Truth about Cancer – Episode 10 Notes

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Truth about Cancer - Episode 1 Notes

“Doctors Orders”

80% of oncologists when surveyed said that they or their families would not use chemotherapy if they were diagnosed with cancer.

The professionals prescribing these treatments would not use them themselves.

This episode is from cancer patients that cured themselves using natural methods – who also happen to be doctors.


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5-6 years ago I started having severe headaches. I take care of people everyday with patients so I thought it was probably just something in my spine or my nerves. I did some blood work. In my blood work my white blood cells – I was anemic. Things were going on. At that point we knew ‘something’ was going on. I was diagnosed with lyme disease. We started taking care of the lyme.  I ran another test, the lyme was clear.


I had an MRI. About 3:30 in the afternoon, I had the MRI. I went home and was sleeping 18-19 hrs a day. I woke up an hr and a half later to my Wife and my oldest son on top of me, crying. My wife said they called, they literally held my xray up to the light – looked up and immediately saw 2 huge tumors in my brain stem, 2 small ones by the eyes, he said I need to get to North-Western hospital immediately – they didn’t even want me to go through the night, they thought I literally wouldn’t wake up in the morning. It was just that severe. So I rushed to the hospital immediately. They assumed this was benign. You’re young and healthy and they had no other tests to go on. I had so much spinal fluid in the brain, that was the cause of the headaches, the tumor was blocking – the spinal fluid couldn’t get down my spinal cord. My mother had driven about 2 hours to be there. The doctor looked at my wife & my mother and said “you don’t want to see this”.


They had to take a drill, to drill down the top of my head and put a tube down there to start draining the fluid – there was so much fluid in my brain.


They don’t use medication when they put a hole in your head. It sounded like someone was going through tile. And at that point I was like “Thank God for Modern Medicine”. The headaches went away immediately. Medicine is crisis care. I was in a crisis.


The next day, the neurosurgeon came in, to explain the brain surgery that would happen in about a week to cut out the tumors. They didn’t do any other blood work, they didn’t test anything else. About a week lately, I went in for surgery, they said it would be about an 8-10 hr surgery. I had all my family waiting outside, but it ended up being pretty quick – they went out and told my wife – “We have bad news.. it wasn’t benign tumors, it was cancerous. And when I went to cut on the first one – when you cut on cancer, or when you mess with it at all, it ‘swells’ – and the cancer began to swell, and it was starting to bleed, and obviously what does the blood carry? More cancers. So they said that the chances are that I may not wake up in the morning, because the swelling was so big in the brain now and the cancer was spreading.”


And so, I woke up the next morning, and I had a tube down my throat and I couldn’t breathe, tubes coming out of my stomach, tubes coming out of my head, and I’m thinking the tumors are gone. I have no clue what’s going on. Noone’s telling me anything. And finally the told me that it wasn’t benign; that this was cancer. I couldn’t speak. And they said we need to do more testing – it’s worse than that. And I’m thinking – what can be worse than cancer already in the brain and spreading? They said it’s worse than that – it’s secondary. It’s coming from somewhere in the body.


So then they went in – CAT scans, PET scans, did everything they could for the next 3 or 4 days – they could not find any other cancers anywhere else. Finally they did a bone marrow test, they went in, they drill your bone marrow, they take out some and they test it – about 37-47% of my blood was making cancer. So I was diagnosed at that time with a multiple myeloma. Bone marrow cancer, and because it was made in the blood, and what’s interesting is – because of the way that I was living, it never went to any other organ. Almost every single myeloma patient – it goes through your spine, your bones crack, and it’s a horrible death. Where mine only went up to my brain. So whatever I was doing – how I was living, at least kept it out of the rest of my body.


At that time, there were 2 oncologists that walked in with me to give me the bad news. They said the bad news is it’s incurable. It’s already in your brain.  The only thing we can do is a bone marrow transparent and high-dose chemo and some radiation, and that will only buy you time.


