[Bentinho Massaro] Everything is a reflection of your vibration – Health

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[Bentinho Massaro] Everything is a reflection of your vibration - Health

All my Notes from this “How to Achieve Perfect Health” video from Bentinho Massaro

Seriously.. I love it when someone speaks what I’ve been writing about, thinking about, and trying to communicate now ever since healing myself! This guy has totally 100% come to the same realization. I hope all of us who are all trying to communicate the unbelievable “how it worked for us”… can help each other spread our messages & miracles far and wide so that mainstream people who are sick or unhappy can finally believe and turn their lives around too! I hope all who are meant to get this message today (you – if you are reading this now, have been lead here by your higher-self to read or watch this), really understand or at least start questioning what you’ve been told, so that you can ‘start’ to understand.. I really hope, I really hope, I really hope.. I really really really hope some part of you that is screaming and yearning for you to believe this, that it really, truly does help you get to the next level of where you are going. Don’t give up, there is absolute truth to ‘the crazy’ in this world, even if you can’t believe the ‘crazy’, if you can see how the methods will work for you, and let go of some of your brainwashing and all that we’ve been told our whole lives, and step out of ego-mode for a bit and “try this on”, let it sink in for a couple of weeks, it can completely transform your life and the lives of everyone around you, and eventually the world. 

All physical ailments / illness, discomfort are misaligned thinking.

Sometimes we choose physical disabilities in order to facilitate, explore life, if we did not include these seemingly limitations

How you see life needs to be in alignment with who you are. If how you see life is not in alignment with who you are, then you will start to feed this misalignment into the physical vehicle. It takes a while, you have some leeway.

Negative thought = indicator. You’ll start to feel bad (2nd indicator).
If you don’t clear up the thought, eventually it will transfer itself into the physical apparatus.

Every ailment you have is reversible. Heal-able. If you are still conscious, if you can still pay attention to who you are, not all hope has been lost yet from the higher-self’s point of view. 

Higher Self is feeding you this. If you never pay attention…Higher self = waste of my consciousness = you will drop dead. Passed the threshold of being able to listen. Reabsorb it into its entirety and from that place decide how it will re-express itself, to learn again. All disease including death. Passed the threshold of stubbornness or weariness. You have extracted all of your interest in this plane. Once you have explored everything you wanted to explore in this realm. To move onto something else.

Beliefs rule your life.

Go into a bubble and make up your own rules.

Make your own possibilities.

Create your own limits.

Reshape your body.

How healthy it is.

Aligning your thinking with who you are. Visualization or imagination or non-physical generates the physical extension of the image. Easier to unhook from the automatic vibrations. Your preference. Your desire.

Stop focusing on the disease.
Because it’s not true, it’s out of harmony with my higher self.
Everything is possible and I can change this moment in an instant, I can have it whatever I want it to become.
So if I think “this means something”, I’m basically giving away my power, my higher-self is disagreeing with that way of thinking. I feel bad.

I feel bad because my higher-self disagrees with myself that I’m actually getting sick.
Then I get even more out of alignment, which transfers more into the body.

The earlier you catch yourself focusing negatively, the easier it is to transmute.

Have to develop the ability to not be focused physically, to not to take your cue from the physicality.

Symptoms are “the first signs of something” – Remove that!
That’s not true. It’s just a symptom in that moment.

It doesn’t indicate that something is about to follow but negative assumption will generate the reality, because you are visualizing a sick body and the body as honest as a reflection of your vibration as it is, will then become.

The more you understand this vibrationally, the more rapidly you can shift it. And you can take your “lesson” from the first “signs” as an indicator that you have not been fully aligned with yourself.

If you take the appropriate action and shift in mind, shift in thinking, shift in understanding yourself, that the “negative symptoms” are an “indicator of”. If you shift that early, it will not have to progress into any kind of disease, sickness or cold.

Sometimes a cold can be a shifting (like shedding the skin of the old). Clearing out all the negative beliefs and flushing out the body. You are in a way “reborn”. Cleansing can happen in many ways.

Drink plenty of water, and have cleansing types of thoughts.
Taking supplements and herbs that resonate with “you”, that ‘make you believe and feel more confident about you actually being able to flush things out, shed your skin – in positive ways, in good-feeling, vibrant ways and you feel better and better and better every-time you give yourself such a “permission slip”

When you focus negatively, you are doing the opposite of what it’s meant to do. You’re approaching it in the opposite way that it actually wants you to operate in. The first sign of a negative symptom, it wants you to positive re-focus yourself.

