Abundance Consciousness – There is no lack

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Abundance Consciousness - There is no lack

Morning pages, sometime in 2015: Abundance Consciousness 

1.) Foundation:

Everything already exists – everything you desire has been manifested, has already come. There is No Lack.

2.) Activate Abundance Vibration:

Activate your desired possibility in the here and now feeling. Infinite field. More probably, more likely. Feel into your desires here & now. Remove idea that it’s not here. Be In Flow of Abundance Manifestation. Inside of my being, stay in that feeling. Love the energy. You don’t need specific details, the desire-energy increases vibration.

3.) Amplify the Power of Manifestation
“I can” “I could” “I have the resources”

Feel the presence and scope of your spending power. What would you do with the resources? What could/can you do, how would that feel? You can do that, buy that, give/share that, manifest that. Affirming / Emphasizing the spending power. How much could you do with that? Transforms energy into Abundance. Vibrationally spend 100x what you have. Increase your sense of abundance. Mind game. What “Can” happen.


See it. Feel it. Be it.


Limiting Beliefs. 3 Stage Process

What you are seeing / feeling is always the past. It’s always a past reflection.

Stage 1.)

New intention. This is who I am. See it, feel it, do it, and be it. Passion, inspiration, new excitement.

Stage 2.) 

Challenge, reflection of old-thought patterns, warnings, lack, failures, safety.

Give green light – double, quadruple effect. “I am ready for it”. Bump-up frequency.

Emphasizing abundance so no “lack” molecule. Overpower yourself with your own happiness. Make delusion, reality. Fake it til you make it. Create reality. Maintain new frequency “at all costs”. Negative feeling = address it somehow – is this still serving me? No – My happiness is supporting me.

Stage 3.)

Confirmation, Transformation, Celebration.




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