And they were absolutely correct. In THEIR model, they’re absolutely correct. Making me comfortable. They said that no matter what get the things in order, and they understood that the chances of me making it – and here’s another thing.


I walked into the hospital 155 pounds….  at the time of diagnosis I was 118 pounds in a wheelchair. Through all the laying in hospital beds – I couldn’t function – I couldn’t eat because I had a tube going down my throat, so what do you think they were feeding me the whole time? Sugar. Luckily we worked with a nutritionist and as soon as he found out what was going on, they got me off the sugar and we brought our own stuff in and started working on all that stuff.


But in that moment they walked in, people say.. what was going through your mind?

When they tell you its incurable, there’s nothing they can do, you have months to live, (at the time it was weeks, but they said with chemoradiation it may give you a few months), I literally said to myself – if I cut myself right now, what would happen the next 3 or 4 days? It would heal.


So if my brain can heal this cut. My brain can heal this cancer. My heart’s working. My stomach’s working. My lungs are working. The other TRILLIONS of processes are working in my body. So there’s nothing wrong with my brain, there’s nothing wrong with healing. It’s just not healing the cancer.


So – something had to cause this. It wasn’t an “accident” – it wasn’t “genetic” – it wasn’t “bad blood” – they were trying to tell me that my body was ‘too smart’, that it had to be something positive, it can’t be something negative. And I was telling myself, that everything was happening at the right time. Every symptom, is the body doing the right thing at the right time. It I came now and handcuffed you and locked you up – and came at you with a knife – what would happen to your blood pressure? It rises. What happens to your cortisol during stress? Your cortisol rises. What happens to your gut? You start taking away all the nutrition – you can’t even absorb nutrition when you’re in a fight or flight syndrome. So all of a sudden you are nutrition-deficient, your immune system’s shot, your blood pressure is rising, now your cholesterols being affected. Is that a Symptom? Is that your Genetics? Or is your body ADAPTING? That symptom is your body reacting to the stress it’s put under. It’s Adapting. Cancer’s the same thing – I knew at that moment – luckily I knew what I was supposed to know – I knew my body was only adapting to the environment I had. That I had to go in and change the environment.


So that morning – it was a Thursday morning – I got out – I literally got on a plane at 5-o’clock in the afternoon and flew to Nevada to see one of the premier oncologists in the world . I started treatments there on Friday. I knew I wasn’t waiting on this.


And at that point  – he was using .. IV vitamin C, (polyan DNA??? ) he had his own foresight, and new therapies. I was doing all different stuff. I was doing all the diet stuff that I knew how to do. Working all the supplementation, all the exercise, I was doing all that. They were killing it.


And just like I teach now that the number 1 thing that has to be done when someone has cancer is – you have to get to the CAUSE.


The second step is. Now kill it.


But if you don’t get to the cause and stop Creating it, and stop Making it,  it doesn’t matter if I kill it or not – I could’ve killed all this cancer, it would’ve bought me some time thank god, like chemoradiation may do, but if I don’t stop MAKING it – if I don’t get to the CAUSE – it’s going to come back anyway.


So when I was in Reno – I was there, so they can help Kill it .. because it was spreading, it was in my brain, I could barely function, so he was helping kill the cancer.


I was working on stopping the making – changing my lifestyle – changing my environment.

I was there about 3 weeks, I left there – came home – began all the protocols – I had my own Ozone machine, (something, I was trying electronic frequencies…??), I was doing infrared saunas, high-dose protoleg??? protoleric?? therapies, polyam DA’s ?? , I was doing probably 100 – 120 supplements a day throughout, and then my bloodwork was being read at that time Dr Hulo?? in Spain … there was another top cancer doctor there and he would read my blood and I went out there about 4 months later. I spent 2 weeks there. Amazing. Following him, watching him do what he does.


