Lightworkers & Healers Asking for Money

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Lightworkers & Healers Asking for Money

I’m trying to start a new business. I’m in a position where people come to me for help, with real problems, and I’m in no position to help them because I’ve chosen a minimalist lifestyle that doesn’t generate enough income to even get my own needs met, and whilst trying to do this business plan, it’s brought up a lot of money-blocks, and the resistance to charging money, and the desire to help those with the same philosophy as me – those who want to come together with others to bring solutions to humanity – generally are of the same abundance-caliber too – they don’t have the money to meet their own needs, and they all have this desire to help but are stuck in the system of ‘requiring money first’. It’s a mind-set that I think is not really serving us, but on the other hand, it feels more in alignment to the world we want to create. Where those with their unique gifts come to the aid of others when needed. An Ubuntu-like model of the world… but we’re not there yet. 

Anyway, I searched YouTube the other night whilst this was on my mind to listen to others talk about this subject, and I watched one all the way through and got some nuggets to contemplate which will hopefully help me shift a little bit to where I can hopefully at least create a business to meet the needs of myself and others at the same time, whilst not going-against my own values etc.

Here are my notes that I wrote whilst watching the video – I don’t necessarily agree with the notes I took-down, some of them are still giving me icky feelings, but it is helpful to start to shift my mindset.

  • Creatives, Empaths, Psychics or healers asking for money.
  • Feel guilty for taking money.. that it’s somehow “not being kind to them”.
  • Fantasy World = Everyone should be offering for free
  • Real World = Figure out what you do best, as easily as breathing, and that’s what you should charge the most for because that’s your genius
  • Allow others to invest in their transformation (‘some’ people don’t value free)
  • We have to throw out the old-programming. We deserve to be paid for what we do.
  • The healer, the wise woman, the shaman, was supported by the tribe in the old days. Now, support comes differently & our tribe is not going to pay our bills for us, so we owe it to ourselves to make sure we are being taken care of so that we can continue to take care of others.
  • If we don’t pay our bills, we’re going to be homeless, then in survival-mode, and then who are we serving?
  • “My tribe supports me, my tribe are my clients, the people I help are my tribe”
  • Old days = tribe would work together to feed, clothe, and care for each other. We don’t have that. It’s been replaced by the barter and monetary exchange systems.
  • Starving artists, starving healers, starving spiritual workers = if they don’t get paid, they can’t help.
  • Hold a vision of the future where we live in a fairer world. Ubunto Ethos / Movement. “Humanity towards others” – ‘the belief in a Universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity’. “I am, because of you”.
  • When you involve yourself in something you love, you shift your vibration, then things happen; manifest.
  • Send them a worksheet at time of booking so that you can start working on helping them. 
  • Give less choices. Why don’t we start with an initial consult which is $X. We can walk through some of your questions and see what else comes up, and then from there we can see if you need more support to really get your questions fully answered. This is best done in a session, this is my session price, let’s set it up. 
  • “While you are service-orientated, you are professional and you deserve to be supported for what you do”.
  • To the detractors: “If you’re not getting push-back, you’re not being loud-enough”. It’s not about you, it’s about them.
  • Setting boundaries. Deciding how much you are willing to give away for free and invite to a free session where you control the session and lead them to work with you.
  • First, I’m going to take a snapshot of what isn’t working,t hen I’m going to give you a really clear vision of what you’re looking for, and then I’m going to help you find a step-by-step plan to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be and if at the end of the conversation, you feel like talking about ways that we might work together, I’m open to that, but no is a perfectly acceptable answer, how does that sound?
  • This is all about them, take them through with a process, look at the snapshot, look at the vision, then bridging the gap. “If you were my client story”.
  • If it’s something you love, it’s your genius, and that’s what you’re meant to get paid for.




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