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So I’ve had no internet the past few days (and it will be Monday afternoon before anyone comes to fix it), which has finally given me a chance to read all the Detox Protocol PDFs I’d saved in my “Treatments for Adverse EventsMega folder, where I’ve been collecting and taking screen scrapes, but not yet had time to read. See my other post, “If you are forced to get the jab” for links to other people doing protocols.

This is a different type of post. These are the notes I took from those PDFs for my own understanding of what is being used. Not referenced other than to “random PDF’s I downloaded on random research days”.

My internet is so unusable today, I’m going to publish and keep adding notes next week, this is far from finished, and when I’ve finished, I’ll try and organize it better as I see the patterns forming.

Personalized care: there is no “one-pill-fits-all” treatment
Obviously, if you are suffering adverse events either from some toxin you’ve been exposed to via geo-engineering, the Office of Gene Technology, livestock, food, herbicides, pesticides, water, GMOs, etc. or by ingesting or injecting “medical interventions,” you should be looking out for those who are far more qualified to supervise you and provide the right doses, giving you the actual accumulated knowledge from their experience of what is “actually working for their patients” and their clinical experience and deep research into the mechanisms of actions, so they know how to customize the right doses for what ails you.

That’s my disclaimer. Use common sense. I’m not working with patients; I don’t know if any of these are helpful or harmful; I’m just researching and taking notes from the guides that are already out there for my own curiosity and to compare.

Your body heals itself for the most part, but we are in a chemical and electromagnetic shitstorm in the most toxic time in history that the body also has to contend with. People 100 years ago did not have to deal with the onslaught of modern so-called improvements.

So this is for toxins, which covers: poisons, bioweapons, nanobots, electromagnetic frequency damage, graphene, mould, heavy metals, DNA repair, and neutralizing whatever we define as the “spike-protein.”


Most agree with each other and consistently recommend:

  1. intermittent fasting
  2. organic plant-based diets (consensus) or mRNA-free carnivore diet (and this complete opposite in views eludes to more of a elimination diet, being they are two totally different sides of the spectrum, leading me to believe that you should be right, as long as you stay away from depopulation foods… but yeah it’s a hard one when these diet suggestions are in complete conflict with one another, excepting that both elude to staying away from processed-synthetic NWO foods)
  3. staying away from fake-foods, pantry-sugary-pastry-bread-canned-packet-and-otherwise-“dead”, “synthetic,” or “contaminated”-foods, fake-oils, and contaminated tap and bottled water,
  4. staying away from or limiting EMF-radiation exposure
  5. high-dose Vitamin D (although, some oppose VD supplementation completely), high-dose Vitamin C (natural, bio-available), vitamin K2, NAC, glutathione, quercetin, black seed oil, zinc, and magnesium.

There is a high-level of “consensus” on this side of the narrative for these across the board, the only thing they seem to disagree about is that some recommend supplementing, and others recommend getting it strictly from your diet.

I’ve gone through most of the benefits of each of them on this site already, so I won’t be taking notes about them on this page since I’ve already done the research previously.

The Rest:

Now we get to the confusing and frustrating part. Each disagrees or has different recommendations depending on what they believe people are being exposed to, what we are really dealing with, their different biases and belief systems (naturopaths are anti-Ivermectin and prescription drugs of any kind, and medical doctors are anti-things they’ve been told are quackery or that sound like sci-fi to them), and which research they are most familiar with.

Each protocol is composed of people with different areas of speciality, personal or clinical experience, different batches, different areas of the world, different cultures, and different backgrounds (Rockefeller-indoctrinated medical doctors vs. homeopaths and naturopaths, etc.).

So bare that in mind, it’s a bit confusing on this side of the narrative because they are each passionately supportive of the protocol that has worked for them in their experience so far, with real people using these protocols, not just “making shit up and hoping for the best”, so we can probably learn from a bit of note-taking from all of them for comparison, and because we each have the same problem in the real world too – we each have our own biases, beliefs, programming, budget, different areas of the world and different experiences to contend with, so as long as each of them are actually seeing “beneficial” improvement in the protocols they are recommending and using, we can “gather the data” from each and figure out where they are coming from and which is best for us.

At this point in the game, most results are anecdotal. Everyone, across the board, is still trying to find “THE” protocol (if there even is such a magic antidote).

