Divine Matrix Notes (You are ALREADY Healed)

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Divine Matrix Notes (You are ALREADY Healed)

Notes from approximately the first hour. It’s very similar to how I healed myself.. and I learnt new understandings as to why I felt like my “intentions” and the “knowing that I would heal” was the very thing that healed me… so more notes to come and watch the video! With Focused Attention to glean as much knowledge as you can – especially if you need to heal yourself xo


What you expect.. you get.
What you expect.. you create.
Looking at the expectation creates that something.

What does it mean when you are conditioned to search your body when you are looking for abnormality? looking for something wrong?
When you look in the mirror.. and say “what a beautiful body”.. that’s what you create

John Wheeler – “consciousness is creating our physical universe”
Feeling & Consciousness is creating.
New discoveries suggest that the power to change our bodies and change our bodies is based on what we call our belief on what is real.

We live our lives based on what we believe… “about ourselves.. our world.. one another.. our limitations.. our capabilities… ”
We live our lives based upon our beliefs.

So where do those beliefs come from?
They come from what “other people” tell us.
What “history” tells us
What “science” tells us
What “religion” tells us
What our family & culture tells us

What if they’re wrong?

What if you and I are living our beliefs based on other people who are incorrect?
What does that mean for us?

“Our power of belief is an infinite power, against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance”

Miracles or Belief?

Quantum Particles can exist in multiple places at the same time, and they are always connected.

Quantum Particles can communicate with themselves – in the “Past” and in the “Future”.

Scientists can know all about a particle in the past, then they can change the particle in the present, and it changes how the particle “must of been” in the past.

The question is: we’re made of those particles…. So can we do what those particles can do?

We’re made of those quantum particles.
Are they showing us our limits or our greatest potential?

Limitations or Possibilities?

We can do anything those particles can do – but it’s based on what we believe to be true (not what we think in our “minds”) – what we “believe” in our hearts. It’s a very subtle – very powerful – difference. Not the mind, the heart.

We’re held together through a focus, a force. What is the force that holds our quantum particles together as our bodies?
Consciousness is the force.
Consciousness is what holds these particles together – organizes the body.

The stuff of our world does not exist the way we think it exists.

As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the stuff of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms, this much: “There is no matter as such!”

What we think is matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force.

We must assume that behind this force, the existence of a conscious intelligent mind – this mind is the Matrix of all matter.

There is an energy – a field of energy that holds everything together.
This is not solid – that we’re not solid.

Belief: The Code that translates that field of energy (possibilities) and translates that field into the reality of this world.
Belief is the CODE that translates invisible Energy (waves) OfPlanck’s Matrix into Visible Matter (particles).

In this field – all possibilities already exist. In the Quantum Energy. In the “Soup” of quantum possibility. In the quantum possibilities – YOU are already healed. PEACE has already happened. JOY is already everywhere. All of the greatest suffering – ALL of the greatest peace – already exists in the quantum possibilities. And here’s what they say happens with you and me:

That with our mind – we “reach in” to those possibilities. We “imagine” our healing. We “imagine” the peace. We “imagine” our perfect relationship. We “imagine” the abundance in our lives with our mind. And that’s how we “lock” that possibility into place. And with our heart – we GIVE that possibility “LIFE”. We “BREATHE” Life into the image of our mind – through the feeling in our heart. And make it real in our world.

What is Belief?

Belief is the “marriage”.. / “union” of thought and emotion.

Thought = happens in the upper-chakras (imagine the quantum possibility)
Emotion = happens in the lower-chakras (love/fear)

When we think a thought in our mind, we FUEL that thought. We give our thought LIFE through the LOVE or FEAR. We create a FEELING. And now we have a definition for FEELING. What we think of a possibility and our love or our fear of it

The heart. Feeling happens in our heart. Feeling doesn’t happen in the mind.

Feeling and Belief are Connected.

In our hearts we have “hate, sadness, joy, compassion… ” feelings, not emotions.
To have hate, joy, etc. we must have a thought, or the love or the fear of that thought.

Belief is what translates those feelings into the atoms of our world.
This world is made of atoms. (Physical universe)

Important: To change the atom.. we must change the Energy (that the atom lives in)

Einstein: The field that connects everything together.. “governing agency of the particle”
The field is what determines how the atom behaves. The soul governing agency.
The field is made of electrical & magnetic energies. The field that holds everything together.

Standard Physics Text:
1.) The shift in energy levels [of an atom] caused by an external ‘electric’ field is called the Stark Effect.
2.) The shift in energy levels [of an atom] caused by an external ‘magnetic’ field is called the Zeeman Effect.

Science knows today – if you change the electric or magnetic field you change the atom.

Q.) What organ in your body produces the strongest electrical field and the strongest magnetic field?
A.) Your heart.

