[1992] New World Order: Solution or Seduction? | Jeremy Lee

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In this Lecture from 1992 Jeremy Lee outlines the United Nations NWO plans for both the Australian Economy including the destruction of all our local businesses through the insane Lima Declaration, and the gradual change in values, bringing about a new One World Religion, via the new One World Government through the United Nations that removes the Australian Constitution, and leading to where no Australian will have any equity in their own country. He warned us back then. We didn’t listen.

People can become so compliant, that nobody wants to rock the boat, nobody wants to swim against the tide, nobody really wants to take an unpopular stand, and we can get so compliant and so weak, that you can have things that are occurring in broad daylight – a rape – and people will cross the streets and walk by, rather than get involved. That is the depths of corruption.

New World Order: Solution or Seduction? | Jeremy Lee

Random Notes

13:00 United Nations
– we need a forum for all the nations to meet, to iron out their differences, and to see whether a better way of solving world problems than fighting each other – if that is possible, it is the way to go
– the other quite different view that sees the United Nations as an embryonic power mechanism which supersedes nations – and which ultimately accumulates the decision-making processes of the world that previously used to be the prerogative of the separate nations

14:30 Soviet Union
– was heavily involved in the creation of the United Nations and always saw that organization as being a body through which they could project the World Order programme.
– charter was largely written by the Soviet Union until the late 80’s
– headquarters should be based in the New World or in America
– now (1991) located in a number of divisions – Geneva Switzerland, Paris France, New York USA

16:00 Communism
– Went through revolutionary period of breaking-up the capitalist world and then changed course to United Nations, perceiving it as the body to do this, into some kind of coalition which ultimately would become the focal point of a New World Order which they had always seen as the legitimate goal for the Communist movement

18:50 Propaganda to change perception of enemies 1985
– Period of enormous propaganda, dismantle Berlin War, Peace
– Breakdown Cold War – freedom of speech, movement

20:00 1986 Full-page ads in The Australian & The Age talking about the New World Order
– We want International cooperation regards to Economics
– We want a change in the Cold War
– Huge Propaganda campaign

24:00 United Nations Conference on Trade & Development
– Co-Operation 1978 Book was written on the Soviet evaluation on the New World Order, which the United Nations had declared to be the programme in 1974
– The Agenda was put on the drawing board in 1920 – “if we can persuade, the nations of the Western world to release their national decision making mechanisms, and to transfer them across into international organizations, this will ultimately provide us with exactly what Lenin was talking about – the means to bring in a New World Order, which is the ultimate and centralized power

25-34 // Great story about how one man’s book stopped the NWO at that time

34:00 Soviet & China faith
– Faith now moving in Soviet & China is the Christian faith
In the Western World, Christian faith regarded as irrelevant to the old programme > NWO

35:00 World Central Bank
– NWO “There should be a new Economics International Order”
– Step 1: Establish World Central Bank with all the powers as the Reserve Bank of Australia, only this time able to control the whole world – it’s lending, investing, exchange rates, capital flow
– Step 2: Phase-in a new International Currency to replace existing currency that nations trade in

36:00 1944 – Two Types of Money to be used for International Trade
– British Pound
– American Dollar
– American Dollar is what all nations now trade in, but is in trouble
– It has issued out in forms of grants and loans and AID programmes and lend-lease plans – so many trillions & trillions of dollars that nobody quit knows how many exist and their own internal debts threaten to destroy them

40:00 United Nations elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, or marital status or religion
– We think this is good, but when they bring this into law, it turns into the exact opposite of what we thought it meant
– It is now illegal to go to your own local newspaper and place a little ad saying “I would like a married couple to come work on my farm” – because the word ‘married’ is a form of discrimination against unmarried people – is that what you thought it meant?

42;00 United Nations convention of the establishment of the rights of a child
– Doesn’t that sound great?
– We are against the exploit of children – why not have an international convention of the rights of a child?
– By the time it becomes law, you’ll discover that the rights of a child encompass, the elimination of the rights of the parent
– “Parental discipline is a form of discrimination against children” is a clause – is that’s what you thought it meant?