And now I send my blood up there every 3-6months to him, I do my blood-work here and now it’s been going on almost 4 years – I’m feeling good, doing better than ever – blood-work’s look clear. Dr Helim?? said to me .. stop sending your blood to me – send it next year, but I still send it all the time. Because for me, medicine’s there to .. Thank God… I could run every medical test on you, every cancer test on you, I could do every medical test there is and when would it find cancer? After you have it.. but I don’t want to wait for a test. Medicines early detection of a disease that’s already existing. It’s not health-care, it’s not preventative care, if the disease is already there. Thank god we have those things. But those things aren’t going to get me back to health again.


Prevention is the key. And Changing the Environment of the body to make it inhospitable to cancer because cancer doesn’t do well in certain environments. So the focus is really prevention and changing that internal terrain, so the cancer doesn’t feel like it’s at home.


We look at the normal, healthy cell and we know it uses oxygen as it’s respiration, and we know that a cancer cell hates oxygen. So we know that we need to get more oxygen into the body. And that’s what Ozone is doing. I do a lot of Vitamin C, most people don’t really use Vitamin C as helping to bring more oxygen into the body. I do IV Vitamin C. And I still do these things. I do IV H202. And I’m doing things that are bringing in lots of oxygen into my body, into my cells. Giving it the environment that this cancer can’t live. I do my high-intensity short-duration workouts, 6 days a week. I do all my protocols still to this day to make sure I’m creating an environment where that cancer can Never come back. Changing your environment, changes the possibility of getting cancer.




If you, Dr J, were diagnosed with Colon cancer, lets’ say. What would you do?


Early on in my practice, I was 28 years old. All of a sudden I had this big, red spot on my nose. I knew I was susceptible. I was living with a lot of fear. I had just opened a business so I was in a lot of debt – a lot of people counting on me – you know when you run a business, there was lots of confrontation, all different types of issues, and my nutrition wasn’t excellent, it was great I’d say – it was a lot better than most people, but it wasn’t excellent. There was a lot of things in my life that were issues. So I looked in the mirror and could see exactly what was developing. And I knew enough to know that it was not normal. Certainly I could’ve gone to a dermatologist or somebody for a more advanced diagnosis, but I really didn’t need that. To me, it was a wakeup call. And I think really, for all of us, we’ve got to have eyes to see and ears to hear in our own life, because ultimately if we’re living in a way that’s just not beneficial to us and the people around us, there’s going to be “wake up calls”.


I just took inventory of where I was at in my life. I realized that fear was my dominating thought.


Fear of failure. Fear of letting people down.


And I knew that I needed to work on myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I looked at my nutrition, I realized – you know what? There was probably way too many carbohydrates in there than there should be. I took out the carbs and went Ketogenic??

I was over-training, I was actually exercising too much. So I really focused on rest. Really resting my body well, because I was in a state of adrenal fatigue, and so I really needed to rest effectively.


And I just took inventory of all the different areas of my life.

Really trying to detox my liver, utilizing some different supplements, some different advanced strategies, and in a matter of 2 months, it completely went away.


So to me, it was really just a message, hey my body can heal itself, I just need to line up with the right principles. And certainly I wouldn’t say that I had an advanced stage of cancer, but I was looking at something that had the potential to kill me. And just heeding that warning, taking inventory of my life, really getting it “under check”, I was able to heal myself naturally.


And so, I would take the same approach.




Question for you: If you were diagnosed with cervical cancer, what would you do? Take me through the steps you would go through to treat cervical cancer.


I’d go through the organ cleanses. I do them twice a year. You can do them yourself every 3 months if you want. Most people are able to get them in twice a year. They pick a season: Spring or Fall.


You’d want to do the 5 major organ cleanses – and this is to make sure you have toxin removal; free-flow of toxins coming out of the body. So, when you have too many toxins, it compromises the system, it becomes a weak link in the chain and you can develop problems.


So, you do your Bowel Cleansing, and you do it in this order because you want to open the last stage of toxin removal first. So normally the blood would be filtering toxins to the liver, and then the liver will neutralize those impurities with an enzyme called P450, and then the residues go to the gallbladder and the gallbladder will dump those through the bowel & through the urinary tract to leave the body. So you want to open the bowel and the urinary tract first. So those are the colon cleanse and the urinary tract cleanse.