Regarding the jabs:
It most certainly seems that not only are the manufacturers different, but each “batch” seems to be different too. Different parts of the world seem to also have different levels of contamination in the vials and different extras, i.e., different parasites, toxins, and heavy metals. The Spanish doctors found that 100% of the vials tested contained graphene. Graphene was discovered in results submitted from Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. German scientists and USA-based Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Richard Fleming did not find any graphene in the vials they tested, but they did find at least 10 other heavy-metal contaminants that were not listed and shouldn’t be there. Dr. Robert Young found graphene and GMO parasites. See “What’s in the Vials” for an overview, so I don’t have to repeat myself here.

Regarding the clots:
Then we have the weird, calamari-like clots being tested with unusual amounts of things that are not at the levels found in normal blood clots. (See Calamari Clots on the Funeral directors post for images. I’ll add Mike Adams results below when I have internet again)

Then we have the unknown factor: The potential for:

So until we get a lot more scientists doing the testing and more manufacturer whistle-blowers with the evidence, we have to just treat it like a “general detox of heavy metals, toxins, parasites, pathogens, etc.” and provide our cells with the right nutrients as well as DNA-repair protocols to give our bodies the best chance of functioning optimally.

This is for all of us, not just those who got vaccinated.


  • Mostly organic plant-based diets (immunological protection, body creates own antioxidants & glutathione)
  • Particularly good: (Organic) Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Blueberries, Blackberries, Tomatoes)
  • If you eat meat, be nit-picky about quality (humanely raised, free-range, pasture, wild).
  • Low quality cheap “feedlot operation” meat typically concerning, much higher percentage of arachidonic acid = degenerative conditions, cardiovascular decline, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis
  • 100-year-old people from blue zone studies, cattle was more natural, and they were intaking meat maximum once or twice a week and many once or twice a month. Only blue zone in America were completely vegetarian
  • No GMOs (find out what GMOs are in your diet, did you know that Bananas and Apples sold in supermarkets in Australia are GMO?)
  • Find natural, organic sources, preferably away from these big supermarkets completely – support your local farmer and backyard gardeners, and grow your own where possible.

Fasting or Intermittent fasting.

  • Body in self-healing mode when its hungry. Need to let yourself be hungry every day. Intermittent fasting as a lifestyle practice.
  • Water fasting (bring body into autophagy state where the body starts producing original stem cells) (Dr. Group)
  • Intermittent fasting (Dr. Jana schmidt)

Autophagy (Dr. Henry Ealy)

  • The pharmacist and patient were so brainwashed by the “safe and effective” marketing that they thought it would be ok to give a patient six injections in one day!
  • Patient in a really bad way: Nervous system crashing, balance gone, falling over, muscle & body aches, extreme fever, shaking, extreme pain, sweating, whole spine was on fire, etc.
  • Using empirical evidence from Salk Institute San Diego study and published research on autophagy (the ability of the body to self-heal based upon fasting)
  • Tried three-day water fast under intense supervision.
  • Added key nutrients: L-arginine, serrapeptase, and glutathione (because they were zero calories, so weren’t going to turn off autophagy).
  • Very obviously starting to recover in 3 days.
  • Followed-up with 11 days of nutrient therapy and organic, plant-based nutrition.
  • Fully recovered in 2 weeks.
  • No peer-reviewed studies to substantiate, but they tried a working-theory and saw it play out clinically with this case. They’ve now tried it with 3 more cases.
  • One person did two 14-day cycles. (3 days fasting, 11 days of nutrients – L-arginine, serrapeptase, and liposomal glutathione / N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), plus organic plant-based nutrition, then 11 days of continuing those nutrients plus immune priming nutrients – vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, and liquid iodine), 98% recovered.
  • Quality products. Call up the company to find quality products, (do your research on the products, ask questions, don’t trust companies you can’t even talk to). Or get ingredients from a trusted medical professional.
  • Work with a qualified professional for dosages, it depends on the company and products, and every situation is unique and needs to be adjusted accordingly by someone that has experience with it and know the mechanisms of action.
  • Example of dosages used in this extreme circumstance.
  • L-arginine 1,000 milligrams twice a day.
  • liposolmal glutathione 250 milligrams per day.
  • serrapeptase, 80,000 SPU
  • Suggests Vaalter Longo Foundation (autophagy, neurodegenerative disease, cancer, fasting)
  • > our team > dr henry ealy > shows recent podcast > post-vaccine injury case study

Comusav anti-innoculation protocol (from the creators of the documentary BlueTRUTH)