42:30 One World Religion
There is a gradually introduced into every nation, a new value system whose origins are a new religion, which is replacing the old one. The new religion is the religion of humanism. Humanism as a formal religion by the US court.
– It is at War with any idea of a supernatural God, which it spurns as being a form of superstition
– Australia is caught in the middle as a nation moving out of its traditional Christian value system – even though we might not be Christian in many cases – the values have their origin in Christian heritage that goes back 2000 years – we’re caught in a system where society has no values, has not been taught any values, where the education system says we are secular – not in the value-teaching business, providing a fertile ground for the replacement of the old with the new that is to come in

45:00 Part II The Australian Constitution
– The original document that took 10 years to produce,
– We – the people. This nation belongs to the people.
– Whole nature of how its people in the Southern hemisphere shall come together and make their decisions

House of Reps
– The process is broadly by each area of the country selecting one of their own, who shall go to a forum, that is known as Parliament, to represent what the people want – hence, he is called a representative, and we have a House of Representatives, balanced by a number of other powers:

– There to make sure that the original states are not abused

– And we have an Umpire – which is probably the most important – that is in Parliament itself, and that is known as the Crown
– The Crown is not allowed to make any laws, but now laws can come into operation without the Crown’s signature
– Has a number of powers to prevent a dictatorship ever happening
– If something illegal is done, or power is abused, or parliament gets locked into indecision, the Umpire steps in and dissolves the forum
– Then hands the power back to the people – you decide what your next government should be
– Provided you have an instrument that can keep giving the people another say, you can never end up in the sort of Dictatorships that we have in the Soviet Union or wherever it happens to be

Upper/Lower House
– The concept of an upper & lower house & the crown – which you can see right through Canada, Britain, New Zealand, and all the states of Australia with exception of Queensland, is known as the premutation concept of government

Common Law
– The head of state is put into office in the Christian service, kneeling before the people and annointed with oil, swearing not to be the Master, but the Servant – whoever is greatest amongst you, let him be the servant
– We may not be a Christian nation – but we have a system of values that comes from Christian teachings and the faith – historical fact – this is the history of your nation

50:00 New World Order 1972
– Whitlam government started the process
– Trying to establish an office for a new value system which was to be called the Human Rights Commission
– Based on the values coming out of the United Nations
– He failed to do that because the Upper House in Australia prevented the Human Rights Commission being established at that time – the argument was “this is in conflict with our traditional values, it should not be”
– New government came in after Whitlam and established the Human Rights Commission and gradually the whole emphasis of Australia’s programme changed from our traditional way onto the programme to the new world order

55:00 Lima DeclarationThe New International Economic Order
– The Lima Declaration happened in a huge conference in Peru
– The conference was under UN industrial & development organization (UNIDO)
– The theme was the debt crisis in the third world
– Much of the third-world had a massive debt they couldn’t pay by 1975
– They were trying to borrow money to pay the interest on what had already been borrowed
The logical answer was to say “you cannot charge nations that have no productive system, interest on debt” and tell the Bankers in the Western World “stop this interest-burden you are placing on under-developed peoples – either lend them interest-free loans or we’ll have to use a system of grants or we’ll have to overhaul the banking structure to make it possible for them to develop”.
– This wasn’t done.
Instead of which a proposition was made “the reason the third world is collapsing in this debt, is because you have got too much of the cake – you’re too powerful, you product too much – therefore we’re going to ask nations of Australia and New Zealand to quite deliberately “wind-down” their productive systems – stop producing so much – allow your industries to be transferred across into third-world nations so that they can produce what you used to produce, and then open up your markets under a general world agreement on what is today called a “level playing field” – the elimination of all protection, and begin to buy back into your countries what you used to make yourself”. Crazy.

58:00 The Lima Declaration became the Formal Trade Policy 1975
– Under Andrew Peacock, we began to implement it.
– The people who made that decision in Peru had no business to make it
The Australian people should’ve had a say. They should’ve come to Australians and told them about the proposition and told them that they were the ones that would have to make the sacrifice – lose their farms, jobs, and ask if they were prepared to do that – have a national debate.
Instead it was done without any participation or knowledge of Australians who had to lose their jobs and industries

60:00 50% Manufacturing closed in Australia
– Since 1975 (to 1991) we have now closed down 50% of the manufacturing industries of Australia
– We have now become dependant upon the things we import, that we used to make ourselves

1:01:00 Slavery
– If we don’t turn this around within a couple of years (92-95), we will probably go into slavery
– I would imagine we’ll have to sell big areas of the country
– We may live here but not have any say in what we do or what happens
– We are closing a business or industry every 15 minutes and losing a farmer every hour
– Having eliminated 75,000 farmers in this period, they are now going faster than ever, and the latest news is, another 25,000 farmers will leave the land – where to? onto the dole queues?
– Bankrupt, Suicides, Misery

1:10:00 Every civilization that has destroyed its own small farms, have destroyed itself
– Australia is in a worse mess than every other economy in the world

1:19:00 Causing Young unemployed people
– Bigger and bigger deployment of police trying to deal with young people who feel that life has shut them out completely
– If you want to see the End result of this, have a look at Europe where they have 14 million people on the dole queue
– Young people coming out of school into a world that has no future for them – they will take the absolute cream to go into management, but the rest of you – will not have a job, we’ll give you assistance wages – keep out of the way