Then you can move to the liver and gallbladder, then the blood system.


So once you’ve got the system purified, make sure you don’t put anything in there that would compromise or re-congest the system is usually how I put it.


So do your green vegetables, you may want to do some juice-therapy, do some spirulina and chlorella protein in your juicing and just get some organic wholefoods into the system. Get away from the processed foods.


There are even some herbal (???) that we instruct people to use to get to the area a little quicker. They can do Castor oil packs to draw more cancer out through the skin.


You can do a combination of things; not just one thing; you can kind of pound it from different areas to get it to leave the body faster.


It’s real basic – but it’s an old therapy,  it’s hundreds or if not thousands of years old. It’s basic and it’s do-able.  People can do it and it is not going to cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars like it would for medical treatment at the hospital.




What would you do Mike if you were diagnosed with Prostate cancer? What would be your protocol – and I’m not asking you to recommend this to anybody, we don’t do that, but what would you do personally if your doctor said you have Prostate cancer?


Well, first thing I would do is try to understand why – where did this prostate cancer come from? In a guy like myself who eats really healthy foods, superfoods, and leads an anti-cancer lifestyle, this news would be a shock and the most likely culprit would be an environment cause. Probably a hormone disruption chemical.


So I would immediately start to think maybe I’ve been exposed to BPA, which is probably true, I’m sure I have some level of BPA in my blood because it’s almost impossible to get rid of. It’s even in receipts – when I take a receipt from a place of purchase, I’m touching that receipt, and I’m getting BPA from that receipt. It stops the ink from dissolving. So I’d figure BPA, so then, in that case, I’d want to get a hormone sensitive superfoods – or superfoods that interact with that metabolic pathway, which would be for example, ic3 and (03cardimol????) which is one of the medicinal phytonutrient constituents of broccoli, cruciferous vegetables. I would immediately start doing that.


If it were prostate cancer, I would also really up my dosage of resveratrol, and zinc. Both of those things are very, very useful for prostate cancer prevention. You can get zinc in pumpkin seeds. So I would probably increase my intake of pumpkin seeds, and there are also pumpkin seed proteins out there, that maintain many of the phytonutrients of the pumpkin seed, so I would start to become a “pumpkin seed protein smoothie guy”. With a lot of resveratrol. I would also eat red grapes with their seeds and I would specifically chew on the seeds to release the many beneficial nutrients that the seeds contain.


One of the things I learned being a live scientist .. is that human digestion is very, very weak. When I built the gastric acid digestion simulator. At first I thought I’d made a mistake, because most of the food I ever ran through the simulator were not well digested. Turns out that chewing is the single most important step in the digestion process. We actually now have to pre-chew with a chewer- a chewing device – before we put foods into the gastric acid simulation. It’s a synthetic gastric acid. It’s not a computer simulation. It’s physical.  But if you just take, lets say .. beef jerky, and you put it into gastric acid – it’s the same pH as human gastric acid, it barely gets digested at all.


Not only does chewing help digest the food but it also releases enzymes. As you chew the food in your mouth, it releases enzymes that help you to digest the food as well.

As a detox technique, chewing the foods also increases the surface area of the insoluble fibres. Many of the fibres in a chunk of food are locked inside the food. If you want those fibres to be beneficial to you, to bind with all the things we’ve been talking about, you need those fibres to be available. Physically available to the digestion liquids. Chewing is what allows that to happen.

The other big ah-ha moment of this is that it gets us back to the amazing power of a commonsense wholefood diet that when you look at .. hey, there may be toxins in some of these foods, but if you actually eat wholefoods, there are natural things in there that will absorb the toxins without you even knowing about it. It has given me more respect at mother nature and more amazement at how nature achieves balance and protects your body from toxins in the environment through things you are never even aware of.