  • Alkaline Diet (avoid: flours, sugar, dairy, red meats, and increase water intake)
  • Grounding or “Earthing” 3 times a week min for 30 mins (walking barefoot on nature such as grass, sand, or mud)
  • Avoid being near electronic devices.
  • CDS F20 Protocol
  • Liquid (food grade) Zeolite
  • Drinking Seawater one intake on an empty stomach
    • 50ml seawater + 50ml drinking water (30 days)
    • 25ml seawater + 75ml drinking water (60 days)
  • Zinc 50mg + Vitamin D3 20000 ui with breakfast
  • CDS 1 C20 (100ml 10 times throughout the day) (3 months)
  • Melatonin 3mg at bedtime
  • Additional: CDS Enema (Protocol E), Foot-baths with CDS and seawater (30mins daily for 7 days), Purilanbor (Marine Electrolytes) 2 sublingual drops AM & PM (3-6 months)

Urotherapy (Stem Cell Therapy that contains original memory of your DNA, universal antidote, anti-nanobot, EMF protection, DNA cellular repair)

  • contains over 3,500 different compounds, anti-poisonous substances, anti-inflammatory substances, urokinase (control blood clotting)
  • contains organic bonded forms of all the minerals, nutrients, amino acids
  • specifically manufactured just for you on a minute to minute basis, contains stem cells to help repair any damage (24)
  • severe symptoms like cancer, autoimmune, neurological symptoms, tinnitus, Lyme, Alzheimer’s, dementia, envenomation, ticks, spider bites, etc.
  • meat and pain medications would lower the therapeutic value
  • even the metals & pesticides etc are conjugated/broken down, so even if you put them back into your system, it signals body that you need to remove more of them, a signalling system.
  • whatever you have in your urine is perfect ratio when you re-consume to signal your body to produce something that you might be deficient in, balance your hormones.
  • you can clean sinuses with it, put it in your eyes, ears, belly button, enemas, drink, inject, foot bath, or rub on skin.
  • Antigen Receptor Specific Cell Signaling. ARS3.
  • Commonly used from 1860 to 1920. (wow, wonder what happened? hello, David.)
  • People gag about it, but intelligent minds will change after they see the evidence. Ignorance is curable with knowledge and information. Stupidity is not curable – the person is cognitively incapable of processing that information and following logical thought process.
  • supported by Dr Edward Group, Dr. Jesse Partridge, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Burzynsk, Dr. William Hitt (Nobel Peace prize for his work in immune therapy, allergies), Jonathan Otto, Amandha Vollmer, and more

Meditation, mindfulness, sleep, grounding, sunlight. (Dr. Edward Group)

Quercetin, Zinc (slow down & possibly stop mRNA production and binding capabilities, neutralize spike protein)

Chlorine Dioxide (CDS or MMS)

  • (World Council for Health)
  • (Dr. Edward Group)

(World Council for Health): melatonin, emodin, black cumin seed extract, resveratrol, curcumin, magnesium, zinc, nattokinase, fish oil, zeolite, activated charcoal

supercharged C60 (graphene oxide and contaminants)

Oregano Oil (GMO Parasites)

  • (2 drops 2 x daily week 1)
  • (4 drops 2 x daily week 2)
  • (56 drops 2 x daily week 3)
  • (12-15 drops daily for 3-4 months)
  • (Can mix with Black Seed Oil)
  • (Dr Ariyana Love (MD) )

Pine Oil (GMO Parasites)

  • (3-5 drops 2 x daily week 1)
  • (5-8 drops 2 x daily week 2)
  • (8-12 drops 2 x daily week 3)
  • (30 drops daily for 4 months)
  • (Do not use too much too fast = strong HERX reaction)
  • (Can use with CBDA/CBDG Cannabis oil)
  • (Dr Ariyana Love)

Pine Needle Tea (potential antidote to spike protein)

  • Contains suramin, “inhibitory effects against components of the coagulation cascade and against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA”

Black Seed Oil / Nigella Sativa / Black Cumin / Black Fennel / Kalonji

  • (GMO Parasites & General Health) (Dr. Ariyana Love MD)
    • (2-4 tablespoons daily – everyone)
    • (4-8 tablespoons daily – jab detox/illness – for 10-14 days)
  • (Vaccine Injury and Shedding and Long Covid) (World Council for Health)

Bentonite or Montmorillonite Clay (Binds/absorbs toxins, impurities, chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogens, helping to excrete waste substances)

  • (Store in glass containers, don’t use metal utensils)
  • (mix with pure filtered water or spring water to make a thick paste)
  • (drink more water on days you take clay – lots more water than you usually do)
  • 1/4 tsp per 20 lb / 9 kg of weight i.e. 70kg = just under 2 tablespoons
  • Start gentle, slow – 1/2 tsp per glass of water (shake vigorously for about a minute in a jar, add some more water and let sit overnight)
  • Make a bulk recipe (4 tablespoons to standard mason jar, fill with water, shake vigorously, leave overnight, drink 4 tablespoons of mixture with extra water daily)
  • (consume 3-4 days, then take 3 day break, then resume)
  • (Dr Ariyana Love – Montmorillonite clay, not Bentonite)

