sent man to the moon, and we don’t even know what we’re supposed to eat!


We have no clue. Can we eat that bush there? Is that edible? That tree? Can anybody tell me? Nobody knows! Yeah I’ll eat the grass, well actually no, you can’t. You can but you can’t. That’s the tricky part. You can get down on the ground and start munching like a dog, but we can’t digest cellulose. Our pancreas doesn’t create cellobiase. So what do you do to eat this? I mean you can chew it like a cow for 12 hours. Y’know a blender will break it up. I talk all this in my book. Yes, this is definitely edible, but you have to go through a process, if you put it in a blender, you juice it, or whatever, but you have to break apart the cells, so you can get to the good stuff inside.

But anyway, the point is, nobody knows! This is the most advanced society in the history of the world and we have no clue anymore how we’re supposed to live the way we were designed by God and nature.

Everything I do is to self-empower people. How to make their own electricity from the sun, the wind, the air, the water. How to eat your own food that’s free and not depend on people for your health, or your money to how to heal your relationships. I mean, I don’t care about food, I really don’t care if I ever eat at all, if I cease to exist tomorrow, I wanna be in the arms of someone that loves me while I breathe my last breath. And that to me is the most important thing. More than anything. I don’t care about food. I wanna be healthy and happy. And I think that energy, y’know the one thing that I remember the most, I always give this example because its my favourite one:

Pompeii Eternal EmbraceThere was a volcano that exploded in Italy, 2000 years ago, Pompeii. And the ash cloud, there’s this huge giant cloud of ash, just goes through the air, 200 miles an hour, y’know whoever’s in it’s way, it just freezes them, and basically solidifies – petrifies them in the position that they’re in forever.

They found this couple in their bedroom. It’s just a pair of skeletons now, and it’s a famous picture, I’m sure you’ve all seen it, it’s just 2 people hugging each other. It’s called the “Eternal Embrace”. These 2 people knew they were gonna die. They knew that death was only seconds away.

Were they scared? I think they gave up. I think they had a resolve when they knew they knew were gonna die. Fear was no longer like, why bother fearing. So they looked at each other and said I love you, let’s end our life hugging, cuddling, spooning, whatever it is they did. That’s how they end. They were frozen forever in time and they became a picture that touches our hearts 2000 years later. Whatever they were feeling at that moment where they gave up everything. And think about this, isn’t that what the bible says? to give up, to let go? to just let love in? and just live like that? What those 2 people were feeling at the last second of  their life, they gave up fear, fear was useless at that point. They knew they were gonna die.

So all they had left was love. They went – they left this life with love. Now what if you could live like that every moment of your life? Even if it’s the next hundred years? What if you become the healthiest person in the world – you eat raw food and you cleanse everyday, if you can come from that place, that energy, I swear, you’re gonna help literally change the planet, in a huge way.

Because people around you are gonna say Woah. I wanna be like that person. I wanna come from that place. And they’re gonna start maybe being like that. And they’re friends will start being like that, and before you knew it, maybe things will change. And I think that’s the only thing that’s gonna change the world, is to come from that place. Leave your mark like those 2 people did 2000 years ago. My name is Markus Rothkranz and I am here to set you free. My website is

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What does Ignis aurum probat mean?

Fire tests gold. 

This is part of a Latin quotation from Roman Stoic philosopher and statesman, Seneca. It reads in full “ignis aurum probat, miseria fortes homines”, in English translation,”as gold is tempered by fire, so strong men are tempered by suffering“.

The meaning is that in order to become pure gold, the original gold-bearing ore must go through the tempering process of fire; the analogy being that for a man strong in spirit, adversity and suffering are the tempering agents necessary to refine his character and bring out his true potential.

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Penny (

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