If you were personally diagnosed with Stomach Cancer, Colon Cancer.. what would you do?


I would hope that my lifestyle gives me that 90% protection.

However, there’s still that 10%.

I would work with the brightest medical staff that I could, and look for good diagnostics. There’s reasons for these diagnostic equipment. MRI’s, CAT scans, PET scans and find out how invasive is the tumor? Find out how much time do we have. There are some people who – you better get in there and do something aggressive right now or you could be dead within hours or days. I would hope that I would have some time to look at non-toxic therapies.


Very important for me is don’t burn bridges.


Too often the medical therapies that are used for cancer patients …

– surgery to take out 20 lymph nodes and breast cancer and now the patients going to have lymphedema – swollen lymph in their arm for the rest of their life. Pain. Maybe they need narcotics – they burned a bridge. It wasn’t necessary.


Radiation therapy – you can damage the esophagus to the point where it’s like parchment paper from radiation. Wasn’t necessary.


Using Targetted therapy – so for instance instead of a whole body radiation – I might think about using IMRT or intensity modulated radiation therapy which is more of a rifle than a hand grenade.


But the first thing I would do is I’d say:

I would like to have some information about why I got it .. what’s the underlying cause here?

There are many, very bright physicians in this country who look at (edology??) (E-D-Ology?), toxic burden, stress, malnutrition, take blood samples and look at what is the level of everything from vitamins and minerals,  to whats the pH of the body, look at saliva and fecal samples, looking for parasites. An aggressive look at (eediology???), What caused this? And a second aggressive look at… Whats the stage , how invasive and aggressive is it.. and from that make some decisions that hopefully would lean towards relatively non-toxic therapies. For instance Intravenous Vitamin C – helps many, hurts none.


Infrared therapy – Far Infrared – cooking the cancer – fever therapy – helps some, hurts none.

So I look at a risk to benefit to cost ratio.


I don’t want to do any damage. First, do no harm.


I would look at IV Vitamin C, hyperthermia, there are some relatively non-toxic therapies to modulate blood glucose (lower blood glucose to try and starve the tumor), there are some herbs that are extremely powerful, modified citrus pectin to there is an extract that is a fermented version of wheatgerm, not to mention too many names, but there is a pharmacy – a list of therapies that are effective, clinically proven, relatively non-toxic, and relatively inexpensive. You think of cancer treatments, one year is going to cost about a quarter of a million, average. There are cheaper, more effective, more humane and scientific ways of doing cancer treatments.




Doctor comes to you and says Robert Scott Bell, your last blood work shows that you have lung cancer – what do you do?


Well, I’m going to nebulize silver. Silver has shown to have profound (oncheletic ??) properties.

pH issue – baking soda – you can actually do a movarge ?? within the lungs and nebulize that in certain tissues of the lungs – it’s a little more difficult to do.


But the silver alone is profound because the cancer cells don’t have any antioxidant defence mechanism. And the silver brings with it as much as ten times its atomic weight in every particle of silver at a micro-level. At a nanoscale level. And you can overwhelm and devastate cancer cells in that area within the alveoli – you can inhale that deeply into your lungs.

This is one of the most profound and most radical and direct ways you can neutralize cancer within the lungs and most people don’t know about it.


Connective tissue integrity – we come back to Silica, we come back to metabolic sufficiency meaning Selenium, and Chromium.


I would do homeopathic medicines that Directly impact on lung tissue

And even … homeopathic dilutions of cancerous tissue, cancerous cells, from the lungs themselves, and that also mobilizes the immune system to attack and hold in check, those cancerous cells.





Casey’s last question. If you were diagnosed with prostate cancer, what would you do?


Well that’s a scary thought for anyone because people, when they hear of that directed at them, it’s a very scary thing, if it were directed at me, first of all, a cancer diagnosis is often times as test really has no bearing on whether its real or not so if I were diagnosed with that, i would say thank you for your medical opinion, but i’m going to go and find the truth. First of all, is it really prostate cancer? Do i have inflammatory markers that look like that? I would not rush to a biopsy. Because when you think about it, a biopsy goes through the anus to the prostate, and the chance of getting infection as a result of just doing that test, is a very real possibility. There are other scans, like thermal scans – to see if the heat produced there is indicative of disease. I have 7 things which I advise people.