Metals identified in the Jabs:

  • caesium (Cs)
  • potassium (K)
  • calcium (Ca)
  • barium (Ba)
  • cobalt (Co)
  • iron (Fe)
  • chromium (Cr)
  • titanium (Ti)
  • cerium (Ce)
  • gadolinium (Gd)
  • aluminum (Al)
  • silicon (Si)
  • sulpur (S)
  • Dr Mark Trozzi Video (Timestamps: 5:00 and again at 10:15) | Post | PDF from German Scientists Vaccine Analysis
  • Need to add Dr Ryan Cole’s list
  • and Mike Adams list

Detox – Cesium 137

  • Anything with ions, a positive and negative charge (like salts i.e. redox molecules, sodium chlorite, Borax or Boron)

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) (if you can’t get NAC, then glutathione).

  • (NAC is the precursor to glutathione, anti-clot, blood thinning, anticoagulant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating)
  • Body also makes it’s own glutathione (so eat right)

CDP choline (Neurological, brain fog, toxins & poisons in nervous system, venom)

  • Choline is phenomenal. Choline increases the synapse transfer of information between every nerve in your body. Improve neurological function. You can use it every day.
  • Choline is a derivative from nature – all plants, vegetables and fruits contain choline.
  • Any venom, toxins and poisons that bind to the nervous system will gravitate to CDP choline.
  • Dr. Bryan Ardis. Dr. Deb Viglione.

Ivermectin (spike protein, bioweapon, parasites, venom, sudden illness)

  • Dr. Bryan Ardis: binds to alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Venom peptides or what they call spike proteins, will gravitate to Ivermectin.
  • Dr. Ed. Group: prefers Ivermectin Horse paste because it doesn’t have all the additives.
  • Dr. Ted Fogarty: If you’re a farmer and your loved one is sick, grab the horse paste, and rub it around their neck and on their back.
  • Dr. Ted Fogarty: Ivermectin horse paste used transdermal (on the skin), doesn’t consume it.
  • World Council for Health: (with zinc)

Lyophilized (freeze-dried) Scorpion venom has been used as an insecticide (Crop dusting farms)

  • Kills certain insects and caterpillars and worms that eat the plants, but also gets into the soil and is drawn up into the plants which you consume.
  • Drug manufacturing biological weapons labs have been synthetically making venoms from bees, spiders, scorpions, and use them in pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and aerosols. Decades and mass produced in factories around the world.
  • Says snake venom phosphodiesterase is used in all mRNA gene editing therapy since 2009. Used to cleave of cut your RNA and DNA to insert an mRNA. Innovative Research.
  • snake venom phosphodiesterase’s a component of the venom that predigests organs, digests tissues.
  • Snake venom components can live in the body and circulate throughout your tissues for up to 10 years.
  • Solution: Nicotine patch (temporary) and Choline (long-term)

Calamari-like blood clots

  • In the calamari blood clots found by the embalmers, Mike Adams did the mass spectrometry evaluation. In the blood clot material he found:
    • Tin at 6 x the amount of a normal human tissue.
    • Something is driving the clot formation to pull metals from around the body into the bloodstream where it doesn’t belong.
    • Tin
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Iron
  • None of those were the same or even close to what we typically find in human blood.


(need to look this up when I have better internet)

DMG dimethyglycine (help repair DNA in cells from damage from the spike proteins, jabbed or not)

  • Natural protein that occurs in the body. Very rarely in food. Dimethylglycine has been used to help ADD and focus, but it also repairs DNA damage. Small capsule a day with food.
  • Dr. Jana Schmidt, Dr. Judy Mikovits

Fulvic acid and humic acid (binder)

  • Binding compounds are important to help get these out of our bodies. Also a great supplement.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) (traumatic brain-injuries, wheelchairs, dementia, memory loss recoveries, multiple sclerosis (MS), foot drops, “long hauler” reversal)

  • Increased nitric oxide expression, by increasing nitrogen gas in the air and oxygen gas available to cells with nitric oxide synthases.
  • Dr. Ted Fogarty, Dr. Bradley Meyer, Dr. Mickey Keim

Hydroxychloroquine,(HCQ) (with azithromycin & zinc)

  • prescription only, banned in most western countries
  • (Dr. Edward Group)

Mitrochondrial nutrition

  • Amino acids that create glutathione, glycine, cystine, and glutamine, blending with spirulina and beetroot powder.

