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All the documents I’ve saved so far in my quest to get answers during the pandemic. Truth is all I seek.

Today, 22nd July 2023, I’m going to re-categorize and start deleting older research (my downloads folder is full and has been for a year so you are not getting the latest research). So some of the links below will no longer work while I’m in this process (however many days it takes). I hope this will make it easier to get all the evidence under 25gb. i.e. links to published studies are sufficient as opposed to the PDF copies of them all, subtitles & bookmarks are sufficient to replace actual videos. etc.

Post Last updated: Dec 17, 2022 (but I add to the mega folder daily)

Specific to Australia

Specific to Australia:

Health Downloads

Health Downloads:

I spent the first year and at least 6 months full-time studying in the mainstream COVID literature at the start of the pandemic. I also cured myself of near-death emphysema around 2014. Many things that cause cellular-regeneration and prevent illness are the same.

With “COVID” – I’m not convinced we’re all dealing with the same thing at all depending on where we’re located, and the test has been incorrectly/fraudulently used (weaponized) which is causing misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment, however even if we’re dealing with variations of causes, it’s still logical to take care of one’s self and not just hide in a cave waiting for an experimental needle that evidence seems to point to being created ‘before’ the pandemic, so exactly what they are really inoculating people with is probably not going to prevent anyone getting sick, but even if the evidence isn’t proven – putting your total trust in a needle is just ridiculous – the best chance anyone has, whether its a “virus” or a “poison” or a “fungus” or a combination of “x” – is our body’s own ability to heal.

Many (MOST!) of the same things that healed me back in 2014, were the same things that researchers were publishing. We had the whole planet focused on COVID and there was thousands of new literature being published constantly, and whilst hospitals and anyone profiting from the pharma-industry were focused on the published studies from the drugs, I was downloading that as well, but what grabbed my attention most was the medical studies showing what the patients were deficient in, with the literature coming out showing that correcting these deficiencies were the difference between whether someone died or not, as well as any “over-the-counter” treatments they suggested – basically, I didn’t want to need something to be “prescribed” to me. I ‘gave up on doctors’ after spending my entire childhood and most of my adulthood as a lifetime lab-coat-cult-follower, not realizing they were keeping me sick and that it was my lifestyle that needed to change.

Anyway, nutshell, the documents above is my “summary” to give to loved-ones, after researching everything as if we were all dealing with the same thing. For references, you can download my health folders below (in the mega folders section) or visit my Solutions-Health blog posts. Even though “science is rigged and almost completely hijacked by the bad guys”, you can still ‘follow the science’ and use the published research to figure out what to do if you couple it with logic & common sense.

Interestingly, I had one guy who I was trying to help on Facebook accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist or a religious fanatic or a fraud – completely dismissing the advice I was giving him in favour of “I’ll listen to the experts” which basically translates to “I’m a dumb ass that only takes orders from the television” – I tried to share with him things that could help him if he got sick, but he completely dismissed how much research I actually did and assumed that whatever I was going to send him would be misinformation and that what he gets from the TV is something he can trust. Scary that this is what the media has done to people, they really have turned some of them into zombies/empty minds that will line up for their own death and play Simon Says with the tv – astonishing.

The Theft of the Social Networking Invention

The Theft of the Social Networking Invention

  • PDF Version (50mb)
    • This is a non-government HUGE JAW-DROPPING document (with timeline) that was put together by a team of lawyers who have been researching and collecting evidence for years. Evidence that brings to light all of the big players in the cyber world, why they created it, how they monitor people, and their control over patents.
    • 1990-2018 timeline and supporting facts providing unmistakable evidence of dereliction of duty, fraud, public corruption, the appearance of impropriety, racketeering, monopoly and anti-trust by senior United States government officials, Harvard, Yale and Stanford academics and alumni, judges, law firms and their commercial accomplices
    • Americans for Innovation Investigators searchable website for additional digging.

Useful 'Covid' Early-treatment Websites

Useful ‘Covid’ Early-treatment Websites:

Useful websites for the experimental needle-rape

Useful websites for the experimental needle-rape:

Important Open Letters

Important Open Letters:

  • COVID-19 Spartacus Letter: Post | PDF | Telegram
  • Australian Medical Network – Open Letter To Atagi & TGA: Post | PDF | Annexures
  • Corman-Drosten Review Report (External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results): WebResearchgate | Zenodo & Addendum: GoogleDrive |
  • C-19 Inoculations: More Harm than Good (Over 500 Independent Doctors, Scientists, and Health Care Practitioners): Post | PDF
  • Physicians Declaration – Global Covid Summit – over 17,000 doctors & scientists: Web
  • World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines”: Post | Web
  • Open Letter by NZ Medical Practitioners sharing concerns about Pfizer ‘Comirnaty’ investigational vaccine for COVID-19: Post | PDF
  • Open Letters: C19 Jabs For Kids
    • Doctors and scientists from 30 countries warn against C-19 Vaccines for Children: PDF
    • Open Letter from UK Medical Freedom Alliance to Headteachers and Teachers. Re: Administration of Covid-19 vaccines to school children: PDF
    • Holocaust Survivors’ Letter Protesting COVID-19 Vaccines: PDF
    • Open Letter by NZ Doctors – Call to Action to MPs: PDF