Approach all negative experiences with a positive attitude.

The thought will visualize your body.

As soon as something pops up as negative indicator, your first response noticing – should be one of excitement! Program yourself to appreciate every negative experience, with a knowing, with an instantaneous positive safety net response team. Your response team should consist of overly optimistic energies.

“Oh WOW, there’s a Fire! Let’s go!” 
Everything needs to be responded to with a positive, appreciative attitude.

Next time you feel a negative vibration, what do you do? You are excited about it!

Can you do that?

When you’re excited about it, you start shifting that energy instantaneously!

Western / Eastern medicine = works fine as a permission slip, but they get way too far into the details of it because they feel it’s a ‘physical treatment’.You’re not actually treating or curing the disease. You’re just giving something that makes one temporarily believe that one is healed, so one feels better for a while.

But if the permission is not powerful enough to establish a permanent belief in health and well-being, then the patient will be back.

Mind your attitude at the doctor. Whatever you look for, you will find. Vibrational creation.
This is how the universe works. It attracts to you what you focus upon.

The way that you ask the universe for creating something for you, is whatever you focus upon.
All it recognizes is what you are presently vibrating at!

You can very easily shift into a body that does not have disease.

If you take the indicator as meaning that your thoughts have been out of alignment with the Truth of abundance, infinite creation, passion, you being loved, you being worthy of all that you desire, all these fundamentally true vibrations, if your thoughts become re-aligned with that, then you’re absolutely learning from the presence of the symptom. 

And if that symptom serves no further purpose, it will leave you.

You will have changed your vibration, learned from it, and returned to your state of greater empowerment, ecstasy, or vibrational alignment with who you actually are.

All that ‘get to you’, ‘come to you’, ‘manifest through you’, is wealth, well-being, happiness, joy, vibrancy, there is no other way. It is determined. It is by law. It is by the way the universe operates.

Understand the physical body is all somehow a physical representation or indicator of your mind. They cannot be in alignment with each other. The body is responding to the mind. Whatever you think, you create a body that is in alignment with your thought. Your thought may not be in alignment with what you wanted to think, but nevertheless, your body responds to how you think, its the physical extension of the mind.

Health is very simple to understand.

Physical ailment is never the case of something physically out of balance. Never, ever, ever.

A physical imbalance is always the result of the mind not being in alignment with the truth of creation, the truth of the creator, the truth of one’s higher-self.

It doesn’t matter what you feed the body. It can be a ‘temporary permission slip’ to feel a little better, but ultimately it does not matter what you put into your body, or what you paste onto it.

You might therefore ask: What would happen if you drink of 2 gallons of toxic material? Well, you would probably die. Why? Because your physicality at the moment, is part of a collective structure, a collective matrix of belief systems, that you’re hooked into. The more conscious you become of your own creatorship, your creation, the less you be dependant on that.

Since we are to an extent, unconscious, and we’re not all at that level of vibration of alchemy, we’re not that adept yet, then because for some of us, it doesn’t serve for everything to be unhooked from the collective, we therefore are to some extent agreeing upon the collective of what happens when you ingest certain materials.

What’s the path of least resistance right now for me? Is it to sit here and find every single vibratory connection I have to this collective agreement about health, what causes disease, what does not cause disease, or is it easier for me to just drink a little bit more water, and a little less toxic materials? What is an easier permission slip for me to go about and explore my actual theme? Because the main focus of your life, should be your theme of what you are here to explore, what is in alignment for you? For most people it’s not in their alignment to completely undermine all these subconscious structures that you are a part of that help generate your physicality in a certain way.

So all these health systems that are in place, are for those that are the most sheep-like. The least vibrationally conscious of who they are.

The more you regain that power, the more malleability you get with what, how flexible your body can respond to the things you ingest and the things that you do physically. In other words, your belief that it might require more energy.

What is more the path of least resistance, what is relevant for your exploration of consciousness?

Creating a bubble reality separate from the collective reality that it originally agreed to be a part of here is possible, but what is the path of least resistance and highest relevance to why you are here? 

Mind what you eat.
If you’re completely vibrationally conscious, it doesn’t make any difference what you put in your body, in fact you probably wouldn’t put anything in it, because you wouldn’t need to. Since that requires it’s own kind of determination, focus, and path to explore in full, it’s not relevant for most people.

