No Time to be Sick? Why doctor’s don’t treat the cause.

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No time to be Sick

We don’t have time to be sick

Reading medical books that our doctors have studied, I’ve found that medical practitioners do indeed get knowledge of the cause of the diseases. I was really surprised and expected the opposite, but they do indeed get most of the information that I write about regarding cellular level health.

But, believe it or not, cellular-level health is not what you go to a doctor for. Cellular level health is all outside the doctor’s office, it’s your diet, your environment, the toxins in your air, the things you put on your skin. We go to the doctor to remove our pain, to get back to work, to make the symptoms “go away” so that we can get back to our lives.

The doctor focuses on treating the symptoms instead of the cause. I think this is largely ‘our fault’ as a modern society. We demand a quick fix, we want instant-relief. We think they are not a good doctor if they send us home for rest instead of giving us antibiotics and we need to get well “now” – in modern day society, we just don’t have time to get sick.

The problem is, quick fix remedies are not cures, they are merely band-aids and symptom-suppressors. They treat the symptom, not the cause. By not eradicating the cause, our cells continue to get sicker – we get sicker. If we continue like this, never addressing the ‘cause’ of our ailments, we will eventually need to find time to be very sick.

By making the symptom invisible, these band-aid treatments leave the cause still in-tact, and because we no longer feel the pain or discomfort or see the rash or feel the wheeze in our body, we soldier on, for years, managing our pain and discomforts with these band-aid treatments, until our body has exhausted all of it’s efforts to self-heal, until it has depleted all of the available nutrients and once it has started to eat away at our reserves, it’s now too depleted to help us. Now it screams – STOP ALREADY. And stop we do. Now we’re listening, full of fear, worry, stress (which actually causes more cell damage), and now we need to make the time to be sick, whether we have time or not.

Now we’re listening and the doctors and hospitals are pumping more drugs into us to stop the pain. If we had only listened to our body’s message earlier, our cells were trying to tell us that something was wrong, and we didn’t have time to listen to them, nor could we feel the pain or symptoms any more, so we weren’t motivated to find and eradicate the cause: to stop accumulating the toxins and depreciating our precious nutrients.

Why Doctors dont treat the cause

Why don’t the doctor’s treat the cause?

Our fault again. We don’t want them to treat the cause – we don’t even tell them all our ‘bad habits’ or our secret passion for McDonalds hamburgers and the fact that we haven’t eaten non-refined foods in months, we don’t give them any embarrassing information about our less-than-perfect lifestyle – we keep these little hidden ‘pleasures’ from them, we keep the truth from them and they are left just with what we want them to know – we have an ailment and we want the ailment gone… preferably now.

Their way or the highway

Every profession in the health industry has its place, we have research students and scientists at universities who are researching new medical breakthroughs constantly without which we would be relying on medical practitioners to continue to research and they do not have the time, we have the medical profession itself from general doctors to specialists in all medical areas as well as allied health professionals (chiropractors, psychologists, nutritionists, dieticians, etc.) and we have knowledge that has been passed down by generations (Chinese medicine herbalists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, etc.).

All have uses and specialist information that is worth knowing depending on your illness. The big problem with them is that some of them give the impression that their way is the “only way” – they get so defensive about their own expertise that they fail to give credence to any other profession that might help a particular patient. And then people die. Unnecessarily die. Due to ignorance, stubbornness, and being just plain dismissive about any treatment other than their own expertise. We, the patients, need to be aware that each of them have merit depending on what can help us, and that we, as the patient, need to decide which will be most of benefit. And that we, the patients couldn’t possibly hold all the knowledge of all of them combined, and neither can they – we have got to stop expecting any ‘one’ profession to hold all the answers to our problems.

Nutritionists and Naturopaths get mad at the general & specialist medical professionals for their negligence of not informing their patients to eradicate the causes of their diseases, for not looking at a preventative way of healing, and medical practitioners get mad at alternative therapists for being negligent about medical facts.

Both sides fail to see that each has specialist knowledge to bring to the table, and that they are all valid, they are all correct, that they are all right – but how can that be? How could they possibly all have merit? If you delve into any of them, you’ll see that they all absolutely do. They have merit for all the things that they actually deal with and have studied, but they have no insight into those areas that they have not personally studied.

When I looked through medical books that our doctors have studied with, I found a lot of information that was over the top advanced about our biology including causes, cures, prognosis, studies and treatments. Even though these books did delve into the causes, the focus on all of them, from a doctor’s perspective was.. “if a patient has this.. prescribe this.. if a patient has this, their options are this.. “ etc. The focus was on prognosis and treatments, drug names, drug studies, drug side-effects, etc.

But you can read the exact same book read from a nutritional perspective and see a completely different treatment. A nutritionist or dietician could read these same books as I did and based on their understanding and area of interest, wouldn’t focus on what they should prescribe, they wouldn’t focus on all the medical treatments that are available, the names of them, what studies have been done, what they are made of, the symptoms and side-effects of the drugs – they would focus on the first part, the causes and the dietary recommendations. Same book, different perspective, and therefore, different “prognosis”.