Important Files

Important Files:

  • Pfizer’s Own Trial Data: 1200+ Dead, 46.5% Required Hospitalization & 30% Unrecovered In The First 2 Months & 12 Days Of Rollout: Post | PDF
  • Fair Work Commission On COVID-19: Post | Lawyers Overview
  • COVID-19 Vaccines Are Experimental with Significant Risks and Unknown Safety or Efficacy
    • Pfizer clinical trial literature defines Vaccine as “Experimental” – (page 46) PDF
    • Pfizer contracts claim vaccine is “Aspirational” with “Significant” risks with “Unknown long-term effects, efficacy or Adverse events” – Dominican Republic Contract
    • Vaccines were fast-tracked and first US clinical trials began just 66 days after the RNA sequence was uploaded to the GenBank database – PDF (p.15)
  • COVID-19 social measures and vaccinations for children 0-18 years: Post | PDF | Telegram
  • Former Pfizer employee and biotech analyst Karen Kingston Presentation: Post | PDF
  • Follow the Patents, it will take you to the money – David Martin Presentation: Post | PDF
  • Case Briefing document to Halt the rollout immediately pending Police forensic examination: Post | PDF
  • What’s in the vials? (Download Reports): Post

Great Reset | Agenda 21/2030 Files

  • Agenda 21, Your Booklet, May 2012 – PDF
  • One World Religion, Agenda 21 – MP3

Climate Science Files

Blocking out the Sun


Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)

  • State of Climate Report – PDF
  • Global Warming groupthink – PDF | Video
  • Climate Control: Brainwashing In Schools – PDF | Appendix
  • The BBC & Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal – PDF
  • What is wrong with the IPCC? Proposals for a Radical Reform – PDF
  • The ClimateGate Inquiries – PDF
  • Energy-Intensive Industries, Climate policy casualties – PDF
  • Carbon Dioxide, The Good News – PDF
  • Hubert Lamb and the Transformation of Climate Science – PDF
  • How the IPCC sees what isn’t there – PDF
  • How green are electric cars? An open debate – PDF
  • The Energy White Paper 2020: An Analysis – PDF
  • The Climate Blame Game: Are we really causing extreme weather – PDF
  • Survival of the Richest: Smart Homes and Energy Rationing – PDF
  • Fossil fuels for China: Decarbonisation for everyone else – PDF
  • The Perils of Confirmation Bias – PDF
  • Paris Agreement: A Blank Cheque For CO2 Emissions By China And India – PDF
  • Computer Predictions Of Climate Alarm Are Flawed (Climate Models for the layman) – PDF
  • How Germany’s ‘Energy Transition’ Is Destroying Nature – PDF
  • Deficiencies in the IPCC’s Special Report on 1.5 Degrees – PDF
  • Better For Health To Ignore The Climate Movement – PDF
  • Former Cabinet Secretary Questions Blind Faith In Climate Alarmism – Lord Turnbull: The Really Inconvenient Truth – PDF

Climate Science Hijacking

  • “Hubris: The Troubling Science, Economics, and Politics of Climate Change,” by Michael Hart, Chapter One – PDF

My Mega Folders:

Everything I’ve saved so far in my quest to get answers during the pandemic.
Please add to my collection via Telegram with your own documents – if you have a lot of files, please upload them to Mega and send the link. If you know something to be ‘false’, know that I’m open to being corrected – please send proof – as truth is all I seek. Please do not use fact-checkers as proof as they are currently being funded by vaccine manufacturers.

Challenging Pandemic Responses

Challenging Pandemic Response

Proof Pandemic was Mishandled &/or Used for Ulterior Motives

Mega Shared Online Folders

Create your own Shareable Evidence Research Folder free with Mega
Good for collating and sharing documents and images (not so good for videos)

Having an online folder that automatically syncs with a folder on your own computer helps you sort out research and be able to share specific files or folders with others (like I’ve done below). This helps other researchers save a lot of time trying to find the same information. Very useful for court documents, but especially useful in the times we’re in, where this octopus is so huge, that all researchers should be sharing their specific research with others so that we can all try and fit the pieces of the puzzle together a lot faster & help humanity.

Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

Truth-seeker, ever-questioning, ever-learning, ever-researching, ever delving further and deeper, ever trying to 'figure it out'. This site is a legacy of sorts, a place to collect thoughts, notes, book summaries, & random points of interests.

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