I will go through these 7.


First of all, stop all sugar and starch carbohydrates. If it’s white it ain’t right. First stop feeding the problem and whacking your immunity. Double-edge sword.


Get your vegetables and eat tonnes of them. Fruits not so much. Eat a lot of fibrous vegetables. If you are going to get a carbohydrate, it should come from your vegetables.


Get all the nutrients you need, low calorie – nutrient dense.

High broad-spectrum Antioxidants


Reduce the sugar and the glycemic response.. increase the healthy fats, the fish oil fats.

I go to antioxidant fish oil. There are a lot of people out there touting shell fish oils like krill oil – its still omega3, and so it does have omega3 benefits but the touting of that instead of fish oils is not appropriate according to the literature the way that I have reviewed it. Yes you can get benefit from those things but .. Krill oil has a lot of astaxanthin in it – to keep it from spoiling, but when I looked at how much astaxanthin was actually in a krill pill.. it was so minute it was unbelievable. So you wanna try and get 1 milligram of astaxanthin in addition.

Get the fish oils, its really important.


Reducing inflammation and oxidation…

I personally would go on a fuel fast. I would have living fuel for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner until I decided what path I was going to take to deal with this (whether this diagnosis is real or not)


Things like resveratrol.. very powerful antioxidant.


Curcumin  – it is so anti-cancer, there is a lot of research on that.


Very recently a doctor sent me a photo – (some medical terminology that I couldn’t understand??) on the lip of this patient was just terrible and he put this paste of Curcumin & Coconut oil and in 2 weeks it was gone.


Nutrition is powerful.


Vitamin D levels. I would say – I will make sure that my vitamin d level was in the 70-90 range in a test. That’s one of the first tests that I would get. I would get all the tests including the inflammatory markers and so on, but I would get a vitamin d3 test / a vitamin d test to see where it is. Vitamin D is the immune modulator in the body. Having the vitamin D at the right level is imperative.


Significant amounts of Vitamin A – immune enhancers.


Well-known mushroom extracts that enhance immunity too.


This is not a treatment protocol. This is what I tell people … Do these things while you are figuring out what it is you are going to do.


This business called medicine or cancer care, it does a lot of fear to patients. You have this problem, you need to deal with it now. But the truth is, its most likely not that level of emergency – it can be – but most likely you have some time to get a 2nd opinion – to get your bearings, get your brain working, go to somebody like Ralph Morris? and buy a report. He has this great report… that tells you what are the types of care used for that particular kind of cancer, and what are the success rates of the various forms, and who are the practitioners that are doing it, and what are the alternatives. That kind of information is incredibly powerful because they have put it in a way, where you can literally hand that to the doctor – its scientific documentation that makes sense. If your doctor refuses to work with you, or tells you that you should not to take antioxidants during cancer care, you might want to consider a different doctor because the literature is not backing that up.





Can you please share with us your own Breast Cancer Conqueror story?


Well, fast forward, I’ve been in practice 20 years. Typical morning. Jump in the shower, rush to the office, and I felt a lump on my left breast, and I knew innately at that point. It was an unhealthy lump. So I had it diagnosed with unconventional methods, and it was diagnosed as breast cancer. I’d seen in my practice that patients who chose traditional methods of cut, poison, burn, didn’t fair well at all, they suffered so much from the side-effects of those treatments, and many of them died as a result of the treatments, not so much the cancer.


On the flip side, I saw patients who were using gentler methods of healing, following the anti-cancer protocols that I was recommended and they were getting amazing results. So there was no doubt in my mind of what I was going to do and which protocol I was going to follow.