Our world is made of electric & magnetic energy. The atom. And the science says if you change the electric field or you change the magnetic field – you change that atom.

You don’t have to know any of that.. you simply have a feeling.
What the ancients left in their temples, in their text.

The human heart produces the strongest electrical and magnetic field in the body.

The heart’s electrical field (EKG) is up to 100 times stronger than the brain’s EEG.

The heart’s magnetic field is up to 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field.

Our heart produces the fields that change our world and change our body.

Change Electrical Waves
Change Magnetic Waves

What you believe about yourself, about me, about your world, about your relationship to god, about peace on this earth – is creating what is happening on this earth right now.

Beliefs matter.

If this makes sense, we can move on.

These are waves of energy. Quantum possibilities. Waves of energy.
The waves are contracting and expanding. They’re coming and they are going.
The possibilities of your life. Your perfect relationship – is coming and it’s going.
Your abundance, your perfect job – it’s coming and it’s going.
The waves are always in motion.

Q.) What would happen if the wave was not coming and was not going – if it was in one place? What would we call that wave?
A.) Pulsing. A standing wave.

The possibilities – the quantum possibilities of your life – are these moving waves – these waves that are coming and going.
The standing wave is the “reality”.

The quantum possibilities – the soup of possibilities are coming and going.
The reality of this world is a standing wave – its not coming and its not going.
Atoms are the waves that are stationary.
Quantum possibilities are the waves that are coming and going.

Beliefs produce Standing Waves.
Heart waves = Standing Waves.

Beliefs in our HEART produces the WAVES that LOCKS the possibilities into place.
Your heart is what produces the waves that make atoms.

It’s what you believe in your heart is what “locks” the quantum possibility into the reality of this moment.

Double-Slit Experiment – 1909

Took a particle of matter called a photon.
They have this photon and they take this photon and they wanted to shoot the photon at this target. Before it could reach this target, it passes through one opening, this barrier. The particle acts like a particle, everyone is happy.
Then they tried the experiment again and changed one thing.
They’re using the same kind of particle, same target, but this time – the barrier has 2 openings.

They believe that the particle can only be in one place at one time, and they were not prepared for what happened in this experiment.

This is a photon (a particle of light- its the stuff our world, our body is made of). So they are experimenting with the stuff of reality.
They take this particle, and they fire it – and it disappeared.
The next time they saw the particle – was at the target, but it’s not a particle – it’s a wave.
Which means it passed through both openings at the same time.
The particle changed itself to accommodate the conditions.

This is a mystery. The scientists are asking the question: Why did this happen?
It began as a particle – it began as matter – but it behaves like energy? Behaves like a wave?

Who knows that there are 2 openings?
The scientists in the room know.
The particle knows.
But the particle can’t know anything?
And the scientists they say ‘well we know, but that cannot possibility have an effect on reality – can it?
So here’s the question:
Who “knows” that two slits are possible?
The scientists and the particles.

What the scientists discovered is that their knowledge – the scientists’ consciousness – was affecting the particle in the experiment.

They are showing that their consciousness is affecting our physical world.
In 1909. The Observer changed the particles of our world.

The “OBSERVER” changed the particles.

“We had this old idea, that there is a universe “out there”, and here is man, the “observer” safely protected by the universe by a six inch slab of plate glass.” – John Wheeler (quantum physicist). “Now we learn that to even observe an electron – we have to shatter the plate glass – so the old word “observer” simply has to be crossed off the books… “… “and we must put in the new word “PARTICIPATOR

There are no observers.

By being in this world you have an affect on this world. ALL THE TIME.

WE ARE ALL PARTICIPATING in what is happening.

This experiment was repeated again in 1988 in Israel.
They got the same results but they found something even more interesting:

The experiment revealed that the greater the amount of “watching” the greater the Observer’s influence on what actually takes place.

The more we watch our physical world – the greater affect we’re having on our world. Just by being present in the world.

Einstein: this is the stuff that made him crazy. He did not like the idea that we affect our world. He called it “Spooky Science”. I like to think that a particle must have a separate reality independent of the measurement. In other words “I like to think that the moon is there even if I am not looking at it”

The Buddhist traditions tell us the same thing:
“Reality exists only where the mind creates a focus”

If our reality exists only where our mind creates a focus – the question is – what are we focused on today?

Since 9/11 happened – what has been the focus of so much of the world? FEAR.

The point is this – through our media – we are being conditioned to FEAR. We’re given many things to be afraid of. The environment is changing. New viruses, new diseases are happening.

They say there are many “bad people in the world”, that the “weather patterns are changing”, and that “very bad things can happen” in our world.

If our “FOCUS” is what CREATES the world around us – AND THIS is where our focus is – WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE CREATING?

But we can change this. You can change it very quickly.

The ancient traditions say that you and I are living at an important moment in history. Where WE are choosing either WAR or PEACE for our future. We’re learning the language of our heart to make that choice.

