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Update 12 APR 2023 – I am enjoying doing this via command line now – so much faster. See this post if you are interested (bit of a brainteaser to setup, but after that it’s so much quicker!)

Update 26 DEC 2022 – Most of the links below, which must of been run by the same company, were redirecting to some kind of app they wanted people to sign up for – NO THANK YOU! I’ve found a workaround and updated the links. This one site seems to do all the majors I’ve tried so far: and I still use the Telegram bot and Chrome extension (listed later in the post) for small clips I find on FB/Twitter/IG/YT etc. and for embedded videos, but DownloadeRR seems to be able to cover most of the popular and alternative video sites so I recommend adding it to your bookmarks.

My answer to a friend’s question about how I download various videos online is that I have a folder in my bookmarks that links to all the various online downloads that work for various networks. Recently, my favourite method has been to use a Telegram bot, which I’ll explain further below the links.

When a video is embedded

To download embedded videos from news sites ie. SkyNews, 7News, ABCnews, etc. you need a browser extension, such as Video Downloader PLUS

To download embedded videos from standard blog sites that don’t have blocking, you can do it straight from your browser:

  1. F12 on the keyboard (or right-click Inspect)
  2. Go to the Network tab
  3. Click the Filter button and choose “Media”
  4. Play the video and it should show up as a mp4 link

If neither work, then you need a screen recorder, or your phone-cam as a last-resort.

Government Conferences & Speeches

Australian Parliament

Parlview has a built-in downloader where you can clip the section you want to download and grab just that part of the recording.

Option 1.)
Create a free C-Span account and you can download 4 free full sessions a month

Option 2.) has a lot of the more recent clippings (hand-picked bias toward the big lies however – which may be useful for those of us exposing the lies)

Option 3.)
Any video software that has live screen recording (Camtasia, VLC, etc and loads of open source software on

Option 4.)
Command-line software like youtube-dl

Option 5.)
Browser apps/extensions have free recording software that save as webm

Telegram Bots

My fave catch-all downloader for most of the networks is a Telegram bot.

I add this bot as a friend and keep in a separate folder. It’s the fastest and most convenient way for me because I always have Telegram open.

  1. Add this bot as a friend: @download_it_bot
  2. Send video link direct to your new “bot friend”.
  3. Within a few minutes it comes up with a list of download options, which you select the file-size/resolution.
  4. It converts and uploads the video in your selected format back to the Telegram chat for you to download.

Another bot I use in a different way is @InstantMediaBot

This one you have to add to your group chat as an admin so I setup a group just for testing Telegram bots. Whenever I post a link to this test group, the bot automatically converts it into a downloadable file whenever it’s from a site that it recognizes (such as Youtube & Facebook).

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