1:20:00 Technology
– Impact of technology also takes out jobs
– Share-housing with poor

1:22:00 New Police
– New type of police with armour, visors, specially-designed shields and batons, gasses, street warfare

1:23:00 Value System, Human Rights Commission – the Trojan Horse
– 1985 Bill of Rights – Australian people said we didn’t want the bill of rights
– Ultimate is to try and get into place, under the authority of the Human Rights Commission, a final bill of rights – piece by piece by piece

– 1985 Bill of Rights – “No right of Legal Representation at Compulsory Conferences or Inquiries before the Human Rights Commission”
– If someone puts in a legal complaint against any person in this room, kicking their dog – abusing their child – or done something – the Human Rights Commission can demand that the person that was complained about appears before it, at their own expense and without legal representation, and that person is not allowed to know who made the complaint, so it can never confront their accusers
This is against the principles in Scripture (which says you have to have a min. of 2 witnesses), so that any person accused had the right to defend themselves and cross-examine the accusers

– Human Rights Commission can bring in principles we’ve never had before:
“The Human Rights Commission is not mandatorily accountable to Parliament or the Minister concurring “any matter arising in the course of the performance of its function” – in other words we have a court body which is not responsible to the parliament which is the decision-making process. It is responsible ultimately to the United Nations.

– “There is no right given to a person or organisation about whom a complaint has been made to the Human Rights Commission to know the identity of the complainant or the details of the complainant or the evidence upon which the complaint is based“. Against the principles of Common Law.

“The Human Rights Commission has power to do all things that are NECESSARY (?) or CONVENIENT (?) to be done for or in connection with the performance of its functions.” It can take any action it pleases.

“The Human Rights Commission can conduct an examination or inquiry in private AND is not bound by the rules of evidence.” Can you imagine that happening? A court that is not bound by rules of evidence?

1:26 NWO introduce to Australia in Two-Parts
First part of New World Order was the Economics through the Lima Declaration
Second part was the Value-System – in the Bill of Rights based on the new religion of Humanism, which is set it’s sites on replacing the value system we had in the past, which already – like the trojan horse, is half established here in Australia
While it talks about Freedom, it introduces a Controlled Society – a society where the government disarms the people, or surveys the people, or collects more and more data on the people, or asks them to inform on each other
– All of which is gradually coming in

1:28:00 Privacy sharing & the Corruption of People
– Of all the promises made by government Ministers that the information taken on each individual would never be shared amongst government departments and would certainly be protected against misuse, we’ve seen the recent reports where a number of officials are now being charged with huge quantities of information to banks or private companies – it is a controlled society where freedom

You get a population in the end that becomes corrupt because it dares not stand for what it believes in

The ultimate form of corruption – Greece, 500 years before the time of Christ – where they had a slave-society in each household. The barbarians came and promised to release all the slaves and when it came to the point, the slaves refused to accept their freedom – because they would’ve had to start making decisions and accepting personal responsibility and fighting for their own rights.

People can become so compliant, that nobody wants to rock the boat, nobody wants to swim against the tide, nobody really wants to take an unpopular stand, and we can get so compliant and so weak, that you can have things that are occurring in broad daylight – a rape – and people will cross the streets and walk by, rather than get involved. That is the depths of corruption.

1:30:00 Losing our Identity
– If the process of Globalism continues.

Who gives the orders in the New World Order? Susan George

I feel very much that the undemocratic nature of these institutions will mean that a whole New World order is put into place and that it is an anti-democratic, authoritarian order run by the élites of the rich world on their behalf.”

1:32:00 Globalisation of Australia
There will be no national products or technologies, corporations, industries, or national economies
– No national shops, industries, farms – it will all be part of an international process
– No national economy – disposes of the Australian Constitution

1:34 Removal of the Australian Constitution
– Every person in this room has a stake in Australia
– Every person is a shareholder in a company called Australia Unlimited which comes / humbly relies on the blessing of the almighty God
– That is to go out, and the new global idea comes in – where no Australian has any equity in their own country
We would still live here, but have no ownership in the whole participation

1:35:00 National Sovereignty is regarded as Reactionary
– United Nations association of Australia recently came out to say that world government is the only solution to the problems of mankind anybody who disagrees with world government is an “anarchist”!
– I’ve got to accept to being an Anarchist if that’s the definition?

I’ve got nothing against cooperating with other countries – I’ve got nothing against trying to get as many mechanisms for peace as possible.

I am against the idea the only possible idea this can be done is to prohibit the Australian people from having any real say in the makeup of the future of their own country – because that’s the price we’re being asked to pay.

We’re producing generations that don’t even know what’s right and what’s wrong.

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