How to counteract what this modern lifestyle is doing to your body… This is your Wakeup Call

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How to counteract what this modern lifestyle is doing to your body... This is your Wakeup Call

This is a facebook comment that was meant for a friend, but I didn’t publish it, cos I realized that it was probably meant to serve as a reminder to myself (like most advice that comes out of my mouth… it’s meant for me lol)

If you have faith in the medical system, by all means go down that route, they have good diagnosis equipment, sometimes the medical staff are really nice … even if they never help you with the ’cause’ of anything… but maybe, if you trust them… your intention and beliefs in them may help your body & mind relax … and it has the added benefit of giving you “social permission” to outwardly change your life to friends/family/society (cos you were diagnosed by a “real doctor”).

I will… right now… be the angel on your shoulder that gives you some of my own truth that I got from my own wakeup call, cos I give a shit about you, even if we haven’t met :)wake-up-call

Excuse my bluntness if it comes out that way.. after a lifetime spent in & out of hospital, my teenage years on oxygen, and a list my arm’s long of illnesses (want the list? [Health Conditions I have overcome by Breaking-Free of the Pharmaceutical Industry and going Natural])… I only got better when I did my own research, took my own health into my own hands, and kicked the pharmaceutical industry out of my life, so I’m very passionate about this cos I was completely reliant on them too and have only been semi-healthy for like 3 years now & still have a way to go (cos I’m still foolish about my lifestyle choices!)… but that’s almost 37 years that I spent always-sick, always-dependant, always-stressed+depressed, and always-ashamed.

Do your own research on how to counteract what this modern lifestyle is doing to your body..
– but your body knows, your soul knows, YOU know … our body’s alarm bells only ring loudly when we’ve been ignoring it for a very long time… we’re walking miracles and it takes a lot of continuous bombardment for it to show serious symptoms… it’s been whispering in our ears for years… and now it’s like… Time for change

This is an environmental & lifestyle cause… and you have a choice to change the environment and lifestyle that caused it.

1.) Pretty much everything we consume in modern-day society is causing cellular inflammation… except ‘living, freshly-harvested plants and clean water’.. we can’t avoid the chemical shit-storm of what we digest, but if we’re aware of it, we can do what we can to counteract it.

2.) Identify causes of stress, toxicity & what is not in alignment to your soul... and do something about rectifying it.

3.) What does your body need to help it deal with today’s toxic bombardment of chemicals, stress, & insanity? how are you taking care of yourself… what are you doing “for you”?

4.) What is making you angry (any personal reaction to my comment doesn’t count lol …cos that would be auto-ego-defence conditioned-programming system that always wants to be right & can’t admit that what we are doing to ourselves is causing our own illness – we all suffer from this little protective, caring “friend”.. but what else is making you angry or bringing up feelings of grief, fear, guilt, etc..?)


No amount of pills or surgery is going to fix the “causes”… your body is the only thing that ever fixes anything – even those pills – the body is the one that does the actual repair work; the pills are nothing more than a permission slip to continue inflicting damage on your own body without having to change anything.

Even myself, even my family members, even my friends, continue to do things that we knowingly know is harming us… modern society is insane. We are most definitely influenced by those around us and use that as a permission slip to our own detriment.

Choose which path to take for what feels right for you – or you can take both paths… getting help from them, as well as getting help from others who have healed themselves, as well as helping yourself.

This is your opportunity to change your life for the better… this is your personal wakeup call. Embrace it, be who you came here to be!

Opportunity of a lifetime … opportunity – of – a – lifetime... and a rollercoaster ride to come which will go a lot smoother if you embrace this truth from the start of the journey.

This goes for anyone who is secretly reading this & throwing their fists up in resistance at the screen right now… we are all going through this... you – whoever you are – the whole modern day society is going through this.. noone is immune to what is going on in our toxic modern-day environment/lifestyles… all of us need to go through this transformation of change.. all of us get the wakeup call… some people choose pharmaceuticals because changing their lifestyle is too painful to bare … and look where that gets them. Or they go that path because they are really programmed to not question what we have been told, or some people choose not interrupting the status-quo of other people’s belief-systems… (which I think is the case for someone close to me & anyone who has beloved medical people in their families). Others choose change.

Those who eventually get healthy – chose change. Heeding the call of their body’s own in-built wisdom. If I plucked you out of your modern day environment and put you in the middle of the calm, natural beautiful island, with lush growing plants, clean mineral water, and no stress to deal with, you would heal. Nature heals. And knowing this, how can you do your best to reflect as much nature into your modern-day life.

Ok, ramble over… you will be ok, you will be fine.. there is no need to worry (worry actually makes everything worse).. remain positive, do what you can to ease the stress in your life, take some time-out… do your own research and trust your inner-guidance which may still tell you to get help from the medical industry… which is fine – trust your gut – your intuition… and let’s meetup soon over a real cuppa instead of a virtual one xo

(and can you cut out the pasta for the time-being… just cos like, it’s one of the most highly inflammatory foods there is, and I know it will give you immediate relief – ok shut up Penny.. shut up.. .stop typing… people hate this side of you… stop it… stop trying to help, they can’t bear it..) *Makes you a green smoothie*…

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