So my protocol I used was specific homeopathic remedies, herbal tinctures to weaken the cancer, to boost the immune system, probiotic enzymes, some dietary changes, some detoxification; colonics and those sides of things. I also used a paste or salve on my breast to help my body to expel the tumor. In the paste, there was a herb called Bloodroot. And Bloodroot has an alkaloid or plant compound called (Sangre Norine ??) and that particular compound goes after cancer cells and kills cancer cells without touching healthy tissue or healthy cells. So you can actually take it internally, or you can apply it superficially to various superficial tumors like skin cancers and breast cancers and that sort of thing.

My journey lasted from 2002-2006. I’ve been happy and healthy ever since.


One thing was gnawing in my gut. Why was somebody like me getting breast cancer? I’d done everything right. I was under chiropractic care, I was eating organic before organic was installed, I had home births, breasted all my children, I massaged, I exercised, I ate well, I thought I was doing everything right. But, as I started studying more and researching more, I realized that there was some components that I was missing, and that’s what led me to create, what I call the 7 Essentials – 7 Basic Steps that if people follow they never have to fear cancer again.



7 Essentials ~ 7 Basic Steps


One of the complaints I hear people hear is that they are confused, overwhelmed, and don’t know who to believe.


Essential #1: Let Food Be Thy Medicine – Hippocrates

Food is a prescription for health.


#2 Reduce your Toxic Exposure

We live in an extremely toxic world, reduce that as much as you can.


#3 Balance your Energy

We are electrical beings and we run on energy, so it’s very important to balance that energy through chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, proper sleep, all of these things keep your body in balance.


#4 Heal the Emotional Wounds

This is something that people like to skim-over, they don’t want to think about the hurts and the childhood wounds. Unless you heal your past relationships, learn to love yourself, connect with your creator, you are not going to truly heal your body. Healing is emotional and spiritual as well.


#5 Embrace Biological Dentistry

The metals in your mouth, the roof canals, can affect your body from a chemical point of view, from the toxins they are giving off, but also from an energetic point of view

If there is a root canal or a heavy metal tooth that corresponds to a specific organ, that in time is going to weaken because the acupuncture meridian system has been compromised there.  Biological Dentistry extremely important for true health.


#6 Repair your Body with Therapeutic Plants

There are literally thousands of published study that prove the power of natural medicine. There is everything from every herb, every type of food, that has shown the benefits of boosting the immune system and weakening the cancer and preventing the cancer. So learning about those plans and those supplements are extremely important on your healing journey.


#7 Early Detection

Through Thermophily and through specific blood work.

Thermophily is a technology that reads the infrared heat that’s coming off the body so that it can detect physiological changes happening at a very early stage We can’t say that it diagnoses cancer, but it can detect some changes on a cellular level. By the time a person finds a lump or a bump, that tumor has been there 5-8 years. It takes THAT long for cancer to develop and show up.


There’s also specific blood work that most people don’t know about. Traditional medicine doesn’t use them, doesn’t recommend them. But there are ways to measure hormone production, and Enzyme production of cancer cells at a very early stage. Years before they develop. Years before they are seen on a regular blood test.


Those are the 7 things. Follow those things and you’ll never have to fear cancer again…or any type of disease for that matter.




So AJ, let me ask you a question. If you were personally diagnosed with let’s say, Prostate cancer, like your grandfather had. What would be the steps that you would take to treat it?


Y’know. I’ve been asked that question many times. You know who William Donald Kelly is? I am a tremendous believer in what he has done. Not only because of what I’ve read in his book, but I’ve probably over the years met close to 100 survivors. One of my closest friends, Dr John L Tate, he is a 40+ year cancer survivor from Prostate cancer. I’ve met survivors with breast cancer. 15+ year survivors of pancreatic cancer.


Embracing a new diet, and Coffee enemas – one of my favourites. “Coffee’s good but you’re putting it in the wrong end.”


I actually tried a few coffee enemas. I’d rather be in a fist fight. But if I had cancer, I’d figure out a way.




