Bruce Lipton: The Virus of Fear

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Dr Bruce Lipton (Stem Cell Biologist, Author) on understanding that Fear shuts down the immune-system and logical steps to becoming immune to Virus-Fears (5min video)

10 Apr 2020 Rumble-Clip | Telegram-Clip | YouTube-Full Interview (45mins)

Stress hormones have the ability to suppress the immune system as a way to conserve energy, facilitating the body’s response to threats. This mechanism is so potent that stress hormones are utilized in therapeutic contexts. For example, in organ transplants, stress hormones are administered to recipients to prevent the immune system from rejecting the foreign tissue. The relevance of stress in our lives lies in the fact that it weakens the immune system, leaving us susceptible to various challenges such as viruses and electromagnetic fields.

Stress hormones shut down the immune system, to conserve energy, so I can run away from the threat. It’s so powerful at shutting down the immune system that stress hormones are used therapeutically.

“What do you mean?” If I am going to transplant an organ from one person to another, the recipient of that transplant, their immune system, by definition, is going to try and reject the transplant because it’s foreign tissue.

“So what do doctors do before they transplant an organ?” They give the patient stress hormones! Because when they get the stress hormones, it inhibits the immune function from rejecting the graft.

So what’s the point?” My God, stress hormones are so effective at shutting down the immune system that they use it therapeutically to stop the function of that immune system!

“So why is it relevant?” Because, we’re put into fear! And everybody who listens is now afraid!

The difference between, let’s say, last year’s flu season: I’m coming out of the news, and I go, “The flu season’s back this year, and as usual, you know you have to take care of yourself and about 0.1% of the population will have severe problems with this, but that’s annual, that’s the way it is.”

Or I come on this year, and I say, “My God, the flu is here! We’re all gonna die! Millions of people are gonna die! And all of a sudden it’s like—that’s a different news report than last year—That scares the hell out of me!

So stress is opening up our system from attack, from anything from electromagnetic fields to viruses, and we have to understand that stress is the bigger problem in the immune system.

Dr Bruce Lipton

To maintain good health and well-being, several steps are recommended.

  1. First and foremost, it’s advised to consume nutritious and organic food, as industrial farm products are laden with detrimental chemicals.
  2. Second, incorporating vitamins and supplements, especially vitamin C, can bolster the immune system.
  3. Lastly, monitoring our thoughts is crucial. Fear-inducing thoughts have a significant impact on immune function.

Watch what you’re thinking. Because the moment you are thinking of stressful things like,

‘Oh my god, I’m not working for weeks and my job, my salary, do I have any money?’ Fear comes from that. ‘Can I pay the rent?’ Fear comes from that. ‘Am I gonna die?’ Of course, fear comes from that. And I go, these fears are the primary things that inhibit the function of the immune system.

You want to stay well? Norman Cousins, who healed himself from a lethal disease, locked himself in a hotel room and got all kinds of comedies, Marx brothers, and things like that. And what did he do? He just sat there and enjoyed life and laughed and did all that, and he overcame an illness that should have killed him.

This is an example of what is so important. If we do not focus on the problems that they keep throwing at us and you start to look at your life and say, ‘Am I okay? Yeah, I’m pretty good. How’s my family? Work? Good. We’re healthy.’

Even if there’s a flu, half the people tested with a flu don’t even have symptoms. So it’s not as lethal as they say. It’s the fear of death that is the problem that we must deal with today.

Dr Bruce Lipton

The overarching message is to shift our focus away from external problems and fears imposed upon us. Instead, we should assess our lives, appreciate our present conditions, and recognize our power as creators of our reality. Heaven is not just a post-death destination, but a space to create our desired reality. By regaining control of our creations and beliefs, we can overcome fear, strengthen our immunity, and overcome any challenges that come our way. This moment presents an opportunity to learn and reclaim our power.

If you don’t know that your creations are being controlled, then we become a victim of a world ‘out of control’. And yet, we were the creators. We gave in to other people’s beliefs, and then we now are creating not with our wishes and desires. We’re creating with the program.’ ‘Where’s the program taking us right now?’ And the answer is fear, shutdown, loss of community, breakdown of the system.

Dr Bruce Lipton

  • Take your power back
  • You are beyond powerful
  • You are wise beyond any illness that ever existed

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