Spirulina (antiviral, anti-cancer, neuroprotective, radioprotective)

  • Can take it a lot (like food, seaweed)
  • Drink more water when taking it

Beetroot (vascular, generation of endothelial nitric oxide)

Pesticide annumulation (particularly glysophate / Roundup)

  • Builds up in the body and binds to our essential trace minerals making us deficient
  • Consuming larger doses of the amino acid powder glycine can displace glysophate and remove it through the urinary tract. (1tsp in water twice daily for 2+months)
  • Increase serotonin levels, which will improve central nervous system, improves blood sugar regulation, aids as building block for collagen)
  • Dr. Dietrich Klinghard, Dr. Carrie Madej

Aluminum (and other heavy metals)

  • Increasing silica in your diet or taking a cilantro tincture will assist with removing these heavy metals safely.
  • DMSA for heavy metals/arsenic (1 capsule daily for 3 days, then off for 11 days, repeat every 2 weeks for up to 1 year, for slowly-removing heavy/metals and arsenic without detox reactions)
  • Can increase dose if tolerated.
  • (Dr. Carrie Madej)


  • Iodoral 12.5mg daily for 2 weeks, then increase to 25mg daily. (Combination of iodide and iodine)
  • Detox from radiation, assist with hormone regulation, improves immunity, helps thyroid function, detoxification, reduces risk of hormone induced cancer.
  • Heart palpitations may occur if you have excessive bromine toxicity in your body. Indication to decrease the amount of iodine and detox more slowly.
  • (Dr. Carrie Madej)

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. (Fights almost any infection; detoxifies the body; improves trauma healing; activates natural killer cells; anti-cancer.) (Dr. Carrie Madej)

Detox Baths (all different kinds of toxins, yeast, radiation, etc. reduce toxic load)

  • 1-2 cups of baking soda with 1-2 cups of Epsom salts, 1/2 cup bentonite clay for 20 mins 3 x a week.
  • Can add 1 cup borax (anecdotal evidence to help with nano)
  • or 1/2 gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar (decrease yeast, improves alkalinity)
  • or Clorox bleach (skin issues, detoxes heavy metals, skin parasites)
  • One at a time to ensure you tolerate each one. Each address a different type of ailment.
  • (Dr. Carrie Madej)

Baking Soda

  • 1/2tsp to 1tsp daily in a glass of water.
  • Alkalinized body, improves digestion, decreases allergies, decreases inflammation, assist kidney/bladder issues
  • (Dr. Carrie Madej)

Probiotics and Prebiotics

  • One capsule of Culturelle or Align probiotic daily (replenish good bacteria in digestive tract, 4-6 weeks)
  • Improves immune system, digestion, decrease allergies, improve mood, boosts serotonin
  • (Dr. Carrie Madej)
  • Yogurt is best-known probiotic. Kefir and Fermented vegetables high in probiotics and prebiotics

Avoid Tap Water

  • Reverse osmosis or distilled water
  • Invest in table top water distiller or a Berkey filter.
  • Berkey filters are military grade and can filter out arsenic from the water.
  • (Dr. Carrie Madej)



  • Min. 20 mins daily brisk walk outside. (improves health in only 2 weeks)
  • Antidepressant, lowers blood pressure, improves immunity.

Dental Health

  • Strong link between cancers, autoimmune, coronary disease and dental infections.
  • Brush teeth with baking soda daily.
  • Coconut oil pulling (1 tsp coconut oil, swish for up to 20 mins, then spit out)
  • Remove Mercury/metal fillings, replace with white resin.
  • Root-canals can cause significant health problems.


  • (World Council for Health): Pine Needle Tea, Fennel Tea, Star Aniseed Tea, St. John’s wort extract, Comfrey Leaf (neutralize spike protein)
  • (World Council for Health): Prunella vulgaris, turmeric, green tea, black tea, milk thistle extract, liquorice, neem, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, coriander, ginger, garlic, oregano, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, savoury, frankincense, andrographis, dandelion root and leaf, propolis (general anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory)

B Vitamins, particularly B12 (Niacin)



SV40, (need internet)

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil has been proven to help our body fight against gamma radiation-induced DNA damage, because it is very high in antioxidants. Sesame can help to reduce the rate of mortality in radiation treated mice; therefore, it can also support the spleen and intestinal damage prevention. Sesame is found 20 times working as a free radical scavenger more efficiently compared to another powerful antioxidant or melatonin.

Work in progress (no reliable internet today)

Download the folder if you want to review the PDF’s yourself while I keep taking notes and trying to organize. I’ll try and finish this next week when I have the internet back up and running.

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