Everything is energy. How to tap into Universal Energy for healing

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Everything is energy.
Health and Happiness can be gained by increasing energy. That’s why there are so many bazillion “cures” and everyone on different treatments and yet still getting results. That’s also why some people don’t get sick no matter what they do. They don’t get the concept.

So you can get energy from other people – hugging, their love, their attention, their care.

When you are sick and depressed, you have no “universal energy”. You are unplugged.

And when someone shows you care – you get a little bit from them and it makes you feel a little bit better. You might want to avoid depressed people like the plague because of how they make you feel. Depressed people are sucking the energy out of you – they need it – they can’t help it. They will complain, cry and do whatever they can to get that energy from you – your empathy, your “poor you”.. when you genuinely feel for that person.. you are sending energy to them, and they are improved a bit, but you have been depleted. There’s only so much you can give before you start actually getting worse from the energy you are giving to this person.

Bare with me.

There are a lot of ways where that person could get healing energy from without having to vampire-off a family member or loving friend.

  • Freshly picked plants have the most energy. Eating those plants will fill you with this energy source.
  • The Sun has energy. Getting out in the sun fills you with energy.

I’ll list all that I’m aware of at the end, but it’s important to also know that there are things that block this energy – reasons why people aren’t getting better.

  • Toxins, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Pollutants, Parasites, Pathogens. All can inhibit this energy. Either the energy is used on trying to get rid of these things out of the body. Or they are used by parasites & pathogens as a life-force.
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Toxic Relationships – Energy stealers. A relationship where the partner, friend, etc has found a way to manipulate you for your energy. They are of course unaware they are doing it and they, (just as sick & depressed people do) need it for their own depleted energy.
  • Stress / Anger / Hatred
  • Medications
  • Toxic Water. Fluoride and other toxic chemical-dumps

How to stop being an accidental energy vampire: (Healthy Energy not “stolen” from people unwillingly)

  • Energy Healers – people who tap into this universal energy and send it to you; reiki,
  • Plant-based foods – the fresher the more energy
  • Meditation
  • Energy Routines – qi gong, tai chi, yoga, martial arts
  • Intention – Any “permission-slip” you can use / intend 

How to unblock energy from reaching your entire body & brain:

  • Rebounding
    – bouncing with thigh-muscles, dislodging blocked lymphatic system
  • Walking / Exercising
    – Whole-body daily movement
    – stretching, yoga
    –  gardening, housework
  • Detox
    – Removing heavy metals
    – Removing mercury and root canals from your teeth
    – Removing chemicals, pollutants, toxins from your air and from your body
  • Getting back to nature
    – Surrounding yourself via a permanent energy source (plants, trees, flowers, animals, mother nature)
    – The city is an energy drain, a wormhole sucking the energy out of everything.

Why is there so much we have to do?
Because in this toxic world we live in, we didn’t know what the hell we were doing and we’ve setup an automatic system of blocking this energy from our cells.

Once you have cleaned yourself from all the pollutants that can block the energy, the other energy sources will work more effectively on you, and you will start to open up to the truth, you will start witnessing it first-hand. When you meditate and dream – you will have dreams that show you universal truths. You will start witnessing the things that “weirdo’s” have been telling you for years that you dismissed as crazy.

You will start caring for the planet and for people. You will start to realize what we – as a species need to do – what we need to collaborate and do to help the entire world, the entire universe.

Depending on your past brainwashing, you might dismiss the first experiences as “I must be crazy”.. like I did.. I was too scared to share my experiences for fear of sounding like a looney.

But once you’ve been shown the truth, you can’t “undo” it – unless you dismiss it entirely and reblock your awareness through toxins again so that you no longer have access to the universal source of truth. This bank of knowledge that you can tap-into – wisdom that guides you – that shows you.

I had these experiences back in March and they haven’t been re-experienced but I can’t dismiss what I learnt in that time. It’s what drives me further to not stop learning about this.. even though I know I’ll sound crazier and crazier if I pursue it… the pursuit for truth is higher on my priority list and drive list, than the pursuit to “not sound like a loon”.

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