So in general, eat things that are relatively healthy for 70-80% of your diet and drink high quality water, and don’t ingest too many toxins, unless your belief system is already so changed and so under your conscious vibratory command, that you are free from those collective agreements that are subconsciously influencing your creation all the time.

Why? Because you agreed to be a part of this collective. You are part of the collective, so that you can serve the collective. For some it is relevant, it is to become a testament, to become what is possible, but for most, it is more relevant to simply explore, what it’s like to be part of that collective, what it’s like to serve, what it’s like to share love, what it’s like to discover more of who you are, and so for most people it’s not that relevant to really penetrate all these deep and profound layers of the collective unconscious mind.

That together (the conscious collective, the automatic subconscious creations) generates all things, such as your breathing, heart beat, gravity, that you don’t have to think of all the time, so that you can actually focus on other things.

It’s only for a handful of people that it’s relevant to actually be conscious of these things and be able to change them.

What you look for, you will find. Be mindful what you’re looking for and expect to find. Change what you expect to find, into the things you actually want more of in your life. Such as infinite abundance, infinite health, infinite vibrancy, really good feeling relationships, really rich experiences and adventure, money, the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Focus on expecting that to happen in the very next minute. Look for that.

Oh hey, where’s that million dollars and just be in that vibration – not of missing it, not of lacking it – but of looking for it as if its already yours.

Is it in my cupboard? closet? Under the table? I know it’s mine, I know it’s somewhere here. Where is my health? Oh that’s what it looks like it. Oh yeah I feel more and more evidence of health flowing to my experience. Focus on the abundance and presence of what you want.
Without feeling that you’re lacking it. Don’t focus on the lack of what you desire, but upon the abundance and presence of what you desire.

One powerful way to build momentum is to acknowledge everything that’s going well for you.

Focus upon what works for you. Acknowledge what is going well for you. The more you acknowledge, what’s already going well for you, you will amplify that, and the universe will immediately start responding that and creating more of it in your life.

You are completely responsible for what you see, perceive and experience.


How do you control creation?
Not situationally
Not circumstantially
Not even financially or relationally

It is your only means of total world domination of your creation.

It is vibrational control.

You can command your creation, and still be in alignment with love and unconditional service, it’s not conflicting with that at all.

All the cells in my body that are completely and effortlessly and joyfully and brightness and light and love, my heart is beating and I don’t have to think about it, my breathe in inhaling & exhaling and whoop! – health appears.

As soon as you understand that the control panel for life, your creation, is right here, vibrationally – thoughts, feelings, beliefs. You’ve got the recipe for success in any regard in any field for life.

But as soon as you get lost, that you overlooked that you created it in the first place, that activates more of a negative manifestation physically and the spiral goes on.

You are already perfect as you are, it’s how valuable are you to the intention that set-up this life to begin with. It’s a discernment of how relevant is this?

Higher Self sees: This is an expression of a particular intention and when the expression goes too dense, higher self says hey, this is not the intention i want to explore, let me die over there and rebirth myself. I want this portion of my consciousness to explore and grow into and expand from. Let me move into that.

What you truly desire from yourself.
Near-perfect health is absolutely possible.

Why “near-perfect”? Because as you progress, vibrationally, there will always be some type of an indicator of what you can move into next in terms of even greater alignment with spirit, so the indicator of health will always be there. This does not have to manifest itself physically as we know dis-ease, at some point you can reach a point where it’s pretty much, all the time physically, perfectly healthy & vibrant and alive and in alignment.

You still learn in terms of dis-ease or “not feeling at-ease”, vibrationally, you will get some kind of a signal (mentally, emotionally, physically if you don’t pay attention) that still continues to guide you into even greater ecstasy, even greater alignment.

Everything is your body. Everything is equally in your consciousness.
You can learn from everything, and therefore everything becomes an indicator of your alignment.

Perfect health, feels like spilling out into the environment, feels like a kid playing in a sandbox, it’s joy. No longer isolated and lacking and physical and limited and dense.

Visualization and looking for the abundance and presence of it, and not looking for the lack of it. Looking for the symptoms that’s there and it’s getting there. You continuously shape your reality. You execute your will whether you are conscious of it or not. Your control over your own environment. You experience what you create and it’s so seamless, but you don’t notice the difference. Perceiving and creating are the same thing, you create your perception right now. Perception of the moment is the creation of that moment, there is no difference.