They are both right, they just focus on different parts of the exact same research. A dietitian therefore, would not be the appropriate professional to ‘prescribe’ a medical treatment or drug, but would definitely be an appropriate professional to prescribe the right nutritional & diet treatment. A medical professional would not be the appropriate professional to eradicate the causes, but is definitely the right professional for a diagnosis and to receive the medical options and latest drug information available. Same study, different prognosis, both are correct; it’s up to you though which route to take with your own body. Whether you want to take the ‘cause’ away or mask the ‘symptoms’. Or “both”.

Personally, I wouldn’t go to a medical practice to get treatment for cancer, but you might, my family might, my friends might. It depends on your view, your beliefs, your support-group’s beliefs, and how much faith you have in the treatment you are being offered.

“I” see cancer as ‘cell damage’ and most medical professionals would prescribe something that causes further cell damage: toxins (drugs, radiation, chemotherapy).  I choose not to get a medical plan from a general practitioner. I know that doctors would not choose to get chemotherapy or radiation themselves even though they (need to) prescribe it. I would go to somewhere offering the Gerson Therapy or a variation of it. But that’s just me: based on my beliefs, based on my own research, based on what I believe would work for me.

Would I still go to a doctor for a diagnosis? Yes, I would. And yes, I would listen intensely to what options in treatment they have. But I would do so with an ear open hoping to hear anything that has the goal of “cellular restoration” – which treatment will provide “cell repair and restoration”. Because if what they offer is something other than cell restoration and toxin removal – I know, that I am listening to a doctor that perhaps doesn’t believe in cancer reversal – that believes only in ‘remission’ (tumour stops growing but is still there) if anything and that they might actually believe that there ‘is no cure for cancer’.

For me, not going that way is an obvious choice when I can ask myself: Who would I rather be treated by? Someone that has never in their life seen cancer cured and doesn’t believe it’s even possible, or someone that has cured thousands around the world already, and has the confidence to cure even the ‘nearly-dead’? I’m not anti “cutting it out” if I had a tumour, but I would do everything in my power to prevent that surgery ‘naturally’ before rushing to sign the bottom line. Surgery would be my very last possible option, and one that I don’t think I will ever need.

I wouldn’t go to a nutritionist to heal a broken leg. Nor would I go to a Chinese medicine therapist – though some people might.

It’s 100% totally up to you. What matters MOST.. above everything else, is that whatever treatment you choose – that you believe it will heal you. Above anything I say, above anything anyone else says, ‘You’ need to believe in whatever treatment you are being given. Doubt, fear, stress and negative emotions are other poisons your cells have to fight. The placebo effect has proven time and time again that it works, when scientists expect the opposite. There is no shame in being healed through the power of thought – it’s miraculous and fantastic! Those surrounding you that give you doubts instead of a belief in your full recovery are also helping you stay sick.

My job is not to tell you what to do and what not to do, I just feel drawn to give you AWARENESS of your options. To bring you back from being an unconscious zombie; to make you conscious of the world around you so that you can choose to help restore your own health. To start thinking for yourself, to have complete awareness at a cellular level of what is causing your illness, so that you can seek out the best remedies for eradicating the toxins and replenishing your bodies nutrients.

‘We’ need to be the logical ones. Doctors are not going to tell you about nutrition – so don’t expect them to. Let it go, it’s not their expertise, and that’s not why you are on their doorstep – they are used to people wanting their ‘symptoms’ eradicated, not the ’cause’ eradicated. They are also not researchers – they did their hard-yakka years in medical school and are proud of their certificates that they paid so much and worked so hard to get, let it go, you can look up the latest research yourself – it’s all online or accessible by free libraries. Go to doctors knowing that you are going to get help with a medical diagnosis and some symptom relief to buy you some more ‘time’ to repair your body.

If you do not believe you can be cured, you will not, it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Out of hundreds that participated in a study a few years ago, those that had been ‘cured’ of cancer. Out of all them – one thing remained the same. They BELIEVED that whatever they did was going to work.

Wouldn’t it be Utopia if all this knowledge from all the world and specialties could be combined and we could all work together synergistically? But that’s Utopia, not a realistic vision… not yet.

The pharmaceutical companies are not there to help you find a natural way to cure your disease, their job is to get their drug to market, to get doctors using their products, that’s their job. Once you understand how the process works, you will use doctors for the appropriate reasons, but be mindful that the majority of them are not going to help you find or fix the “cause”.

All I want you to be aware of here is to be mindful of information you receive. What is their expertise, what is their purpose, and how they can help you. Be mindful, always, about anyone’s interests & training, so that you know what you are really getting when you go to anyone for advice, so that you are aware of the “gaps” of where they might not be able to help you. Don’t blindly follow anyone without awareness. Open your mind, be ever-learning, be ever-questioning, and trust your natural instincts.

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