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How to Get the most Nourishment from Food

  • 1 bite at a time in your mouth and chewing it until there is nothing left to chew on before taking another bite.
  • “Feel the Chi” in your mouth
  • Feel the chi perminating your entire digestion system, your entire being and giving you incredible bliss.

Nourishment = can feel the cellular level bliss.
That’s the energy; that’s the chi.

Qi Gong way of eating:  when you eat, you start to feel a new possibility, a new energy arising – “Feel the energy” in your mind and energy affecting your body.

*SMILE* to your Digestive System to receive Nourishment from your Food

Another level is to focus on the process of ‘digesting’ the food.

No matter what you eat, if your digestive system cannot take on that food that you’re digesting, then you cannot really receive the true nourishment or feel the true purpose of the food. 

Train your body to awaken to the full capacity.

If people are experiencing limitations in digesting foods (told medically or for whatever reason… “you can only eat this food” or “you cannot eat that food”, etc. over time, your diet becomes less – with less options available for you.. then what are you telling your digestive system?
That: “You’re not good enough to get this energy any-more”

Like, as a child, if you’re not training the child to explore, to be creative, you’re telling the child “you’re not good enough”.. the child eventually disables itself. 

The same thing happens, it’s no different in the body’s digestive system. You’re telling yourself: I’m getting worse & worse “because you tell me so”. And then over time, you are convinced you cannot eat this kind of food and are continuously limiting your diet.

I’m not against you being conscious of what you ‘should’ eat; Be mindful. That’s really important. But not to the degree of extreme. Not focusing on the digestive system can be a mistake.

What I’m suggesting is ‘inviting’ you to go into the body itself – to the digestive system itself:

*SMILE* to the digestive system – to connecting with the ‘energy’ of the digestive system. Making the sound, doing the movement, awakening the digestive system.

The energy becomes so VITAL – so intelligent, so open, so ready. Then you can observe the internal “receiving” of the external energy of the food.

The 2 energies have to interact. But if the internal energy is ‘contracted’, then no energy can go in. There is no “communion” happening – there’s no digestion that can happen. So you have to open the energy internally first — then RECEIVE this energy.

Then, the energy unites together – as a transformation – as “part of you” – as “ongoing nourishment of life”, deeply awakening that capacity.

Breatharians use the entire body as an digestive system.

Learn how to connect the entire body to ‘observe energy’ (not in an ‘isolated way’). As in.. not “ok, the digestive system doing it’s own thing, the immune system doing it’s own thing”, etc. If you do that – then eventually you are isolating them, you are depleting the wholeness, you’re depleting the whole function.

Healing Energy

So in healing, one level is very simple – you go into the place where you are experiencing weakness, dysfunction, contraction, lack of energy, etc. and you bring more energy: more Love to this place – awakening that internal energy.

Allow the energy to connect to the entire body – allow the entire body’s energy to connect with the earth, to connect with the heaven – and establishing this new energy of ‘flow’. This new, energy magnetic field – continuously ‘be magnetized’ – and internally going through every system basically.

Using Medicine Energetically

Even if you are using drugs or medicine to help you. What if you programme the body to think of the medicine as “nourishment”? as “energy”?  (the same way as food)

  • Visualizing the light going into the medicine.
  • Visualizing the medicine dissolving into the light.
  • Visualizing this light gathering into your body as you are taking the medicine perminating through the entire body, particularly going into the system where the medicine is needed.

Then you’re visualizing / imagining the full function of the medicine. As pure healing. Pure perfection. Visualizing the final balance, harmony – all functions becoming normal, from the medical knowledge.

You are training your body to be able to receive this medicine in the most effective, harmonious way possible (reducing the side-effects & realizing the full potential of healing). It’s an integration, an expansion, an engagement, an appreciation. Of life, in this whole possibility.

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