Who are we?

Reality Makers.

We can make ONLY what we BELIEVE in our hearts.

New Science. New Spirituality.
That’s coming together based on beliefs.

The question: If the world is based in our beliefs… then the question is.. what do you believe about yourself? about your world?


Three Experiments

Three experiments that change our beliefs (about who you are):
Our inner experience of belief changes our world.

1.) A previously unrecognised form of energy..
They took a particle of light (a photon)
One photon is divided into two identical twins
Photon “1” and Photon “2”
They put them into a special machine (isolated in chamber) that could take the photons and separate them by 14 miles.
And once they were separate, they began their experiments.

What they found is this:
Whatever they do to one particle here, the other particle acts like it is still connected – even though its 14 miles apart.
If you take 2 particles, and you separate them, why do they act like they are still connected?
Summary of Experiment I: Particles once joined physically, appear to remain linked energetically

This is IMPORTANT because …
Implies that once ‘matter’ is connected.. it is always connected!

If we could go back .. in time.. to the beginning of our entire universe…
There was a time when everything was connected.
The universe today is many light-years in diameter.
But if you could take everyone of those particles of matter in the entire universe and bring them all back together… there is a time when everything was connected.

2.) A previously unrecognised form of energy
Took a glass tube (air drawn out of tube to create a ‘vacuum’)
Implying that the tube is “empty” .. but its not empty.
We know there is something in that tube.
What is in that tube is photons – little particles of light.
The scientists measured them to see where the photons are.
Are they sticking to the sides, are they piled up on the bottom?
When they measured them – they were completely random – everywhere – random.

Then they took some human DNA and introduced into the vacuum (into the photons)
They asked this question: What affect does human DNA have on the photons?

What they’re really asking: what affect does the stuff that your body is made of on the stuff this world is made of.
They’re asking .. what effect do WE have on the conventional world?
In conventional science – we’re taught to belief that there IS no effect.
When they put Human DNA in the photons.. the photons Aligned themselves to the DNA. Physically changed – moved.
Distribution of light (photons) in presence of cells and DNA? Ordered.

It’s the first time it’s been shown in the laboratory. Your body is changing your world.

What happens if we take the DNA out?
What happens – they were not prepared for – because when they took the DNA out – the photons acted like the DNA was still there. “As if” they were still connected.
Question is why? There is nothing that explains this in “traditional” science, but in the “new” science there is. “Phantom Effect”

Summary of Experiment II: DNA directly affects the “stuff” our world is made of (photons).

The stuff that you’re made of, affects the physical world.

3.) Paper released in 1993 – The Electrical Field of the Heart
The 1993 studies were designed to identify the effect of coherent emotion on the shape of the DNA molecule

Heart-math found that around every human heart there is a field of energy that we can measure. It’s between 5 feet and 8 feet in diameter. Around every human heart.

Why would that field stop at only 2-3 metres?
They said that is the limitation of their equipment – they said in “nature” the field around the human heart extends around many, many “Miles” from where your heart actually exists.

What effect does our heart have on the DNA of our bodies?
Some emotions will “relax” the helix, and some emotions will “tighten” the helix.
When the dna is relaxed, you are healthy, you have a strong immune system. Your DHEA levels are high.
And when the dna is tight, your immune system suffers. Your DHEA levels are low.

What happens if we change the way we feel in our hearts – what effect does it have on the DNA?

What they found that in the presence of positive emotions (Gratitude, appreciation, love and compassion) – all the things that you would expect is positive emotion – look at the DNA – it relaxed.
In a positive, life-affirming way.

In the presence of anger, jealousy, hate, rage, frustration.
The DNA was tight.

All the people did was have a feeling and they changed the DNA in their body.

“Individuals trained in feelings of deep love and appreciation.. were able to intentionally change the shape of the DNA”

All they did was have a feeling – by having the right feeling in their heart – they changed the dna in their body – their immune system – they changed the hormone levels – they changed their lives.

Human emotion produces effects that defy conventional laws of physics.
Of electromagnetism and their relationship to space and time.

You and I can create a feeling in our bodies, and when we have that feeling, we are no longer limited by the laws of physics (as we know those laws today).

We are no longer limits by the laws of biology as we know those laws today.

And all we do is create a feeling in our bodies – that’s how powerful you are.

Here is the bottom line to these discoveries:

1.) Emotion Changes DNA
2.) DNA changes Matter (changes the photons – the stuff our world is made of)

If you take out the middle section…


When the heart has FEELINGS of gratitude and appreciation – it changes the DNA – and the DNA is changing the stuff of our world.

When the heart is having feelings of HATE, FRUSTRATION, etc – it changes the DNA in another way – and it affects our world.

These are the experiments that show us what the ancient traditions said.
That you have the power in your body that affects the world.

Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)
Penny (NaturalHealing.com.au)

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