If you could, tell us a little about your personal experience. You mentioned Prostate Cancer. What did YOU do to treat your own cancer?


So I had been vigilant about prostate cancer because my dad had prostate cancer, and I saw what he went through. So I started being vigilant about my PSA as most men should. Probably in my mid-40’s. So I would go every year to have a digital rectal exam as all men should and a PSA. And at around age 49 I think. I saw my PSA go from 1-point-something up to 3-point- something which is quite a dramatic increase. I didn’t do anything initially. But then I went and got the test the next year and it had got up to 4. And 4 is kind of the cut off point in conventional medicine for when you need to do something – the boiling point.


In medicine, we treat “boiling points”. It’s not a good idea to wait until the boiling point to wait until we intervene, but that’s what we do in conventional medicine.

With the PSA, the boiling point is 4. That’s when you get a biopsy or whatever. What is it in 3.9? We should be investigating when we get above 2.


So we got up to 4, I approached one of my instructors here, at the medical school Many of them were my teachers in medical school. Mike Wilkinson was a Urologist who I had studying under, and I was only 50 years old and very good looking…. :) So it was hard to believe that I had cancer. So I took antibiotics hoping it was just an infection. We did that and the number went up.


So it’s time for us to do a biopsy and he agreed. And there was cancer and not just cancer it was widespread cancer. So I had taken care of my mother, she had been diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2000 and we did the natural immune-boosting therapies on her. They had given her 6 months to live and she lived for 6 years. So I started to do the same things with myself.


We started to do some things to boost the immune system and to kill the cells that refuse to change. We started doing those things. And made the numbers come down.


Medical marijuana, high-dose vitamin D, immune therapy called the universal oral vaccine. The diet was very important, juicing and away from any kind of grains, sugars and that type of thing.


And I had symptoms that let me know that my cancer had progressed, but I saw those symptoms had reversed. I had said my goodbyes to everybody. This was a no-win situation here. Then things turned around. Long story short, I went and had a repeat PET scan here in November, that showed no cancer.


So I’ve done this with person after person after person ….if they are willing to do what it takes to get off this toxic diet – that’s usually kind of the stumbling block for a lot of people – they are so addicted to sugar and wheat and so forth, and they just can’t get off of it. But when people do, we certainly do see a reversal of this metamorphosis, where the cancer is just not there anymore. The cells are still there, but they have chosen that they don’t need to be cancer cells anymore.





She was originally diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in 2000. She had some digestive issues and she started losing a lot of weight without trying to lose weight. She went to see her primary care who instantly did a CAT scan. She had a mass in her pancreas. A few months later, people were telling her she should get surgery, but she wasn’t too keen on that idea. Eventually she did go and get a needle biopsy. Really bad news. There are different types of pancreatic cancer so just to be absolutely sure, the hospital sent the slides onto an expert at the Mayo Clinic. Confirmed that this was the nasty kind.


She had done her research, she was a very smart woman. She had checked into how well surgery works for pancreatic cancer. Surgery can be curative, but even when they think they can cure it, it’s a big procedure and some people die from the procedure itself, and only 25% that have that operation are in fact cured by it. The other 75% wind up having a recurrence. So Sarah’s gut feeling was this is not a good idea.


She wound up going on our program off the protocol so-to-speak.


What she was advised to do then, was large doses of Pancreatic Enzymes, some other supplements that are designed to support the body as she fought against the cancer, and a diet in her case it was predominantly vegetarian although it does include some eggs, some fish and some dairy products.


And coffee enemas. other detoxification routines.


Thats the program she was on, which she has implemented over the last 13 years now.




Webster, let me ask you a question. Let’s say you went to the doctor and he diagnosed you with Pancreatic Cancer. What would you do personally?


Well, the first thing I think about would be YES! Now I can Experiment on Myself!

I would probably experiment on myself, then if it didn’t work, I would use something that is proven to work.


I have absolutely no fear of cancer, and I doubt you have fear about cancer either.


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