Everything is a wavelength, a possibility, until a consciousness decides or expects or believes it “is” a certain something and then instantaneously it is that certain something. The perception of it, is the creation of it.

Start with something you are grateful for, and that window will open for all the things you were not grateful for. And then you’re really transforming all your lack beliefs into abundance.

The more you take back responsibility, the less you will automatically physically create permission-slips that represent your lack of your ability to control your body and your mind and your wealth and your well-being.

The more you practice to be happy and feeling good, and appreciating when you don’t (Being excited about it), you’ll get an indicator that you are doing well and that you are heightening your frequency, and then shadows will come up because your light is shining brighter.

Previously you did not see those shadow beliefs because you did not have the brightness to even cast a shadow behind those objects, but now they start to appear to you, so there’s a negative feeling indicating an out of alignment belief underneath it, but that’s a perfect indication of your overall growth.

Take it with love and joy and appreciation, so that pretty much all the time, you are at least in a state of acceptance, if not a state a joy of happiness. And as you continue to do that, very naturally, the need for medication will disappear.

Don’t “force yourself” to stop using the permission slips (medication, supplements, etc) that seem to keep you stable at he moment. They will fall away. When you are vibrationally aligned, you will get a conviction and knowing that you absolutely don’t need it, and then you’ll naturally stop using these things.

Work on your vibrations. Don’t try to become a monk overnight. Focus on what works for you, vibrationally, give yourself more and more and more, and you’ll see that you need less & less physical excuses for well-being. Medicine is the permission slip for your well-being, it’s believing that you are not in control of your own body. 

The more that you understand that everything is by vibration, and therefore you are in control of your own body and it’s state of health, then you’ll naturally progress (medication won’t even be on your radar).

Higher-self which creates everything through our cooperation (through our vibratory response to life) is not cruel. It doesn’t just give you a limitation without it having a purpose that exceeds the displeasure of the limitation. The potential purpose behind a physical inconvenience (it needs to be utilized, it needs to be understood by the recipient – the lower self consciousness), the potential benefit that comes, that lies behind the purpose behind the physical inconvenient manifestation is always much, much, much greater than the actual temporary physical inconvenience.

And so when the purpose is extracted from the physical inconvenience is generated, as an indicator of out-of-alignment thoughts, that pre-ceded it for a period of time, when all the benefit is extracted from it, when all the lessons are learned, when you have shifted your vibration to positive instead of negative, through harmony with your well-being, through feeling good, the physical manifestation of inconvenience will also disappear because it has no purpose. It has a way of showing you, to put yourself in alignment. That’s the purpose behind it. Put your thoughts back into alignment with the higher-truths of creation.

Monitor yourself with a loving attitude and get rid of the majority with your negative, lack beliefs and replace them with the confidence of love, appreciation, freedom, abundance, everything is possible, I’m loved, I’m worthy, I’m infinitely worthy, I’m infinitely connected to all that there is. I’m feeling so good because I’m part of this orchestra of all that there is. When you start feeling all these vibrations, it instantaneously starts taking away the physical symptoms.

Your natural state is already at bliss. Transmute the negative and you will reveal your natural state.

Decide who you are every moment.

When you get back into alignment, your higher-self has no reason for the symptom to be there, and it starts instantaneously deleting the symptom, back into alignment, because you are.

There are no physical rules, not really. Belief rules this kingdom.

If the belief is clear enough, in alignment enough, it will naturally generate a physical reality instantaneously that is in alignment with those views.

This is a dream, it’s not real. It’s perception, not creation. Perception is creation. There is no experience, apart from experience.

I am consciousness generating a perception within myself of myself in a particular configuration of appearance. That’s all that there is to creation. All that is, is inseparable from consciousness.

And what are you? Consciousness.

That means that all that’s contained inside of your consciousness, all possibilities, the one you are seeing now is because it’s relevant for you to see now. It shows you something. Appreciate it, learn from it, and choose to insert greater joy into it. Your desires will manifest once you realize that this is the way that life operates, more quickly & easily.

Ease = creates what you want
Feeling struggle = creates what you don’t want

Be more at ease.
Be more in joy.
Be more in love.
Be more in abundance.


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Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)

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